Anyone can export information from To be continued: The Australian Newspaper Fiction Database. This includes the text files of individual titles, bibliographical and textual data derived from a particular search of the database, or the entirety of bibliographical data and text files available. This information can be used for whatever purposes you like, including creating your own editions of the fiction published in 19th and early 20th century Australian newspapers, or for large-scale computational analysis of fiction in Australia and Australian fiction.

All we ask is that you cite the database when using exported texts and data (see how to cite).

How do I export the text of a story from the database?

  • Select the “Publication Title” you want to export
  • In the chapter view press “Export Text”

Go to the database to export the text of a story.

How do I export large-scale bibliographic and textual data from the database?

You can choose to export all the bibliographical and/or textual data from the database or a selected of this data.

Option 1: Export all bibliographical and/or textual data

– For the first option make sure there are no search terms constraining the display of titles and click on the “ExportCSV” and/or “Export Text” buttons

Option 2: Export selected bibliographical and/or textual data

– Perform a search to define your data subset. Click on the “ExportCSV” and/or “ExportText” buttons

Note: new and corrected text files are updated to the server overnight (to be available by 5am Australian EST). If you want new or corrected text files to be included in your export you will need to run it the following day.

When you export selected bibliographical and/or textual data the database needs to zip the text files to enable download. The time this takes depends on the number of records, for example:

  • 40 titles (~4 sec and 3mb)
  • 3000 titles (~2.5 mins and 100mb)
  • 7000 items (~5 mins and 150mb)

The full database (~1.5GB) is already zipped, so it should only take a few seconds for a window to appear that allows you to download the exported results.

Go to the database to export all or selected bibliographical and/or textual data.