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Chapter NumberXXXVI
Chapter TitleAT BAY
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Full Date1888-11-02
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Newspaper TitleKyabram Union (Vic. : 1886 - 1894)
Trove TitleMy Plucky Boy Tom; or, Searching for Curiosities in India for My Show
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TIHE YOUNG FOTAS. MY PLUCKY BOY TOM; : sit. SdAIlOBING FOl C?O? rtolTril I linDA FOR MY S?OW. itr P. T. Barnms CEsving XXXV!.-?zr Bar The gleam of water wse ee aheadl, sad oonvinled, wikbout undertandlag exactly bow, that shelter wee at band, the three want ever tlhe bank like o uany beioks tum liae ofthe top of a wll. Bat they did met go into the water. In stbed, they dropped upos Ihe candy ehorse of a lake, while a mae of rooks rowe ia their Iront Ilike- he breastworks of an '"Tow we've got them I' called Atheer, proceeding to reload ble gue a fnet a he could I " don'lt t ay of tbhem ome over .o cs.' But the Waawarse realhled the point toored by the fogitive, which eaplrtan why they saed so hard So prevent them resobhg Ihreofuge. They did nnt charge by leapung over the wall. when the fight would have been heand to bad, but stopped a few pace away amongtheloek, undergrowttb ad tesa. and ottering their peculiar whoops. sound ng more like the basking of anluals than anything else, eaeh of the dozen lannebed hIl javelin, aiming at no partIcular perseo. but endiog In the volley, as it may be called, In the hope that some of the pot?oned missile, would Bod a mark. They came mighty ear it, too. The whize of the weapone was in the alt above, and notbgbl was lsteoger proof of the astoolshinag skill of the -Wild Men of the lioononsal· than the leest that every e of bshe Javelle shot within' an Inch or two ot the top ae the rook, behind which the three were crohibleg This I. explained by the belief of the savages that the tntuders were peertngover the reet of the roeks on the lock out for the Waawarae. Had they been dolog so. the javelile would have mlased them, sulees thrown aso almost to graze the upper serface. Portunately for the fugitives, their heads were low eaough to allow the missites to ein above them, paeeing out Into the lake, wher they plunged into tshe water with a cbhug. like that made by a pebble thrown irom a great altitude. SShoot at them r atedAtsoor. rapidly reloading his plece. SBut they ae not In ight,' repled Tom peeving a ldIy above the edoge of the rock. 'Never mind, tre away : It you dowin they'st thie" yo have been bIt, sad will make aroo .' Qilck to. e she polat, Mr. Godkle gad Tom levelled their weapoo h te hepo wheae alone the avlem a et oroe. T Theydli not opest teolSW as•ktgn, end were not disoppointed, the Wild Me bell so well onacealed that there was an poms bility of harmlng them. But the Wnwarse were convineed that She foreigners wee sll sand well, anad they (rfeai?ed from the ask they woald have heren liely to mese bet foe the warning. Sa twitklng the gas were roaded, lad near ileand were realy the at?ach whlch they dreaded, slnee it seemed In. poe?lbls for all toeeaepe where ,ob potsoU one weapone were used, In put alb itbe fegtivee, It mast noet be supposed that the Waewarse crried but a single weapao apleo, thugh they emem tilm-s IlmIted themaelvl I. that faehtoo. lieho earrie kaid fivr eat of the deadly mtaties It hie lat hea, so that he was ready for lenstant work wheaneve the emereaesy mlght demand it The loll in btlilties gave Tom sad Mr. Godie so opportualty to survey their aurrouondlte, and the result ~esa aec?alg. They bad never dresmed of Ending any sob refuge so this, for, instead of a resbing, roaline mountain torrelt, they wee on the edie of a lake nearly cilate ulan shape