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2814030Green, Anna KatharineGreen, Anna KatharineThe House of the Whispering PinesThe House of the Whispering PinesWestern Mail1910-01-291910-05-21
2824052Boothby, GuyBoothby, GuyThe Kidnapped PresidentThe Kidnapped PresidentWestern Mail1902-03-221902-06-21
2834073White, Fred M.White, Fred M.A Royal WrongA Royal WrongWestern Mail1910-05-281910-08-13
2844080Chalmers, CaptainChalmers, CaptainAn Unsatisfactory OfficerAn Unsatisfactory OfficerWestern Mail1909-03-201909-03-20
2854081UnattributedUnknownA Rival without a ClaimA Dark HorseWestern Mail1903-10-031903-10-03
2864082White, F. M.White, Fred M.Craven FortuneCraven FortuneWestern Mail1904-09-241904-12-31
2874087Boothby, GuyBoothby, GuyA Bid for FreedomA Bid for FreedomWestern Mail1904-03-051904-06-04
2884090Clay, Bertha M.Clay, Bertha M.Was He the Man?Was He the Man?Western Mail1914-11-061914-12-25
2894656Atkinson, WilliamAtkinson, WilliamThe Mayor of Sawmill FlatThe Mayor of Sawmill FlatWestern Mail1895-07-051895-07-12
2904821Caine, HallCaine, HallThe Deemster; or, the Censure of the ChurchThe Deemster; or, the Censure of the ChurchWestern Mail1887-07-091887-12-24
2914822UnattributedAtkinson, WilliamCharlie Ransom: Story of the Oil CountryCharlie Ransom: Story of the Oil CountryWestern Mail1891-04-181891-04-18
2924829UnattributedEdwardes, CharlesA Pair of EarsA Pair of EarsWestern Mail1892-02-131892-02-13
2934830Oliphant, Mrs.Oliphant, MrsA Story of a Wedding TourA Story of a Wedding TourWestern Mail1894-10-061894-10-13
2945185Cashel-Hoey, Mrs.Hoey, Mrs Frances Cashel A Stern Chase: A Story in Three PartsA Stern Chase. A Story in Three PartsWestern Mail1885-12-191886-07-17
2955186Thompson, E. W.Thompson, E. W.Not By AccidentNot By AccidentWestern Mail1886-03-201886-03-20
2965187Nyce, Arthur W.Nyce, Arthur W.Only a ChildOnly a ChildWestern Mail1886-06-261886-06-26
2975188O'Neill, Mrs H.O'Neill, Mrs H.Madge: A Christmas StoryMadge: A Christmas StoryWestern Mail1885-12-261885-12-26
2985189Beatrice, FloraBeatrice, FloraAlick Trelawney: Or, Our SelectorAlick Trelawney: Or, Our SelectorWestern Mail1886-01-231886-01-23
2995191UnattributedKey, B. A.TimTimWestern Mail1887-06-111887-06-11
3005192Hungerford, Margaret WolfeHungerford, Margaret WolfeTheir Last ResourceTheir Last ResourceWestern Mail1887-05-071887-05-07