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Chapter NumberXXXIV
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Full Date1888-10-26
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Newspaper TitleKyabram Union (Vic. : 1886 - 1894)
Trove TitleMy Plucky Boy Tom; or, Searching for Curiosities in India for My Show
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STHE- YOUNOG FOLK?., I, N ?rn tImNo ror MUsibiRe1 rua Br P. T. Baa .• Osurms IXXI.- Orw ore aI Lor ...-- J&ws., Daring this extraordinary Interview wih BIoam, KIeg aof a Wild lm of the Monauteis emn Bradford mad tlhebesd se pesiblo of his eyes sad ? . ise ires Ifelag was that aessemeent that the terrible mearob of bas, whisob oly a ashrt sine before had devoterd eas of the hnsser, shed permit bhlmelf o be bhndled is tbsb febhles wish hipelity. H. nomsed the slamr tha d ed itself amo on'e eeesgee as the ppreach thet cptis.e, mes tbosgh he seemed to, be secunrely hold by his sap-one ad thei rapes. Bet a serat sy of the n . imal bimsell revealed a feo is Ter, Mr. edhis, sd Atlr.or that explasrd. the Oaritas ituatioin toe huge massle, which had snopped iteof bsha about thbeheadf the Io li Strl,otony. h: jsws so that be was enable to oae .erm, reje naveil slated him as ls,. - There were oraltohes sad woasad along the I side of sal head, bhowlsg how desplertely ehe had tried so free hlimsl trom the ex i asperallrg msile by forcing it off with his Spaws. I A. Iheeseflort, bthough doubless renewed II gata and again, rrNtsd lin noth'. uatl s asl ast the beast was forced to gs p; be + was a prisoner despite his enormous ssr.ogth, ad wasu perfeotl, helpless. He o aId ela?e his shint, bat though his jews were sti ll llpowerfal, he ws ounable I to at a aostnful. Unlesi someone went r to his relief, he most die. S 1. may ht said therefore that the lIon was p Ia s neat of ellpee and deeper. o He was ugasious enmgh to realise his n eodition, and his qoisesneos I the presesce n .i the party of b hunier w with the hole bas they woueald Llvehim the reliel without d which he most perlhb. S:Now King omma bhad ordered Tom At Bradford to remove the muzzle. - The yonsg'man recalled sae story of the e men who plucked a thorn from the lioa's SInflamed paw, and was afterwards recogoleed I and spared by the gra?efol sa?nal when he if was out Into the den tobe eaten by him. d The lad was hopeful that he could play the d seasme rle. '" ,` Provlded it oculd be acted snsomefolly, It was a magldoenl opprtually to impress Stbe King of bthe Wild en, and thut save not only himself bat his opelose. d Any imidity ori shrlking o the part of I Tom would deeit hise rpose i it was d neoNssry to be bold aued. slf.eoadeat, not a anly to.?aeet the king and his wornors, but to cow the best himsellf. Aseordingly, when Athooer tred about and translated to Tom the sommaUd of sle vege ruler, the lad's fae ltHe up with a joyous expressito, and, making a bow, lh alld : i' ell the mighty King Homms that I was I aboua to crave the psrvilege of bhowlig him bol the ens of a kina eea oonuer she king of beasts.' s i d bshe, without ay more ado, Tom, s asouming amjeint ofdemesoor that would II have been ridloolos nader other olroom. n stanosoe, strode straight toward the lieu, p whloh stood with drooping hbed, au hoogh de had lost all intoresi in earthly Ihigs, and waved theothes baLk. The mlants the king of beats osrnted someone approaching hi., he relsed his head and arvmyed the youag maan, as If to a loquire his bualues. a Tom Bradford will always insist that wen beis eyes mse thoe of the behelt, there was an a expreson in the latter which showed he r reognled him as the one who hbd placed s this IndignIty upon him. P The expreslion was not of uger anad resestmeni, as might have been supposed, butof fear and suppliastlon. The failure of she Wild Mm to relieve the torture of she lion soevisnad him