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Chapter NumberXXII.
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Full Date1888-09-14
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Newspaper TitleKyabram Union (Vic. : 1886 - 1894)
Trove TitleMy Plucky Boy Tom; or, Searching for Curiosities in India for My Show
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THE YOUNI -FOLKa"i mT PLUCoY BET TOE, *er oan volt o .IOUTIo , .x INDIA FOR MTSIIDW. m et Toa IasMtt etm XXIL---A m 8mem ?. The osde whitsh seshled lem Brded's I es e ed"we'i igh amteaty he won dadag of baptehe. Tl'eflrid "heegbt was that o of those feate?loydem s, msah u somettmmedervatate seeeoam of oa seeitey, ws sweephig through the jengs, earty6g demto and destaoioeo in tru his kdwldgeotlmdk mal dle limate ide him i seouid mot be th4 though the peaito4lm mutt beeqwmlygahet. *y B-ead.bye be met eg tbh beavy emenmm g a? .y tst, the ? eshng' of the dsbegoowth. 'amd "a load rmnaltuWd uo . twamp.tml whiobh te?he A rt time appetMd him ofthe mntro of Ine dse( r whbt be dis severei too e ?aM soeape by fligh A held edelephanns, in obediemse Iso ame wild hopelsl fur while he coald mot mscont, we' roemhtmgthegbre the jusln wih emime lmeded right and let oer a le spae, in the mllidl of, bl*l the s tmets led stood, at Sth iýii moietil of disovermlg his peril. l?erl of fort oa wn. Tom (and you know Lew lads of blWge mid equal him In that aeip ), tbheaes r was too lsse cr hblm to avoid ItI by resatg shead cc bemkwar4, tbdugh he Ielvewd to ama the attempt, si.em t weemrinia death to stay where be S11dkg Ste dlio.*e, lon anosd.: soak uisie' h6 me med gempsl g his trusty wtoii 161,b lowe'wred his bad.emm ush ai t esthale dodd go. He would het some met ameeeedlesl ezaIple for m's asidmstdeopite the fimrfol eloseme ofat te freneled herd, but tfat semed to be asliatlbim. One of those wiry vine, that are every wheret In ho tIroplol jungles, interposed n. seen sotr?i'hbi path, oalbhing him at lhe nkles ead thliowtog him forward on hbis handsi id knoe " :His aj. flw troma hi bands., but you may be sure tb?ths hold faet to hib prfes. Evai' In that Irihtfal moamew as he aterwaerd eelaread, bei reling thought was that e m tss r?ret the price, the he had been. sofolete?m as So Oeptere, for me. It'w, thi'plbok of the youth's which prI veated hi-n having recasnes tob retlge whlelhpionield Io save him., For ii bhe bad prung imong the over hanglng' limbs and drawn' bimsel upward the moment he understood hise danger, no. doubltedly he would have been out of rmch ot the- fesloas beasts before they reasbed thi' spot Wbsee se was standilg; but, to do Ihit he would have been forced to drop gon and moak6y. SBe wruld not hbve hesitated to part with his riflr for a time, but to let go the long cored pileo wedl be to hid good-bye to it forever, and so he hbld on. Tom sproung to his feet, as though bewsre made olrobher, naught up his weapon, mud, Iglanoeing to the lefl,saw - tbhatthe woars thing he emlld do wasee to'onolla bl Oflight, for not ootly would he be eisight amoag the wild suimals, but he wiL sore' to' dres attention to himelf 'by his flight, aend you know that nothing Is so tempting to pursuit es the sight of a flying person or animal. It was too late now to take to a tree, by dropplng the monkey, for at the best be aouln do, he would be within reeto of the snores of trunks, at the moment they ewept beneath bhi.' eo still fell a hope that he would esospe notice in the troange rush of the vaest herd, tearing so savagely through the jungle. Leaping to the nearest tree, he stood as close and uptight eas he oould, with hie back against Who trunk; which interposed like a shibleld betwseen him and the tumultoous torrent. Now, e yon o an well understand, it took Tom but a sccoond or two lo'bound to his feet, oatoh" p his gun, and run to the shelter of the frlendly, ree6 whloh"was only a few steps.distano; bot, brief as was the time; It gave him a fair eight.of one of the moot thrilling seenes on whioh he had ever looked. SIf it had been your fbrtuee, pr, rather, misfortune, to stand in front of the herd of panioe-trioken elephants