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2817854Acworth, AndrewAcworth, Andrew OswaldA New EdenA New EdenAustralian Town and Country1897-04-031897-05-29
2828008Adair, AlanAdair, AlanBy Fair Means or FoulBy Fair Means or FoulWarwick Argus1898-03-261898-04-30
2838133Adair, AlanAdair, AlanWedded, Yet WifelessWedded, Yet WifelessDaily News1899-11-181899-11-29
28411094Adair, AlanAdair, AlanThe Sievewrights: A Story of an Old Scotch FamilyThe Sievewrights: A Story of an Old Scotch FamilyNorth-Western Advocate1908-04-111908-08-01
28511316Adair, AlanAdair, AlanMr Middleton's DisappearanceMr Middleton's DisappearanceDaily News1900-02-021900-02-12
28610442Adams, B. S.Adams, Bertha SoutheyA Barefoot BrideA Barefoot BrideLaunceston Examiner1900-07-041900-07-04
2875779Adams, BerthaAdams, Bertha SoutheyBettyBettyLaunceston Examiner1896-02-081896-02-15
2885787Adams, BerthaAdams, Bertha SoutheyA Wandering LambA Wandering LambLaunceston Examiner1897-04-101897-05-01
2895790Adams, BerthaAdams, Bertha SoutheyDarliea: A Fairy Tale of CeylonDarliea: A Fairy Tale of CeylonLaunceston Examiner1897-05-291897-06-26
2905798Adams, BerthaAdams, Bertha SoutheyMonicaMonicaLaunceston Examiner1897-09-251897-10-09
2915816Adams, BerthaAdams, Bertha SoutheyThe Three B'sThe Three B'sLaunceston Examiner1899-03-181899-06-03
2926174Adams, BerthaAdams, Bertha SoutheyTibbyTibbyLaunceston Examiner1896-09-261896-09-26
29313177Adams, BerthaAdams, Bertha SoutheyGuedeph, the Elphin MusicianGuedeph, the Elfin MusicianLaunceston Examiner1896-02-221896-04-25
29413178Adams, BerthaAdams, Bertha SoutheyHuzz Buzz. A Short School Sketch From LifeHuzz Buzz. A Short School Sketch From LifeLaunceston Examiner1898-03-261898-03-26
2955795Adams, Bertha S.Adams, Bertha SoutheyIn the Heart of the Glowing CoalsIn the Heart of the Glowing CoalsLaunceston Examiner1898-06-041898-07-16
2965801Adams, Bertha SoutheyAdams, Bertha SoutheyYu-Yu's Love TaleYu-Yu's Love TaleLaunceston Examiner1898-08-061898-08-27
2975802Adams, Bertha SoutheyAdams, Bertha SoutheyEthel: The Short Tale of a Tennis BallEthel: The Short Tale of a Tennis BallLaunceston Examiner1898-10-221898-10-29
2986173Adams, Bertha SoutheyAdams, Bertha SoutheyThe Fool of the Shadowy ValleyThe Fool of the Shadowy ValleyLaunceston Examiner1896-10-101896-12-24
29913179Adams, Bertha SoutheyAdams, Bertha SoutheyFulath, the Fool of the Shadowy ValleyFulath, the Fool of the Shadowy ValleyLaunceston Examiner1897-01-021897-01-23
30013180Adams, Bertha SoutheyAdams, Bertha SoutheyMate and Moses. A Few Chapters from the Lives of Two Real ChildrenMate and Moses. A Few Chapters from the Lives of Two Real ChildrenLaunceston Examiner1896-05-231896-08-22