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14112903A. C.Cambridge, AdaThe Three Miss KingsThe Three Miss KingsAustralasian1883-06-231883-12-15
14212904A. C.Cambridge, AdaUnder Favourable CircumstancesUnder Favourable CircumstancesAustralasian1884-12-271884-12-27
14312905A. C.Cambridge, AdaUp the MurrayUp the MurrayAustralasian1875-03-271875-07-17
14412906A. C. Cambridge, AdaAcross the GrainAcross the GrainAustralasian1882-10-071882-12-23
14512907A. C. Cambridge, AdaAgainst the Rules. An EpisodeAgainst the Rules. An EpisodeAustralasian1885-11-281886-01-23
14617169A. C.Cambridge, AdaA Woman's FriendshipA Woman's FriendshipMelbourne Age1889-08-311889-10-26
14717684A. C.Cambridge, AdaA Black Sheep. Some Episodes from His LifeA Marked ManMelbourne Age1888-07-071889-01-05
14817874A. C.Cambridge, AdaCharlieCharlieArmidale Express1872-08-311872-08-31
14919945A. C.Cambridge, AdaOur New ChumOur New ChumArmidale Express1871-12-091871-12-09
15013150A. C. M.A. C. M.KitKitFreeman's Journal1892-12-171892-12-17
15113151A. C. M.A. C. M.Old Denny. A Bush StoryOld Denny. A Bush StoryFreeman's Journal1892-12-171892-12-17
15213152A. C. M.A. C. M.Red-LeafRed-LeafSydney Mail1892-12-171892-12-17
15313153A. C. Q.A. C. Q.As Bats that Fly at Noon As Bats that Fly at Noon Sydney Mail1897-07-241897-09-04
15425012A. Clarke LittleLittle, A ClarkeThe Salvation of Our Senior 'Sub'The Salvation of Our Senior 'Sub'Queensland Country Life 1901-06-121901-06-12
1558355A. CrocusA. CrocusMr Birnston's GhostMr Birnston's GhostSouth Australian Chronicle1887-12-241887-12-24
15613154A. D. A.A. D. A.Benny's Wallabee. A Queensland SketchBenny's Wallabee. A Queensland SketchLaunceston Examiner1898-12-241899-01-07
15713155A. D. A.A. D. A.Dick. A True Snake StoryDick. A True Snake StoryLaunceston Examiner1896-05-091896-05-09
15813156A. D. A.A. D. A.Sister Dora and JackieSister Dora and JackieLaunceston Examiner1899-10-071899-10-07
1595887A. D. N.A. D. N.Mignon; or, Playing with FireMignon; or, Playing with FireNorth Australian1889-03-161889-03-16
1605888A. D. N.A. D. N.Mignon; or, Playing with FireMignon; or, Playing with FireEvelyn Observer1895-08-161895-09-13