whioh rushed from their wintdr quarters in Bridgeport, on the night of that uond.y in November last, when a quarter of as hour senfited to lay the place in ashes, you would have felt your blood tingle at the eight. t o Bot'thas whioh met the eyes of Tom Bradford in the Asiatio junglo was tien-fold more tcrrifying, for there must have been fully twenty elephants in flight, and every one of thm wasee wild. There ie nothing in the world that ls more violiou and dangeus and olls then an elephlont when he ohoomes to be so. Even in captivity they sometimeabecome so ugly that we have' to shoot them, as you very well know. These intelligent creatures would ' have ideillfled Tom Bradford the inDtant he started to ran across their path, and he would hsve been toeied about, trampled upon, and oevery bone in his body oruohed to a shapeless pulp. Doring the brief period which it took him to retah his refuge, the wild moneters were so close that he saw them as plainly as if thae were on the' open plain. To the right and left in front and far baok to the jungle, until the luterposing vegetation shut them from eight, swarmed the enormous beasts. They were coming at their highest speed, and it seemed a, it they would trample the very trees under their huge feet. Most of them swung their trunk, aloft, t umpetlog savagely, while others ew.yed fUom side so side, in a way that brought them in collision with eaoh other with the 'most plotoree?oue oonsequ-noes. One enormous follow reared on his hind feet. ae though he had-made up his mind to turn biped, but the experiment was unsatsl factory, since one of his companions a if in disgust, gave him a shove in the middle of hbi beak that cansed him to pitch forward end almost turn a somersault before he could right himself., ' Even when he did so, his ideas were mo onufused thathe Collided wt'h another of his comesadeo, and 'both rolled on the ground, breating dire confioston In their immedeiate neighbouriood. It wpe at the moment that Tom Bradford whilked behind the tree that he had observed this performance. There was something so groteqne and fesolartiog in the scaene, that, despite the danger, he peered around the trunk. Some of the el phoants threw their trunks over each other, poaling, striking, and trompeting wi:h such vigoor that there oould be no doubs they were fighting rather than pht probolels, with lie thousands upon thousands of museles, is ome sensitive that the besets must have suffered exrociataing pain. tuddenly a boll elphant, almost as tall as the larte respected sJambo, partly turned to chaetino a heaset that was annoying him; bat the momentum of hise body, under emuh headlong speed, bronghe him to grlef. SOne ot hil enormous Luks oaught opinstet C tree, whaicb, although shaken clear down among its roolse, proved stronger than he. Even amid that tertailo din and rush and roar, Tom Bradford hoard a craoholeg sound which he reoogofsed as the breaking of one of the tunke of the bull. Had there been aeny doubt, it was removed by the light of a long eurving bar of spiltered ivory whioh span twenty feet through the air, falling nenr the tree from which the Istad was furtively watohing the exhibition, whioblh aurpassed anything that the ereatesl show on earth has evero beer able to sfford. Tbohe most strtlling performsnce of all came within the same minute that witnessed the frarldring of the elephant's tosk. 'Ihe whirling aboul of the bull, who wes at the head of the herd, uaused a dlearrange. m'stoflb lioei e~as it may be.oallted, whioh plsyed the mlsahlef with halfI a dozen of the bulky animaels,

