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22125487Heddle, Ethel F.Heddle, Ethel F.The Last of His ClanThe Last of His ClanByron Bay Record 1905-08-191905-08-19
22225486UnattributedUnknownA House of SecretsA House of SecretsByron Bay Record 1906-02-241906-02-24
22325485'Robin'RobinSquire JackSquire JackByron Bay Record 1905-09-021905-09-02
22425484UnattributedUnknownA Spoilt BeautyA Spoilt BeautyByron Bay Record 1904-11-261904-11-26
22525483'Ace'AceA Leap for LoveA Leap for LoveByron Bay Record 1905-03-041905-03-04
22625482White, CharlesWhite, CharlesAustralian Bushranging in the Early DaysHistory of Australian Bushranging. Vol. I. The Early Days to 1862Peak Hill Express 1902-08-151902-08-15
22725481Doidge, E.Doidge, EdwinMysterious ...Mrs BakerMysterious ...Mrs BakerPeak Hill Express 1904-12-091904-12-09
22825480Carson, DecimusCarson, DecimusThe Golden KookaburraThe Golden KookaburraPeak Hill Express 1905-09-011905-09-01
22925479Ibson, Vincent GIbson, Vincent G.Maurice Fitz-MorrissMaurice Fitz-MorrissPeak Hill Express 1905-05-261905-05-26
23025478Braddon, M. E,Braddon, M. E.The Trail of the Serpent The Trail of the Serpent Peak Hill Express 1906-09-281906-09-28
23125477Delannoy, BurfordDelannoy, BurfordThe Garden Court MurderThe Garden Court MurderMuswellbrook Chronicle1900-02-031900-02-03
23225476UnattributedUnknownThe Convict's Revenge. A Web of CrimeThe Convict's RevengeMuswellbrook Chronicle1900-01-201900-01-20
23325475Gray, Captain EastGray, Captain EastFull Compensation: A Tale of Two HemispheresFull Compensation: A Tale of Two HemispheresMuswellbrook Chronicle1900-12-221900-12-22
23425474Eyton, AliceEyton, AliceThe Girl He left Behind Him: An Incident of the Trannsvaal War The Girl He left Behind Him: An Incident of the Trannsvaal War Muswellbrook Chronicle1900-12-221900-12-22
23525473UnattributedUnknownA Death Trap. A Detective's AdventureA Death Trap. A Detective's AdventureMuswellbrook Chronicle1900-12-011900-12-01
23625472Bisdee, Mary H.Bisdee, Mary H.A Study in GrayA Study in GrayMuswellbrook Chronicle1900-08-181900-08-18
23725471UnattributedUnknownWinifred Wyncoop's Wooing; or Wedded to a Wooden ManWinifred Wyncoop's Wooing; or Wedded to a Wooden ManMuswellbrook Chronicle1900-08-111900-08-11
23825470King, Captain Charles, USAKing, CharlesThe DeserterThe DeserterMuswellbrook Chronicle1900-08-041900-08-04
23925469Fletcher, J. S.Fletcher, J. S.The Brass-Bound BoxThe Brass-Bound BoxMuswellbrook Chronicle1901-11-091901-11-09
24025468UnattributedUnknownThe Vampire: A True StoryThe Vampire: A True StoryMuswellbrook Chronicle1901-11-091901-11-09