and folly five mileln dlimeter. Tte water was of orystallone dlearenee, and ew Athoor inaormed them, itl depth was Immeone, belog almost nfaethomable ln many paiece. A moel s an elevatie I ?mast have been Ited by numerose springs, babbilag fardown in the earth, for iht ovdow was the seMrce of aeverel streame of onoslderablte ice, which found .their way into the Klstcab Bl?tr, and finally reahed the Bay of Bspgfl. The trend of the soantry prevented the weremsr E twing westward throegh the Gbsoat Muntainse into the Arabiano se. Tbhs sheet of wati,. one of the remark. ahlla In al Pndia. Is known as the eaoned lake latmS, the hme of it dem?id OaOeg.. who has slain thooanide that have rousedhie t lies over a thoeend feet above the ea level, and i esrtenoded by reekse boalders ad an exuberant tropicel vaelatir, while the preence of the WUId Mea or W'awarer makes a vit, to. It as dangerous that few white persons have the hardihood to under take It. The three fugitivee wrel stading behind a wall of boulders, which rose to their ohlo, and which ffered an admlrable breastwork against the smaut of their eelsenn, ewho ooald sot advance from the froes witheut exposing themselves to the deadly tdile. But the Wewaras were aware of thib tl-t themelve, anad it was altogether unlikely that they would make any eath atlault Fefore ore re more of.the defenders were dlsab!ed by Iheir le avelln which they hurled at ltervals from tho trees and rooks. The advantag possessed by our friende was Important, for they bad only to keep a bright lookaoat to ecape the spears whteb mevey now and than darted throogh the air with moph masing swiftnes,. No warrior. boweve great blh skill, eould hurl one of the miselles without expooing a part of an arm, and sometimes the corner of bhis face, as he peered oat om behind bl i refule. Whenever thi was obs rved, the faogitlve simplydropped below h11 level of the lrck and allowed the weapon to pan over their heasl,. M. Golkin'a adventure oem. about In this wile, and yon will admi tbhat it was startlng indeed a The Waowarae were quiok to undetesad thepratioe of the party, whose heade In- I variably rose to view the mlowet a jlveloI sped over them. Calnulatllgl aplo thi, oe ofI the Wild len burled his weapo et Tom Bradford, who, like his oompealonr, dOcked out of I ilhti in time to escape t?H I But eosroely bad the javelin Itlt the hied of the warlor, whean a seeond Wauware stepped from beblnd a rock and hurled his I spear estasighlt asthe spot where he exprtcted I the bead olf Mr. Goutin to rappear, and1 where, lo faect, it did resppear the next momeut. But the Wauwara wu jad the tenth' partof alecond too moon. The javelin o0tI bthrough the upper pat ol the sntleman'l 1 hat. like the thret of a needle,hooting on with undimlnt?ebd speed into the lake beyond. If the saVgeS had 'held hI fire' the fre- I tinal part of a secon. Mr. Carl Godkln weoold have teen sndued out utlterly uas iI smitteby a tbhuaderbolt. The leon wat a eeded one. SDon't raise your headm twice It the sime ospot,' admonished Athoor, hbut to Ihe right or thflt; the rascuals are ocanlnog, and they came ner pttieg yao that time' I think It's aobot time I paild back the ompl(ment,' asemurked Mr. Godklu, who was in an ugly mood over the persitent woenom of these Wild men. t trlullly makln hli way e veral psolle to tbs right, he amied a spot whers the boutllder weres oered with auch a growth f d vines that he believed hbe ouold peer through them at his amalualte without being sen by them. He stealthily shvoed the mosale of hbls rile through the hblsbberly, ilhte?d de Iberately, oand awaited bil eshanee, I The Weauwarsm who hal come nearl killIoltg 5be gentleman w no nooenaged Ibtat heI deloded to try it agela. Aecordiagly the mae palt of the pro.

