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32115275Spence, C. H.Spence, Catherine HelenThe Wonderful BottleThe Wonderful BottleAdelaide Observer1883-12-221883-12-22
32215277Spence, Catherine HelenSpence, Catherine HelenGathered InGathered InAdelaide Observer1881-09-031882-03-18
32315278Spence, MissSpence, Catherine HelenHugh Lindsay's GuestHugh Lindsay's GuestAdelaide Observer1867-05-041867-11-30
32415279Spender, EmilySpender, EmilyThe Missing LinkThe Missing LinkAdelaide Observer1888-09-291888-11-24
32515282Sprigge, S. SquireSprigge, S. SquireBab's Ministration. A Hospital IncidentBab's Ministration. A Hospital IncidentAdelaide Observer1899-11-111899-11-11
32615284Silver WattleSweetapple, Anna MaplesonSowing the WindSowing the WindAdelaide Observer1884-12-271884-12-27
32715305Stables, GordonStables, GordonThe Old House of Duntheim. A Story in PsychologyThe Old House of Duntheim. A Story in PsychologyAdelaide Observer1892-08-061892-08-13
32815355Stuart, EsmeStuart, Esme The Strength of TwoThe Strength of TwoAdelaide Observer1898-04-231898-08-06
32915378Sutherland, G.Sutherland, GeorgeDanbury's Agent. A Tale of London and AdelaideDanbury's Agent. A Tale of London and AdelaideAdelaide Observer1888-05-051888-07-07
33015398SylviaHodge, Chas R.Jack Ripling. A Circus RomanceJack Ripling. A Circus RomanceAdelaide Observer1892-12-171892-12-17
33115399SylviaHodge, Chas R.Rover. A South Australian StoryRover. A South Australian StoryAdelaide Observer1893-12-231893-12-23
33215400SylviaHodge, Chas R.Shuffle's Art UnionShuffle's Art UnionAdelaide Observer1891-12-191891-12-19
33315409Tael, C.Tael, C.A Shipmate of FlindersA Shipmate of FlindersAdelaide Observer1898-12-171898-12-17
33415421Taylor, Helen [trans.]Taylor, Helen [Trans.]The False PrinceThe False PrinceAdelaide Observer1890-01-251890-02-22
33515422Temple, GeorgeTemple, GeorgeThe Wooing of Malcolm. A Romance of DunfermlineThe Wooing of Malcolm. A Romance of DunfermlineAdelaide Observer1889-07-271889-07-27
33615434The Shade of SwiftThe Shade of SwiftAnother Voyage to the HouyhnhnmsAnother Voyage to the HouyhnhnmsAdelaide Observer1892-06-181892-06-18
33715493Twain, MarkTwain, MarkThe American ClaimantThe American ClaimantAdelaide Observer1892-01-161892-04-09
33815498UnoUnoDingo Dick. The Story of a Wild DogDingo Dick. The Story of a Wild DogAdelaide Observer1899-12-161899-12-16
33915500Valentine, ArcherValentine, ArcherA Double Game. A Romance of the Gold FeverA Double Game. A Romance of the Gold FeverAdelaide Observer1874-08-081874-11-14
34015526Wagner, GattfriedWagner, GattfriedHermann Fliet's CourtshipHermann Fliet's CourtshipAdelaide Observer1881-12-311881-12-31