that $be I w. re unable to do so. sand the sagacity of the p animls molt bhae sld So him: " Here is the one who imprisoned your head, and be il the only one that oan relieve you I you most beg of him to do so.' At sy rlte;oeab was the belief of Tom, ad I am notprepared to say he wasl in error. Bubsequent events point the other As mliog She severes expreslon poselbl., Sthe youth looked Into the shrinkilg eye for a moment, so as to intensiny the Impression a be had already made, and then be book hold of the mrasa at slhe side where its pesll-ar spring wee find. This was a trying momest, As the beast , stood, he bhad but to rales en of those mlghty paws and strike a ingle blow., Soeling him so more effort than that of the aton that soaf the ear of t kittem, when he Scould have crushed the skull of Ihe daont. rless youth as though is were an gg-eshell, SBat the lie stood motIlem, aso if folly aware what tha sage?lgl at the oide of blh bead meant. The mest instant the muzlte was looem, and Tom, with a single Itrt of his hend, flung it fifty int away, toward the keepers, who had withdrawn from the immediate presnes of the mdmal. Tse tatter stood hke a statue a moment. and then, lfting ilf right paw, brushed the side of hbl head There was no obstruotion there, Nzt hodid the same wish hl I ft pawl, and the esme glorious faot impressed Itei opon him ; hie tormenting 'thorn in abe Rlh' was removed. Fieuratively speaking, the lion threw his IS h 1igh in the air, harrahed, and danced Ia double Ihfble. I The eyes of the king, the princess, the Wild Men, their wives and ebidren, and of Mr. Godkin and Atboor were . fied wooderlngly open She seeoi The beat oonflrmed the opinion a Tom at is polnt, by rasilng one of bl paws like a 111 log, with a genilsies of movemen whIch left no doubt of his friendllese Tom aorepted the paw. and shook it as though it was .he ?and of Godknl or Alher. Thbn the lio purred like a oat to bhow his pleasure, moving aIfelionaely roend the yeuth who felt a glow of gratitude that his riaumph was ompleto. A theis point the lion must have awakened to the .iot that he was eeelmnlny huoegior , but he offered o violen? to teo people who stiod around, moh lee to the one that had Jilolt restored bhl fraedom to him. Lookig'off toward the wcod for masedco or two, he deliberately trotted off and dis Th iprenon produced by Tom Brad ford's exploit was proonod, or no ona can deny that i was extrordlnary, Probbily King Homma was most struck by the remlrkable daring and onecess of the yoonogstr, who, fortunately, bad the support of the qulekwitted Athoor. At the moment that a murmurof admira lion wls heard among the speatators, the East Indian, with repeotfOil Oblisance, addrssled the m?aroch. S'The great King Homma has seen what the son of a kinlg fr a over the sea can do with the monaret of beasts, Now we will bid the mighty lomma falrewell, and, when we come Into bi domInions again, we shall bhlr him many presents to show we have cf1orgotten his kldness to ns.' And then, with a estnt as dig?tnied and imprealive as ithat of Tom Bradlefrd a few minltes before, the daeololus Abthoor waIlked I noolly llaway, followed by Mr. Oodhin snd I the youth, both of whom nlstalntl caught I on to bs strategy. " All this ime Atheeoor had kepLt his face so I Lskew, thqt the King of the Wild MIen hbad no sosplimon of his Identity, but seemed so dazad by the unparalleled impudene of the i P-rty, thbt hj ofered no obelruclion to their n?It il was quit evident there was one t heart that opposed their golog Tht wasls the beaulliful Prineess IMlestl, who sired i wonderingly for a few senonds, end thm halt n roe, as if to pir es; but somethlell aused c her to cllnge her mind, aod she sat ldown Ge. Godkin, who was at the rear of tie psrty, aw the actioo of the ynons Iedy, and vi told lom elbout i, lafter thy had peaotraed a seome distanoe into thel wilderness. II *'Ton have made a deep impression onlor