we. r pis**M /(Le she esewedea ohe swe radc which ha ebsaeed a gliaet aahe espeusi, shoe whhedoem of alght,wesesmL?, he etha stepped from bthind bir me, cad wish tbsh.-aw r?. umashbh qlokaam aa be , drew back bl arm to hobad i weepea at the poina whe, a be was watum d a Ies peu-iag, the bet? would smeppoe. A the veery sns them aisle was -. tog hbehnd.Mr, tUodban br?d e The W ara fal dead-abot through the heart. This saood ftal shot eeofnsed be Wild Me thha she risks were too peat to justify a coasiteafce of the attek Itrom the reat, and the now bean what may be eeslte a amk memseba-a peelas of war St.are.whleb, anfstsaatel, was avoured. by bheomios els sthska. *to mre .tlha tweaty yard from where our throe hried. Ned the ,here.latted'a eOpla of so ds Into the water, ?eding again jujs bo.yd. a small cape belng lObe formet ellke the shoe, was vered with bolder sand endegrowtb, which L orded the very beet enoseaim t l sthe world for e thaW mawas 1 , 5 .+` _ Hardly had sae thought e°ered the bed. Sof the faittivrn whe they dbeovered the We'w1rse were ?hles. SOlmpase of Ihel swarthy bodies were ob SIaloel as they stole looI behind the boulders wish a view of getting as far out as poetible toward the end of the maps. SOe Ibthe, they would be Is aae sense babehd out friende, who mold ot sbhelte" tkhemesw hor thei arrows, xeeptleg by ing le temnt a head oa arm appeared, oe by ehiftieg thesl own glttlo. The Waesars who was sating as the t leaer of the paety Iesu She *AreS leades was Skilled, was nqIoeslttably a drlog fellor. ln mhe of keepias bi beody seeseed, as did bhe othes, he not aly mad hi ay to lb th treme pus of the caps, b?t, a morder I to seas a bettee alm, stepped lateo he Swater, whbhb mshed to his wa?t, and ratesd hi javelin over hIeabad. SSteodlig thee ern a leetast, hs we ia Splt? Igl 1 but hare was sometblng so rsok oesai b his ot that all theoe oar f rleeds Il their fire, quite ooedeal, borw a ever, tabet at s~b a diisaee they could dodge the mal?e. Bet a woadeirful thblg took ples. The javella was eve the head of the Wauwan, and be ssmed is the very aet of laeshbiag it whm be oatered a horrible y shriek sad fe ovre mn his bho,. with no more motI o i? thb an eNass la . ' What Ie the a et ta of ehasked e awedaTob rn 1 aeda d. ' He was killld' 1'*ahbowt By Syt Augy Mts mee of ith .Lake i this ws - setoedig diraeta, bht there ws some basis fore e woods. The Waswara leader had been slain while e staulants the water, ad ib the act of Imong bwe el.a t That he was dwroyed by something In te lake was se:certsb as tsat he w as ol l rd by sc of thgee of cour lends. k fett 'wets 5W g death I H.a we tdotted ont el setetses as suddeely a if blown sky-high by a leat bomb. These bd been a. egitat?is of the wa'?r ielble to the three pemoe that were clodly | watethlg him. It woul eem that I be bd bee ised . by some regwbos fhb ther would havebee· ' a straggle, or, at lease, a esmotloen hut, on y I have smid, eablkig of the kind took pleas t" I Mr. Godkn and Shen wete startled by I the strsage deeab, thl elk upon tbe WVal wares was seti plsas. r It weas probably with ohm that the legend ot Ihe Dane of the Lake originated, and they wen p sIle.trteko by what had taken dpia" before thei oyes. They rabled beak ow the sape to the n meltad, o Iate on Pgetl as far sway as they ?ealM from e tMe bis b-lthat they exposed themsles relesa?ty to the fro or he .fugitives, who could have slain a numbere No noab thifg, however, was attempted, for shootiny, nee, sasob acrehamsit a would abe beewa'nogeLtable. 