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22114199Hamilton, StanleyHamilton, StanleyThe Digger's Wedding. An Australian RomanceThe Digger's Wedding. An Australian RomanceAdelaide Observer1894-12-221894-12-22
22214202Hardy, Iza DuffusHardy, Iza DuffusMacGilleroy's MillionsMacGilleroy's MillionsAdelaide Observer1899-05-271899-09-30
22314207Hardy, ThomasHardy, ThomasThe Romantic Adventures of a MilkmaidThe Romantic Adventures of a MilkmaidAdelaide Observer1883-07-071883-08-25
22414214Harris, Mrs Julia S.Harris, Mrs Julia S.The Oakhurst Tragedy. A Tale of the SupernaturalThe Oakhurst Tragedy. A Tale of the SupernaturalAdelaide Observer1891-12-191891-12-19
22514215Hart, Annie A.Hart, Annie A.A Heliotrope GownA Heliotrope GownAdelaide Observer1897-12-181897-12-18
22614229Hatton, JosephHatton, JosephUnder the Great Seal. A NovelUnder the Great SealAdelaide Observer1892-12-031893-05-27
22714234Hawkes, MorganHawkes, Henry MorganA Mystery of the DoldrumsA Mystery of the DoldrumsAdelaide Observer1899-12-161899-12-16
22814235Hawkes, MorganHawkes, Henry MorganMusical Mysteries. A Bachelor's Adventures in Search of a Happy HomeMusical Mysteries. A Bachelor's Adventures in Search of a Happy HomeAdelaide Observer1873-08-021873-09-13
22914238Hawthorne, JulianHawthorne, JulianAnother's Crime. From the Diary of Inspector ByrnesAnother's Crime. From the Diary of Inspector ByrnesAdelaide Observer1889-03-161889-05-18
23014260Henty, G. A.Henty, G. A.Dorothy's Double. The Story of a Great DeceptionDorothy's Double. The Story of a Great DeceptionAdelaide Observer1893-10-281894-04-21
23114270Henty, G. A.Henty, G. A.The Queen's CupThe Queen's CupAdelaide Observer1897-01-021897-05-15
23214283Hobart, GodfreyHobart, GodfreyLittle Tommy's ChristmasLittle Tommy's ChristmasAdelaide Observer1871-12-301871-12-30
23314292Hocking, JosephHocking, JosephThe Weapons of MysteryThe Weapons of MysteryAdelaide Observer1899-04-081899-06-17
23414295Hocking, Silas K.Hocking, SilasJohn Silent, The Cornish-Man. A Man PossessedJohn Silent, the Cornishman; A Man PossessedAdelaide Observer1890-12-201890-12-20
23514297Hodge, Chas. R.Hodge, Chas R.The Aerial Wedding. An Australian RomanceThe Aerial Wedding. An Australian RomanceAdelaide Observer1895-12-211895-12-21
23614321Hornung, E. W.Hornung, E. W.My Lord DukeMy Lord DukeAdelaide Observer1898-01-011898-03-12
23714323Horton, GeorgeHorton, GeorgeA Fair BrigandA Fair BrigandAdelaide Observer1899-10-071899-12-30
23814342Hume, FergusHume, FergusThe Third VolumeThe Third VolumeAdelaide Observer1895-04-061895-08-03
23914362IchorIchorCiro Paressani, Alias * * *Ciro Paressani, Alias * * *Adelaide Observer1887-12-241887-12-24
24014363IchorIchorHow I Cut My Eye TeethHow I Cut My Eye TeethAdelaide Observer1886-01-161886-01-23