sIneesawe dlse eme e v ae etel i Am eh. whas rbit igvhu bet, ees I.e I wo mm. whI g-mg a d Inlaw.wi bok. liwe iwfas e w bWie tse Ia d1re. bi Iet ow eamO' 'Is lad howto rmeitkne af e m rea l Uss w iI .gtleoomd ad . Te ab?alb l ,,r? o hr e.' I' arI d ?how sn. alo l Ipt hemalsrm to. I pI eae wle ao o uem a tse h Ie WhyI W trot Y UnkedrC. Gedkl . s I Depen d uo It, Heoms will oht n g i d I rl ad ale oetay o wlee r?a elia d ae I i go, has wb, reused a a-rty .or wasm sh tosl bfing ae? took. re was meed sohe way b we tsheld ba Iase, has ais wlfts b k bde I ?n og a0 er ire I. ;Teal Prlnsoeh, will I t ' never coaeemt ea ai feel,' i lie one l gweltm?. as Tomer sbhall d epar hro ba esmt m h e pr tpeort l tre bhi agael.' 'B.ea, if ehe s eofavooably'telined f . oward me, shie sill not permit a harem to befall me, isaid Tom, with half lush aind To, r all u i ghe,' ald Mr. odkln ; SIt's we old folles taas wll have oil had. I Olplld off elol,. we know It.' - iosTe let doi lo- no time,' replied the youlh, wri r.-capturo aI mumuh s S''I h .a heard, e ld a thor, thought Sully, 'that Shere lte wild mea in your pae of the world who are as eilful as hooued i SfWollowing the traekne of persona hoough he woods.'s ' no haver berd aright,' replied Tom ; he Ameriocan lodian' seyes are tralned su Swell that no per0on lanlog Thmogoh the forest ean bide bi trail from him.' 'Howies t when he takes to the waler?' Tom ehrouged ?a. ehouldars. S'Then Ist ti same as •with the blood. Shbound; he mout atop, for he iose. the olue.' 'TIey ,are like the oWld a ofm thesI " houatala O ? the only way by whl they can be made to tur ulsde from following us i I I foar to take to the esrter.' i What a pity we have nothe chanto.' SWe have,' selied Athoor, lgteantly.l it ' do at nulettanl.e r a Iol By con e t will ; l?t ne walk rl, for Ie am salf, i.d there i, no time to losae, Cuarerra XXXV.-FLE?rIM o b LIrF, d -tWah such aon lccertie to make hula, It is i hardly nee asry for me to say that our tores friends lut no tima in peleU all the e dstao he ;psslehi between them and the vi lsge of he Wild Blen of the Mountalen. it lotseathely the assurance of the me mber a of the llle 'party gave them poaeeumn of re shtir wepons a well u Tom' luaeo and they hab d an oabindce of ammunltden. If The egul ay ind enporaslem of theor Swell fitted him to sot a. gula for his oam it peaion, and, taklei the lved, he psheld on S at a eped whelh met them oelerabla effort seqosal, t The Ioppemiton o1 Mr. GoDkI aend Toue e we Shat he was making' for som, river, a thoogh the mountainoun nature of tae 1e cuntry through whbi they were hurrying ndicated thatee all ofes etreat must be flitle Smosre than mountain tohunI?, where any. thing like savigans wold be ou of the question. Still, by wading for oos dlilne in uch I, a body otf watr, the wee rees o belaive Ithey eoatld throw a pursing pasty of their erllt, but, Ie the event Of opreut, i will be , undereood that precious little time w t STheir dispoail. I, Helo I did you iar thati' uidnerly ausld Tom Bradford, S The quotlon wa suegrfuo, for all thr a had caughi the sound of a wbihto which a might have bhn the oall of rsne of the aumersou birde abundant in that part of the o world.' s ota It was not. 'It Is the sognal of our enemihe, i abiepered Athoor ; ' eh I what did I tell your S A pralealy sielallr sound fell upon their I, ar frpm bshe Mime direltion, bm from a point oonaldirablly nerer. e ' Homma ha bee prompt to change hit y mind, added Athoor ; be did not wait long before doepatohing a party after ou.' ' Ther is one thing tht mult be undue. r lstood.' nmarked Mr. Godkin, eompreluog e his lips, ' e don't go bark to King eomma. 