'Row,' ssa Alboor, thl nest momeat, ' we met crosm to the otter eide of the lake, or move a long distess along shore.' Se Why so taqre Mr.od t kln. SThose Weewarse have ot departed for good I they will be aftera is ,' 'They are the moot ps at seampe I ever knew; batlhw aree Io dOrasthe lake I looke to me that lb will be L angrone to try itewla.' 'I That? Iethe plD e syou deabtlne have ;sIapctd. I heve bees here before, and know that a boat 15 o r ought to he, lylog omoewl.rea g mhe beak.' SRlit ems's ty follow are SI thbnk toue i bat the dlets beat- Hellos I theo It le, soe oeagh r eslaimed Atheor. the sent udnloe loted of goag toward She spe, the three walked awayfom It. Iot more than ?yt ftet from where th oroaeblng t, Godklca hsd had seal his fatal shbo at the preoemptlooa Weawara, they ditcoveret the oast, whibh aee a ourious ?rctere eindeed. A mass at wee o, yellow grass, and light, baoyant wood wa• date rosly fater waveo, the whole Ioreleg a raft thirty feet Iong by twentb fee wldopble of sustaln nll tbh weight of eight es tea mee. SBut the meet wosdvaol part of she stro. tare wee the front, whlob ooeslatr4 of alns I Aeroes the fowamd pat of the ralt were Ilt' aeveral larg ples of plate -glas, ex tending not from one ide to oth other, bi t oealy a of te Iagth. They were deftly load er, about a loob in thickase, and no a evealy opon the structure baoth that they were osble of eta?ldaeg great weight withou breakig, since the pressure was uniformly dltribuad. The promessa of glae o this pattern, sad I tShis setion of the coastar, was a ouse of uabo??ded weodes to both Tornm ad Mr. Goktha, both of whom was totalI a aa los. to atoont for St. The mooeet opla ble explanation wa that the art of maki most be knows to the Waw.ram, sad that the speslmee before thbem were their hladlwork. ade fro im the ystloatis over the pre mee of the guare i that wll, lealy sectioe. It was a sorea of esOlatisn as to he por. pro In enveslag sety a third d the raft T"he sonaoolo of. tbis qsutloa wai that there was e prellejobjeot l -the builders plalIng it boh a ueipt, poslbly, that of orammentatIon. Aud yet there m u traoeurdinary use fotr hat ase glm-s-one that I am sure yeou never would espeo, but wbhich shall be epeely made kneal to ya, as it ws lered by AUhoor, Mr. aolS, and Tom Btradford. flone It was ertalo the Wanwares would .pedily rotum, our friends did not allow hemal s to lose any time through ereola tlin over what they saw. They steOped upos the rate, whteh was puhbed out from shore by meane of the two paddlae resting on It. Thee were o mtade that they servred either as pols or paddle, and there wea eaelderaeblo skill dlsplayed la thelr con etruteion. *LIok !' It way Athoar who atteed the exolmle. foa, polnlig down at the water jult la frowl of the boat. Dlog as direetd, Teom ad Mr. Go4hln saw the figur of the Wauwara who wae kld so mysateloouslty a abort time before. He was flt m his bask, his rightb hand firmly olored around Ihe bhalt of his javelln, while his fae was onteorted so eislly to show that, quak as was his death, It was ccmpeaied by aon peom at least ofl In. doeorbable egbony. He was not dotlng on the Isurface, blt six feel below, the prteao olearosu oa the water nderlesg his body and featurer as distluot s if the remales were lhig on the grouand. He was diflltn slowly, hqgln thatbd a slight urrent stirred the lae blow wbloh the raft did aot feel, despito the slight spare laterwealng .. SCaml you see any wound on him ' ashed Mr. Godkln, who, In ble eaurlotly, stooped

