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26114585Leys, John K.Leys, John K.On Fortune's WheelOn Fortune's WheelAdelaide Observer1892-05-211892-07-30
26214598LibraLibraMy First ExplorationMy First ExplorationAdelaide Observer1881-01-011881-01-01
26314599LibraLibraQuips and Cranks - No. CXXVI Who Was He? A NoveletteQuips and Cranks - No. CXXVI Who Was He? A NoveletteAdelaide Observer1881-02-121881-02-12
26414600LibraLibraReminiscencesReminiscences 1Adelaide Observer1891-12-261891-12-26
26514601LibraLibraThirty Years AgoThirty Years AgoAdelaide Observer1881-12-311881-12-31
26614616Lord, M. R. StaffordLord, M. R. StaffordNil Desperandum! An Australian NoveletteNil Desperandum! An Australian NoveletteAdelaide Observer1882-11-041882-12-16
26714624Lumbomirski, Prince JosefLubomirski, Prince JosefThe Ace of Clubs. A Romance of Russia and SiberiaThe Ace of Clubs. A Romance of Russia and SiberiaAdelaide Observer1890-08-231891-01-10
26814679Macdonald, Dr GeorgeMacdonald, GeorgeMary MarstonMary MarstonAdelaide Observer1880-11-271881-06-25
26914698Marriott, FrancesMarriott, FrancesWinifredWinifredAdelaide Observer1896-02-011896-02-01
27014700Marryat, FlorenceMarryat, FlorenceIn the Name of LibertyIn the Name of LibertyAdelaide Observer1897-03-271897-06-12
27114725McLean, AngusMcLean, AngusHarry Bloomfield; or, The Adventures of an Early Australian SquatterHarry Bloomfield; or, The Adventures of an Early Australian SquatterAdelaide Observer1873-05-311873-10-11
27214745Paddy MelonPaddy MelonA Vision - Or SomethingA Vision - Or SomethingAdelaide Observer1890-12-201890-12-20
27314746Paddy MelonPaddy MelonAn Episode in the Career of Billy MartinAn Episode in the Career of Billy MartinAdelaide Observer1892-12-241892-12-24
27414757Midgley, L. A.Midgley, L. A.How Will it End? A Story Founded on FactHow Will it End? A Story Founded on FactAdelaide Observer1892-08-061892-08-06
27514799Muddock, J. E.Muddock, J. E.The Golden Idol. A Story of AdventureThe Golden Idol. A Story of AdventureAdelaide Observer1896-01-041896-04-25
27614808Murray, David ChristieMurray, David ChristieJohn Vale's GuardianJohn Vale's GuardianAdelaide Observer1889-07-061889-11-30
27714809Murray, David ChristieMurray, David ChristieRainbow GoldRainbow GoldAdelaide Observer1886-01-301886-08-07
27814819Paddy MelonPaddy MelonReminiscencesReminiscences 2Adelaide Observer1899-12-161899-12-16
27914849Norris, W. E.Norris, W. E.Adrian VidalAdrian VidalAdelaide Observer1886-01-021886-06-19
28014855Norris, W. E.Norris, W. E.No New ThingNo New ThingAdelaide Observer1882-07-011883-03-24