'TO do eo means death by torture,' was the telgafoiant commeoe of the guide ; ' I Sagrem with you,' r Tom and Mr. Godkin were urpr?led to obeerve that Instead of deenendweg the mountain tide, es would have seemed to be r the natuorl thing to do, they were continully a aueadig to higher and more preoipltbue I ground They iald nvohiog, however, for it wa no time for explanatloun, and their confidece tn their leader was too perfect for thmne to esy anything ,hat mighbt imply otherwire. An they pulhed on their ese were open for a repeitinen of the rall that had slarlled them, for, it it should tound any nearer, it would prove their posuerse were painiI.g n;onl them, a,d thai was to be dreaded above everything, while at the usme time. it was to he rxproted, sine the Wild Menrt were mere familiar with the eonitry than A bhoor onold hoo to to be. SKeep op your eoarege,' called thr pielde? over hit rhoulder ; we have n?t muoh I e Iurlsher to go.' Tthe word were yet in lie mouth when onceo more came the ehup. tremulous whistle, load and clear," and from a point that certaioly wae enO more thin half s d far fa when b ret hurd I This fact setS a ehiv?lr of tar throughl I Tom and Mr. Glodkin, who eald 'They ar re su to ovrtake ur.' b Nevo- mind; our gone are loaded, ad It re w shll give them a warm welocma,' replied ' Tom, who we a theearer, foew pactsl from hit friend. I Both cootnuslli glacced to Ihe right and Ills, expecling the epoeareos of their eoenles at every moment. Suddenly Athobr, who was lese then a rod e in front of the obther, uetered a hurried ex slimatlotin, aend doated hi. head. A. falte, whleingl noise out through the I ait, ad somoethog like the flitting of a blIrd'e h lng was obsorved at the same Ionlans over b his "eculdhr. p It was accomplaned by a thad. nl d n he a pt nk at a trie, jrut to his left, a javelln wale rean with i:e point buried several Incheeso In I the hark, antd the wooden portion ell d quwtertng from the fores of the impat. ir had be end e hnedhby one of the Wild di oMen full a the hest of Athoor, and, bot fcr hI intli toable exteatiy. he woald have been mpaled by the pohelnd mimlle. Bnoutie islthe inoelnko. heestrathlesardl up agrin, brought hie foun to his ehouldor, I aIdlet t aan psu a fer paeo ino front. The astoundead Tom and hhis friend eaught only I pari ug elirpse of a Is arhy, hlo h. nakoed body, whioh itnde one terrific bond e in the aeir, emiltig a hltek liks the death ' howrl a pentber, se he whirled about, then ran a fewr peoe, and pltohrd headlong to thu ground. 'Coms, we maul run I' added Athcsr, not dering to opause to reload his werpo wl ' they mesan to kill e tha ctime hI' c Eve ino that earlul momenwt, Tom Bre- t fosd, aS he sams opp tte the javoello, e olld t net rateit lthe impule to esthe the handle nd ireoeh it Oree from the tree in whloh it. heod wan barlrd,4 It toe lk a trone effort to do str hutl he nreedeod, and crrisd the weapon with him, It while ehurrying after hs friende, who were preatltg fortwrd with al 'he epeed pubble. o Although the fbirtivos were following no C path, yet their enemies mout have enpeoled their deti, urio, aleo nsne would have lot i in froet of them. It ertremed to Tomra thr e real danger wau from the rear. wheo. had comeo the elgele at hiloh showed the Wild Men were In pureit, o med he Weecnll eoettly gIlaonn behind him5 wI bhu re yet wathount eatohiog eight of a ingle l Inelced of pushtng dlrrotly on, ai Athlor wold haye done but for this eoarillog 1 interrupliun, he ,nw made a ehort turn to he hlet, thereby linreatlog the dIstem eisJll ateeseary Io part in ortor 1o resaoh th wter w on whloh he now plaeed hIs hope . I was of the mont laboriocl nature. RooLk, boolderi, undergrowlb, etangllng vline, huge treim and ebrebbery nuterpoed at evry trn, uli to loins their way tbrough oct and roeud lhere ,beronolloeo etnsl eulh a lhleb?ag and easrleg that Itmeemed tnovlaiale' a;

