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22112694UnattributedUnknownThe Vow; Or, Which Kept ItThe Vow; Or, Which Kept ItNewcastle Morning Herald1864-01-161864-02-06
22216704EttienneEttienneA Providential CircumstanceA Providential CircumstanceNewcastle Morning Herald1864-01-161864-01-16
22317214UnattributedUnknown2Advertising Made EasyAdvertising Made EasyMelbourne Punch1864-02-041864-02-04
22415664L. A.Atkinson, LouisaMyraMyraSydney Mail1864-02-271864-04-23
22521821UnattributedUnknown2The Puff Pathetic, Or Attic Advertising. A Love Story a la ModeThe Puff Pathetic, Or Attic Advertising. A Love Story a la ModeMelbourne Punch1864-03-031864-03-03
22613250Banks, Mrs G. LinneusBanks, Mrs G. LinnaeusThe Waif of the Wear. A Story of Christmas and New Year's EvesThe Waif of the Wear. A Story of Christmas and New Year's EvesNewcastle Morning Herald1864-03-261864-05-07
22717484UnattributedUnknown2Another Chapter for the History of South AustraliaAnother Chapter for the History of South AustraliaBorder Watch1864-04-011864-04-01
22813388Unattributed Braddon, M. E.Eleanor's VictoryEleanor's VictoryGoulburn Herald1864-04-021864-09-03
22913557UnattributedChester, W.Ruth Morrison. A Domestic Tale in Four PartsRuth Morrison.Sydney Mail1864-04-301864-07-09
23014880Old BoomerangOld BoomerangMickey Mahony's MishapsMickey Mahony's MishapsSydney Mail1864-05-141864-06-25
23118058Thackeray, W. M.Thackeray, William MakepeaceDenis DuvalDenis DuvalAvoca Mail1864-05-211864-06-25
23215657A Prison MatronRobinson, F. W.Memoirs of Jane Cameron, A Female ConvictMemoirs of Jane Cameron, A Female ConvictSydney Mail1864-06-111864-10-08
23316755UnattributedUnknownA Rent in a CloudA Rent in a CloudMelbourne Leader1864-06-181864-10-01
234357UnattributedUnknownThe King's SoldierThe King's SoldierWest Australian Times1864-06-231864-07-07
23519520UnattributedUnknown2Mr Punch on His TravelsMr Punch on His TravelsMelbourne Punch1864-07-141864-09-08
23615626Wood, Mrs HenryWood, EllenOswald CrayOswald CrayGoulburn Herald1864-09-101865-04-01
2371568UnattributedUnknownKate Carroll's Husband: A Tale of the BushKate Carroll's Husband: A Tale of the BushIllustrated Sydney News1864-09-161864-11-16
23814888Old BoomerangOld BoomerangWoes and Worries of Mrs LemonpipWoes and Worries of Mrs LemonpipSydney Mail1864-10-151864-11-05
23920075Gogol, NicholaiGogol, NikolaiPoor Thomas! A Goblin StoryPoor Thomas! A Goblin StoryAustralasian1864-10-151864-10-15
240504UnattributedUnknownThe Story of the Stone EyesThe Story of the Stone EyesSydney Mail1864-11-051864-11-12