' JbiYbcf~ii'bl6larJ3.a. ", r awelale i7 peaers i ' s'eo taael came emease t mag a d 'atmo amtea -et thm u -ses I - hea iodna ball tombidI owr oa a he sde with bhs .tareed task. a oemmradie asmst me arhgw e am elste b?bi 'that ist was hlmplaohb foe him to ,loe M tarn sidse. Be theeloere attempted t Jump over the . promstrteleader. He would hav easerdet la sletaing the hardle had it rneoned gquafeeent as It oagbi to avei duoa bum the bll was so eagered. over hbs own mha; thI whm he me sw the majetle bulk rbii he t?ese up his trsck, eatoeig she fo* Legs of the waitl so violeuts that thei dolld auder hims andt bh rolled over head ine as oemplelsty as I sdicooley ever did. 11 meat bare jarred the beast prodialoosty. At the momeon ofl lta? g Ibis header, the smlmas w aso near the eee M ld which Tom Bradford was standing that his body emsebed t. . LteaUsing lhi peril, the youth drew back quickly, and stood n unpright as before. Tou will aunderessd how ose the tumbtting beats were to Tom, when I tell you that, while he meinotahin the erect portre behind the larb e tr'ak of the tree, he maw oe beside him the lbwrlig tail and ldIr lge of the overturned elephant, as he strove to rregait e iee f you wil admit be could not have been muh clese. Now all that I bave told yeou, a d Indeed mueh more, took place Ia aM.eedb of the she requiterd In ae reltiag. While the beast was stro~ glneg to his feet the others were eeamperfut by, and many 'o0 them were anisht in the joggle beyond. As yet none had paid any attentsa to Tom, sad be began to believe the bsrd would go by without ndtloeg him. His femar ws of ar been thel was elibing to hie feet withia arm's lrheth. se me he sold, sad that this a w as asile wa preve wlblM the Next few seonds. Had the' brute been at thb rear of the herd, Tom could have avoided diseovery by alIppi eslowly around the trask, so e to nlterpose It betwee bhnim sd his eeemy, but that wee not feaslble, hbeoose, I attempted, It would plaee his l tbs. way of the enmosbtag elephants on the other tide. .eo, be held bhi ples; the meakey on hie Ile arm sad reCduelygrasped, while the ever Ifathfal efie was ready'for Instst uose. In the branche abovebl him was the anther that had leaped thlther by means of the limbs intervening between that and the tree to wheih she brat took refsge. She was silent for a wonder, sethcrgh she deorstood :hat the cep:or of her little one was sekineg to oreserve It from harm. As lass the eapesed elephant get on hib feet. and took hib beatings.' He stood shlleet a moment, whbll the others were ruebleg by him, looloding the Ieader with the shattered lolk. mnd he was on the point of droppleg 1 irto the proeeifoa, when hie wieted eyes reited on Tom Bradford. The beast most have been, astoniabed at the sight of the yeuog man with the cow .r log, long nosed monkey and thbe loadedrifle, for he stood a flll minute looking as him without stirring a mnioe. " ' " You T an andes-tand the trlog position of Trem Bradford. He expeeled an attack from the hogs creature, wbfoh undoubtedly-was on the poeit more than once of asetlieg him. T'hentensl he took a step ftesward, Tom was piepaed to drop the monkey and send hie rifle-ball Into the skoll, jull above the base of the trunk,' where he know be Soould reach the seat of life as surely as ithe ° thrust a spear thronrh'the monstems' heart. It may have betn the elephant understood that the asanlt be contemplated was likely f to prove dangerous to himsell, for, after rasling alolt his trunk, as if to step forward and at Ike, he a hanged his mind, swung about, aed lumbered after the herd, of which ho formed the last. So the danger won paised, and Tom Brad. ford was sale.' ltemembetirg bis tripping over the vine, the youth cut a piece seversl yarda In length, and as pliable as so much twinb. ' I'll keep that ready to tie you whenever Ihave need for both arms,' wis his thought, as he started toward camp, the mother follow. in-olose behind as before,' ohattering; leap. ing about, and ready more than once to spring . at the eaptor. It was not yet d?rk when Tom, who pushed forward with all the haste be could, saw from bin nerroondings that he was near camp. r' I'll ecuro the monkey here,' he added, as Ie c:aeoe eloser, 'for the mother ltn't ouanint enough to release him, and then I'll go forward and have a talk with Mr. Gedkin before I let him know what a priza I have for Mr. DBarnm.' Tom had just fastened his eaptive to a eapllog with tie vico, when he weas trae fxedt by. a asream which he reoognised as that rof his friend, a scream so wild and despairing, that he knew he must be in the very extremity of peril; Bending forward, the lad was almost paralysed by the sight that grented him. W llae Mr. Godkin laty sleeping, an immese serpent hbd glided from the jungle, and coil. ing around hai body with inerediale quickness, wrapped him inextrioably in its folds beotre he realised the awful danger that had seined him. C apT~i'TXX(IIt.