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18113904Edgcome, Sibella B.Edgecombe, Sibella B.The Sexton's SecretThe Sexton's SecretAdelaide Observer1889-05-251889-05-25
18213905Edgcome, Sibella B.Edgecombe, Sibella B.Within Monastic WallsWithin Monastic WallsAdelaide Observer1887-12-241887-12-24
18313908Edwards, Amelia B.Edwards, Amelia B.LizLiz 1Adelaide Observer1896-04-041896-04-04
18413938EugahEugahThe Sacrifice of Andrew FurlongThe Sacrifice of Andrew FurlongAdelaide Observer1896-12-191896-12-19
18513954F. E. W.F. E. W.The Carlyon FamilyThe Carlyon FamilyAdelaide Observer1870-04-091870-05-21
18613961Falk, David G.Falk, David G.The Harrow BushrangersThe Harrow BushrangersAdelaide Observer1891-12-191891-12-19
18713964Falk, David G.Falk, David G.The Land of PromiseThe Land of PromiseAdelaide Observer1890-12-201890-12-20
18813965Falk, David G.Falk, David G.The Man from the TerritoryThe Man from the TerritoryAdelaide Observer1886-12-251886-12-25
18913967Copia FandiSmith, James WalterFreebench. A Tale of South African LifeFreebench. A Tale of South African LifeAdelaide Observer1880-01-031880-03-20
19013968Copia FandiSmith, James WalterSir Denis O'Donoghue. A Reminiscence of the English BarSir Denis O'Donoghue. A Reminiscence of the English BarAdelaide Observer1880-12-111880-12-25
19113969Copia FandiSmith, James WalterThe Autobiography of a BurglarThe Autobiography of a BurglarAdelaide Observer1881-01-081881-02-05
19213974Farjeon, B. L.Farjeon, B. L.Jessie TrimJessie TrimAdelaide Observer1874-01-311874-12-19
19313976Farjeon, B. L.Farjeon, B. L.London's HeartLondon's HeartAdelaide Observer1872-06-151873-05-24
19413979Farjeon, B. L.Farjeon, B. L.Set in a Silver SeaSet in a Silver SeaAdelaide Observer1880-04-241880-12-04
19513981Farjeon, B. L.Farjeon, B. L.The Sacred NuggetThe Sacred NuggetAdelaide Observer1884-01-051884-07-12
19613984Favenc, ErnestFavenc, ErnestA Message from the DesertA Message from the DesertAdelaide Observer1894-03-241894-03-31
19713992Fenn, G. ManvilleFenn, George ManvilleChill December. The Christmas Story of a Dartmoor StormChill December. The Christmas Story of a Dartmoor StormAdelaide Observer1885-12-191885-12-19
19814005Fenn, Geo. ManvilleFenn, George ManvilleDouble Cunning. The Tale of a Transparent MysteryDouble Cunning. The Tale of a Transparent MysteryAdelaide Observer1885-03-141885-07-25
19914024Fitzgibbon, FrancesFitzgibbon, FrancesGolden LoveGolden LoveAdelaide Observer1895-02-161895-03-30
20014044Foster, F. MonkFoster, J. MonkA Crimson Fortune. A Story of Life in the Cotton MillsA Crimson Fortune. A Story of Life in the Cotton MillsAdelaide Observer1892-10-291893-01-14