ees uln?e dl w. Islt ga'M _ ?ne r vh -I elim u ..e tweled_, fi t ws rseed'stle., rLt p rwilerually i- .t"he '_ e;keThf iwrgt a mir-e n of ?eit ? _ to. '105 «m »B.6nateFl .we do |b:" sOlad 10 db ih« bus aproeJ th lal ir l, wh to theell pioeIe o?r1 Kg Bparlei a efl., sim e which wa detpol y.ed b The warmiors. having basth met by theii. ient idto il the i ntrades i ltom hie dmeitaie li a lU, *gsa naif"lflut itele't . dol tai, d. e ertain dnot h4to retr tpobe wbu IsI *ot hive t eor tol bcarrye t hln t th causedr, whi t law i te pwoe ol Kar Bopmsauad trbe .aba?le iot the llore. int ., piaed e re.. was he leah o depoard by . le p amipto fathom thelo l t ratt ofir n?b. , .UIg, toives. delcitd t hec' had h te, y a as, ol. aced lhimo. . I .. Of th. SThb arrteor , blifeI buald et by theirY mInaliwe to kiell no% ntder rino»s hito donuaii'italr certal not 'to rtroN IOill :oh pllact s dthllmi, Ma uch tUo t t 1 ,ooh ve I leader WEtlbl WarrIors the ttlr Kend rest hir-iahe?l nre for 1 .tan . . to pi Isr wei tte iel, tell known teo &thooy, IIth ad ed vedm to themaU no dOpit r basing x three desperate individualso - , carty some of them down with thes1e ti6forela. t"at Wild bcn tcat hind flt in theti t lad Mr. Godkin and Tom to belle b hille rpary ad whe 1a1 o 1 re Positin.,lan that ntb. sdWOiior0»' to bke to fm tho IhI tfe nt llo hN iiiIIlveI. he bad fell the' ihln 4 od1y, , >>y i deeb, pileed hfiel it frt» of tlem. Thotim Bido lifwe llid thl pfMlay, hgit fll oee iguer not de?ired ti o'when be O ittirg to a ooneltio, ai As' Ald bor had dileoli rew, tr Itel I. plInr ao them,a math e It l csld bhel ta to ta ptsly o Apheb wMtr are rallin os ompAr ol Uailed Btete aMr odie o?e . tee prIlrlserofo thei Iot .e ': .... . ,Ae the ume Uloli rlis t h Iik oae tir ri rlg d . Ger t told h w turhotreoh , add A?i-, dird them mona forl i than sa.r to, I. aoo te Ieilovel, they 1d nodt an iotlr ly. thell diaQlOs . t e' ' :It bod banb prnto them thallt ey wi.e, obleuing three dl ate lidli lllr wihga woald einer il rrindler, nd wr ariN tbi i a»rrt comm of thBem down Witt thm,' htfor they ecorembed. . - The ap crillr oe the only Wll Mbi t Stil hgd bio .cnao tnred o thelit ront lad hI. GoAdilo nd Tom to' bTsllet" ,th. b hole piity kai Illpp?d atroald .y "aim poeilloe, end thit notbtig, thae?ore, e;. to he fernd foam the r o er. , , .he .Thet hie wu - r ed e wlar qslt ly e I? proved ia the mort tarhtUla masnrs . Tom Bradfoad plnogtu n og rr wnit lIl tbhe riour U bin oImndw ? , when.h e atepped pot a rolUll'nd e 'wb l th?r w hlim orward, so thal oily t, .thI* 'mi'ot inielt effnr did hoe pert »ih? ?frro ,I Ifui his huad IlliMMd ua ,e . , , IThee ip wsl stp w i rat. , M., il t, "h rpnacted e*red ahe tlei. ' . * 'AT her t very ietantl a brawny wulrlo' hurled hit jaw., IUl wtrh uiea tIOm'roe foril an unerrnsh e icorialy It the ihcgldtri, ad It lid. who Wa, eirve hylthe maos mane i i, ga Abhocr. a few mlnit belore,' thoulgh In one c-ne the movemet. wM inolhony, y . ed in lta other the revere. . A fi wII , thie javelln glidl a fe«w ifon , bov th ibholldlerI of thrl ld, i miellig Mr. Godk'Is laialt, iiotaat» .a , iy raminBe the «ttiletrrnwth.'' b. ... UnDartalrodl g wlha it ignlled;' Ciib Godlkin tarmed qcekly -ad brooleh hil '.' to a level, hut, before he h ?4ld maLe h? ': aim good, Tim had trned ed flung the;,' ilvelln with a power and abll aalt wo. aetoibiehln. Only one of the Wild Ml wee vielbil, b;t be qololy vlrfhed, by throwi niglm . ,«l( behind a MlrMdly bootle, ead, bid ho aot done e, ha would maat umledi, har fallen vicllm to one of bil own welpo. . ' Don't stop 1' slld Alhoeor, sitlg ebt» tomethln glu milul; 'ber li the wlatert; . a minute maoe ad we hill be .' ia fe Givleg no hed to their emies in th , ro, MLr. Godkin ad Tom prmr forwar d, taeeral atell, with *ouh udoer that, intu ad of beilg in th(be rer of thIr guIde, thqy pliaed abemeelvl at hie lid,: .I There wa urgent ned of haife,' Indeted. • for the crlill in the flight nd p4urltlnl.d ' oome. , C(10 an CoIm ) '