-WnAC fS TT T 'The loathsome snake which had wrapped itseof three timesearound the body of Mr. Godkin wah a of the toonariotor spesaes, as was shown by its method of attackting its victim. 8noh reptiles are not venomous, killing their prey by pressure, sliming them over with saliva, and the gradually swallowing them, alier whlch the rerpent lies dormant for several days,' While the process, of digoetion goes on. When the poor man opened hi' eyes, he was imprisoned a eonurely e If held in -a vyoe, his arms being forced so rigidly against his body that he could barely breathe. The frensied ery which escaped him was involuntary, and awoke the natives who were asleep near at hand. Instead of rushing to hie rescue, each of them was so terrifed that be dashed 'off, thinking only of esaoping a like ate. ' Seoveral feet of theserpent's neok and head were free, and oarving over, the -forked tongue of the reptile was darting bask and forth within a few inches of the man's face, as though he would toy with his victim, as a sat does with amouse, beforekilliog it. Again the wild try of Mr. Godkin rang throughthejengle, rousleng Tom Bradford from tbh spell which transfSxed him at the fArat sigheal tht'eapptlling sene. SKeep qote l'h e talled, running forward to within a few paqs.of bhil frilnd, 'nd: i'l finish bhim I' : The snaks Rave no heed o the new arrival as though feeling tseure nt one viotim, he cared nothiog for the intrernferee of anyone else. Droppnlg onone knee, Tom brought his rifle to his shoulder and aimed at the head arched over the white noface of the man, the songue still darting beck end forth, while, fortunately for Mr. Godkin and Tom, the horriald front of the 'reptilo remained stationary, like the spear of a warrior the moment before he launohbss it at his enomy. The next instant, the shearp oraok cf the rierascg throughtho jongle and the bullet parsed direotty through the head of 'the rnate,destroying both eyes and inflioting a mortal hurt. Even then there was danger that the reptile, In his agony, would ornesh his vietim to death, but instead ol doing so, he on. wound himself with ionrediblo quoicekness, darted blindly elf a half a dosen yards, where he threshed the undergrowth and leaves for a minteo or two. end thnse, aftler a few spasmodio twlithes of his body, wasa dead. ' ' ' S:rong and nervy s was Mr. Godkin, it is no discredit to him that, when Tom ruebed up, he found he had swooned away. Who of us could have stood soth a fear. flt ordeal as he was onalled to pass through I It's ail right I' tailed Tom, stooping over him and fanning hie faoe with his tap; ' the snake i dead and you are safe 1' The rian lowly opened his eyes, looked Ito dsazed sort of way, gasped, recoveOred him. self, and, slowly rising to a sitling polltre, asked, with a quaint wagesry" Did he bheak my plpel' No; il bere aengalde eo you, on the I ground; I don't think those oonstriotors are oThank oGod ' was the fervwnt exclama.

Itil. of M u Gtja s rwa, rete .oan,. OW dallveeanra i'c9 ele·ere4 In the nlsl '01 Js, 5arY ata Ujm, -realleg erwasdlos, now woame bwrrin bark. in held, sematoe W do ahot they o0 save teir h betlovd maste. But tht ckly.saw their ser?los not neaedd ad they gathered around to offer theai oO*,tatlat . *Hte gave me the oartesst bug I ever l ' was toe oi mness of the pe lemta.'