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36116110Sims, George R.Sims, George R.A Christmas Day CrimeA Christmas Day CrimeAdelaide Observer1896-12-261896-12-26
36216119T. E. S.T. E. S.A Christmas StoryA Christmas StoryAdelaide Observer1867-04-271867-04-27
36316128WandererWandererA Clever DodgeA Clever DodgeAdelaide Observer1897-09-181897-09-18
36416142UnattributedUnknown2A Concession from DeathA Concession from DeathAdelaide Observer1895-07-131895-07-13
36516151UnattributedUnknown2A Costly Dress and How it Was Paid ForA Costly Dress and How it Was Paid ForAdelaide Observer1895-10-191895-10-19
36616240UnattributedUnknown2A Doctor's StoryA Doctor's Story 2Adelaide Observer1893-09-091893-09-09
36716259UnattributedUnknown2A Fair Confederate. The Burglar's StoryA Fair Confederate. The Burglar's StoryAdelaide Observer1895-03-301895-03-30
36816263WandererWandererA Fair TakedownA Fair TakedownAdelaide Observer1898-09-031898-09-03
36916273Sergeant, AdelineSergeant, AdelineA Fatal ChoiceA Fatal ChoiceAdelaide Observer1889-08-031889-08-03
37016274Poole, Cecil W.Poole, Cecil W. P.A Fatal DreamA Fatal DreamAdelaide Observer1883-07-281883-08-04
37116290UnattributedUnknown2A Feminine Burglar. The Story of a Zealous ApprenticeA Feminine Burglar. The Story of a Zealous ApprenticeAdelaide Observer1895-05-041895-05-04
37216297Sharpley, JamesSharpley, JamesA Fight with a JaguarA Fight with a JaguarAdelaide Observer1897-12-111897-12-11
37316306UnattributedFoxwell, W. J.A Flash in the PanA Flash in the PanAdelaide Observer1891-09-051891-09-05
37416340Grison, HogzerGrison, HogzerA Game of BaccaratA Game of BaccaratAdelaide Observer1888-08-111888-08-11
37516351Galbraith, L.Galbraith, LetticeA Ghost's RevengeA Ghost's RevengeAdelaide Observer1893-06-241893-06-24
37616373J. A. F.J. A. F.A Grand Old PioneerA Grand Old PioneerAdelaide Observer1897-06-121897-06-12
37716377E. A. R.E. A. R.A Great MistakeA Great MistakeAdelaide Observer1892-10-291892-10-29
37816382UnattributedUnknown2A Growl from the Captain's DogA Growl from the Captain's DogAdelaide Observer1871-04-081871-04-08
37916391Rugby, JackRugby, JackA Haunted StationA Haunted StationAdelaide Observer1898-12-241898-12-24
38016409M. L. W.M. L. W.A Honeymoon Under DifficultiesA Honeymoon Under DifficultiesAdelaide Observer1867-10-261867-10-26