dews as as 0o hl m ee. no wem ea th- ehe As If to aetwa * t uelry o w) sla Lb, sh ,I "t alala he. . resemblmes of a heal. SWhatever It was that kilw e s the W Ma.' reaSrke Tom i ditd o wti she Tomm ter. The body incba obweid rbe p liibtlI MWhrteo s wasl e I th oI the thew1 an.' remerthed om,* aIs did ro w u leving a melk on bkl .' " Tbha Is j w t Iwy tha E Ike Daresm e Lako.- e thdatss,? At,'-.? rt oor. t whie'bfrR itted mey STtsr Sd M dst wehi a al.r ties .f'ply P-eatn lir weooale r l, If theS tereh " a @er a eatabbg7g farHr. Blranan, S am wileg to dlay il-rt ltfe hi,' bei. l tshe hlnd of cdlaseiy I mwea to hals, ah. T n om SNo' was M he ? itatlsg reply, 'b?t bI maeld gl?e a peht eal to ·aoe this !noo sI ther se our friends again I' MI. Godklh polated o bke shora, d?hg, mure eOoa, lbo Wuwara?s were s?rm gattfbui on thae almost esiolt) cil o h oplm, atmyed tbheir proimily the Spo where thela Iledster d baee toOacL with sac moddtn and awful death bus a irks, wlaMI before. ALbor. ad hepi hie paddlls gans lroma It , which was rfta onse for thley we r w Fu y na h ied ayds team lasd. The WIM Meecthas theMontains braodith tush javulfas, whoopedl a dsooed 55 If dthle tne huntrer to ase beatk? nd tlte Tn, wshing them with luleas. a Navsmthelae, n of them is going to rsy It' mad Mr. 01oat. The mar dbmaulive Wanwaura In 4i oo?eny usa ees dion biletsui for wil saem op aabord attem to hurl hhis jasa te on ? huededyedl ad mora betweem I ard th bo t, 'I l'I so sre he will alre,' said Alt? s thbe weapoolelt the hard of the warr who appeared to make so spelalt ffort. Watchlng keenly, the these were able I. see the mtliute as it rose It the alt At werved over towards them. It mssud to bold IIml i sus mpen sewr eseds far overbsedL, and then down with semtioaelly asoelerated fatlllg. oet p the raft, but tally tw4?. .to .hoes& T s is unLl sad plsh itd it 1le w o with Mr. G odktl w e tal ndai g aol IrTo theetru eto ewird il tsb lad ws hell ree. dreig e ky a b What do oa mees stabked Tom sh. STheya Dssloa' of se sLted' ws he lnal leverin hbi wsapoeo '1 dild't lted el rpshoot, though ithey de e I rat om wa t the ho In of raolsed fo . wo wit a look aod hi, bs Sndig ldoe Iroeof the ratarn while ths lad was I the reor. SWh do yot mean r to wd Tomwhe, 'Tle Dmoa Ihe the Lagket Of she a"l ply e e I opaing (r t onder the raft o evee look d him, bat deolded to lIy wha s med o be bornw. He bed bat a msnule to wall, wheel, lie where wahe ron he algt sight aeg mllk swam locked. of todaesrbable moostree le are srested. It was fully a douse fee long. withs lpaemb body, sod ahead as large er as a babeit barket. (lovmred with bl cseles sad eoormo ns Bae hundreds of h projeeted from its head In all direl like the feelers of a at. Its month tnot ob esretohed moss Its selre ront beut atoned on esah side, oluring downward the careere lie a horseshoe, acd was ilsh doable rows of long, carnivorous Its eyes were perfecty round and as tar seacers while a moassnlog sood ssued wtlbli, and was distinctly hoard, despite fet that It was several feel below 'SHe's eslag p to vids as l' ealiedTan' ' lt'give him a shot, and and bhe eareer w the Demo of the--' Before the led eould fnlsh his exelamaltg eo attered a spssmodloseeroeb, and thow phis bhands fall over on the ra?t like d (od. s conouso I. -(TO 2 OQI ln'.l,:) : j