. wrlh ? rose to hi feI ' I felt my ribs or when you les drives bu they are more then I soptensd.' Now thse the lurry eua over, h gtered aseeod U Ikhe deed serpent i it with wmaocd It was fully flflWt long, cad as thick as the leg el a mas L tge ams i wos, it was not big ea?og0s swallow a fulkgrown person, though U eaeily have hilled one; but tr is apieO Pthe coonlitor re cle that lb som tl undertakes to forc down is th?eoat an of suooh pwt that Ii not only fails l drgihitatn, botbriage aboutne its.ow by the et.rl. This Is another forcible illuitration of trnth that you should never *bite si;l c S than you on obew.' While t'o oompal y* were failclhtllU themselves over the happy lrsue ofl:'~ adventure, Tcn excuaed bimel'llf 's, oemeot anrd ,soo appeared with the I? long notred monkey, whichb had remslat euurety tied, despt the fretlo efifo?i Of mother to f-e it." ' Well, yru have captured a prie, lei . said the celtghted gentleman, waik's forward ard anspeoting the creature'; ' i - ore very reat, and I nver saw but o-ete:. ltels, sad he wam so high amoe?g thes Oith 'that oghi. oaJly a glimpse' . - ' I aever hbead ol them and did ?a not 'the r'ee found Imsf ho India.'. . lelaodec.thoe at' I ' bCttry i Y-"'., hiarnm be when :hid 1eesai . . Like recusb. however, some envloou 5 will declare he arwun d a fle tf eE ?h NS erreoureh and a good mano will belu?v SIt will be beud work to gel them the ocean sad itely home, but that li osie t whieh .rest be taken with brvelytbal.agw seed to Bar?hm.' Just then Jack sutteed an ezfolam1 S and, lockhin around, they caught sighe their rld friend Jed, approeahisg oa ?na horse. le had sade bhi.ouorna to Lucknow wuJih I the tiger kittens that woer d ered shtO friend of Mr. Qodkie, and waro now ,t Sgain, ready for duty. .. . e. .. ' . All smiled as they saw he hdu brougtl I portble bamboo cags with himt as thouhlte i expected to have some more ourloiitste Stake backe. Tom wa delighted, for ' it ti. I the very tehio toe oa u a oanveyaneo fo x t-ootke. ".. , aJed ws loud in his expreaslos of tmql . meat at the groteeqod.lookig creatmr, ar I though Ie, like the other setvan,'o?e Snative born, he had never seen one of i oreen~eoed eonkeoa, nor;: indeed;"h4 dbe, a vter heard of the animals . :".e. The little fellow looked so oomical _edt. Svrrycne of the bparty nret into vr3et Ia lacher . TeTe East Indian, like his brother of o. Amee slon race, is ot inclined to mirth ; allfour of the natives became as jolly 5LSO. I many echoolboys on a frolic. "Wha mado the yoanaeter look speolal t comlal to Tum was, that while its noe 'kue Slremedouely long, it was a deioded pa: in shape, turning up in front likeo a sleigl I runner, The nosesa of the father and mother were of 'the Roman order; - Toe creature aBv s pIsted from one to the oither, li?e a prize baby, each taking .sleolbal So,.re that il did not esoape, for no one aoddl fall to realise its great value. : Whilo' thou engaged, t he mothe was whisking back and forth and among the limbs and over the ground, clhee to the. group Inepetlng its offspringho Sbo wae ailent at flrea, iut she soon ae ntoooed her preouce ty her cries of anxiety for the fa te o hoe little ote. . n . eg I we don't pay any attention to her she. will become boldaer,' said Mr.Godkint ' and we ehall be able to scoop her in also. I» atv her to me,' he added, csrting '?'ldetoeg, gloane at the femcao, which at that waos nly a few paces if. With a view of helping the gentleman in hbi purpose, the rest hept their baoks toward-. the mother, and gave their whole attention to the little one, Mr. Godin pretending to. do the same, though he maintained a earlp. watmh of tle paoent. .. 'oulike atim bqueel a little,' he whisraerel Jed jnt throe hed it in his arms, and ha gave the tail a pinch that c?eed the, youngsteor to utter a' shrill 'soreami while 'at heuantl time itr made furioes efforts to get.: taway and ree ut its mother near by. - The latter forgot her fear in her solilcitude for her soo, and came o near ,that" Mr. Bodkin, by a eriddon dash, captured her without difficulty. Mother and rtilpring were placed IUthe cage in a twnliltiig, where they were so Sld: to be together that they curled up in each other's arme, oarlng, naught for all 'the world beidc, I am co gled we eeouredboth,' remarked Teotn ; ' for more than likely the little, one would batvo pined away 'and died if it was separated loung from its mother, while' it wotuld have.bhoken her heart to lose such•. promietng youth,' 'Yee. thl woold have mourned tenfold more tItan she would have grieved over the lose cf her huoeband, Monkey resemble, human beings in mere than one respect.'. * (Teo .P oo.necx.) .