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30115124Russell, W. ClarkRussell, W. ClarkAlone on a Wide, Wide SeaAlone on a Wide, Wide SeaAdelaide Observer1891-11-141892-05-07
30215153Schlank, RaceySchlank, RaceyIn the ScrublandIn the ScrublandAdelaide Observer1897-12-181897-12-18
30315154Schlank, RaceySchlank, RaceyThe Death BoneThe Death BoneAdelaide Observer1897-07-241897-07-24
30415155Schlank, RaceySchlank, RaceyThe Story of a Brain KaleidoscopeThe Story of a Brain KaleidoscopeAdelaide Observer1896-12-191896-12-19
30515165Shaw, HeronHawkes, Henry MorganAn Australian Galatea. A Story of Exploration and Strange DiscoveryAn Australian Galatea. A Story of Exploration and Strange DiscoveryAdelaide Observer1888-12-221888-12-22
30615166Shaw, HeronHawkes, Henry MorganBeyond the SeasBeyond the SeasAdelaide Observer1887-12-241887-12-24
30715167Shaw, HeronHawkes, Henry MorganIn Sackcloth and AshesIn Sackcloth and AshesAdelaide Observer1885-12-191885-12-19
30815168Shaw, HeronHawkes, Henry MorganThree Sons of AnakThree Sons of AnakAdelaide Observer1886-12-251886-12-25
30915169Shaw, HeronHawkes, Henry MorganVane Tresham. A Story of MetmepsychosisVane Tresham. A Story of MetmepsychosisAdelaide Observer1884-12-201884-12-20
31015182Shiel, M. P.Shiel, M. P.The Rajah's SapphireThe Rajah's SapphireAdelaide Observer1896-10-171896-11-07
31115190Silver WattleSweetapple, Anna MaplesonThe Devil a Saint Would BeThe Devil a Saint Would BeAdelaide Observer1897-09-251897-09-25
31215223Slocum, Miss AmeliaSlocum, Miss AmeliaThe Sponger and the Spoons. A Domestic Tale of Great InterestThe Sponger and the Spoons. A Domestic Tale of Great InterestAdelaide Observer1872-12-211872-12-21
31315227Smart, HawleySmart, HawleyBeatrice and Benedick. A Romance of the CrimeaBeatrice and Benedick. A Romance of the CrimeaAdelaide Observer1891-06-201891-09-19
31415232Smith, Arthur FosterSmith, Arthur FosterMy Campaign in the Trans-VaalMy Campaign in the Trans-VaalAdelaide Observer1880-07-031880-08-07
31515244Smith, James WalterSmith, James WalterOnly a Painter. A Tale of the Last Carlist WarOnly a Painter. A Tale of the Last Carlist WarAdelaide Observer1881-07-021881-08-27
31615258Somerville, Sesca LewinLewin, Frances SescadorownaA Christmas DevelopmentA Christmas DevelopmentAdelaide Observer1899-12-161899-12-16
31715259Somerville, Sesca LewinLewin, Frances SescadorownaDora's SacrificeDora's SacrificeAdelaide Observer1896-12-191896-12-19
31815260Somerville, Sesca LewinLewin, Frances SescadorownaThe HypnotistThe HypnotistAdelaide Observer1895-12-211895-12-21
31915262Southcote, TansorSouthcote, TansorBy River and Sea. An Australian StoryBy River and Sea. An Australian StoryAdelaide Observer1888-08-041888-09-22
32015274Spence, C. H.Spence, Catherine HelenThe New MamaThe New MamaAdelaide Observer1880-02-281880-03-20