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Newspaper TitleKyabram Union (Vic. : 1886 - 1894)
Trove TitleMy Plucky Boy Tom; or, Searching for Curiosities in India for My Show
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THE YOUNG FOLKS. MY PLUORKYBOY TOM,. , DB, BEAROBHING FOR CURIOITIES IN. INDIA FOR MYSHOW. i' B: P. T. BArnmL, OmArTER XX.-AN ArmE IN TeMa Bas. Nevertheleess. Tom sent the remaining ohorges from his pistol into the shaggy front i of hi. savage enemy, who stammed hie feet nd flirted hi. head in a way that showed he I felt the stinging bhrte. * I euppose.' sald the youth, ' that if I I coold keep it up long enougb, I could fill your body so fall of lead that you couldn't get over the ground very fast, and I might Sautron you, but I'm afraid it would Iake too long why don't you ome closer ' Suddenly a bright dm eantered the lad's brais. 'By .raoloane I'll try it ' he exolaimed, proceedlg to reload with much oare his pistol; ' it won't hurt me, Il It doesm't haur you, and there's a chane of winning.' Tom now made hib way very cauticolly to the lower liml, on whieh he had fBrst taken refuge. A hlver of dread ran through him, when, deepite his eare., he came within a hair of ?foing his balance, and fallaing to the ground, but he finally reached the perch In eafety. The nipplng shote added to the fory of the bhll, If io ca be considered poesible for euohb sa addition to be made, and he was frantic to reach hil tormentor. The purpose of the latter was to draw the beas cloeer to him-that in, within lmme. dlte range-and the poor fool knew no better than to walk into the trap with his When he obmeved the youth on the lower limb, and almost within reach, the bull emitted a bellow, which may be considered a cry of exaltatlon at the prospelt of sweet and speedy reveage, and trotted forward, baeltling direotly beneath the lad, as i uaying : ' That's right, young man ; hurry down where I can get juot one ehaene at you.' In asoerdance with the clever scheme Tom had formed, he now stretebed himself at fall length along the upper part of the braneb, whieb, am before, dipped considerably under hie wight. In hs eituation, he was no more than three feet above the buffalo, when he stood ereat, which you may be eure he now did. With a view of tantalsiblg him, Tom took of hie bat and wuang it almoal la the face of the animal, who bellowed with fury. Beplacing bil head.gear, the lad now reached downward with he riht hbnd, whibh. held his Smith and Weelon at fall scook and ready to go off on the lighteest preseeur of the trigger. RekOhing thus as far as be could, the muzzle of the weapon was within a foot of the bull's aose, and almost as close to his Sighting at the right eye, with a steady aim Tom Bradford pulled the trigger three timel in quick uoooeelo.o That did the buslnes. He was a gooed platolbshot, and with less than twety incohe between the muoral of his weapon and the target, you will agree that there wee so eaoncm for mteing hl aim, The eye of the buffalo was one of the vulnerable parts of the armour whiobh nature had given him, and, where a lingle pellet of lead would have been fatal, is is unneaessary to may that three did their work with molst beautiful effetiveness. The anlmal, with a rumbling bellow, stargered like a drunken person, sagged beak. ward a couple of paces, and them went down all in a heap, tourning upon one side with a snort, nod breathing out hib life at the moment he eeoured an easy postures. SCan it be posaible?' exclaimed Tom, still stretohed along the limb, and looking down at the huge maie, doubting the brilliant euocess of his stratagem. 'I really believe you are done for,' Ther wasee no call to remain lonaer in the rer; asine the buffalo was o dead as dead could be, so roam dropped llghtly from his perch, etriklog the ground within a couple of feet of hll viclim, and with a queer feeling that, after all, the bull might be playing 'poesum, wilh the purpose of turning the t?ble on him. Surveyng the moanster a mioule or two, the lad walked to where hie rife lay, and picking it up, he lost no time in reloading it, believing In the good old huntere' maxlm that the frt thing to be done after diseharglng yoor goo is to reload It. II now occured to my young friend that be ought to provide himself with some memento ofblie exploit in bringing down so formidable an animal as a buffalo bull, but It was difloult to select anything of an appropriate nature. ' Those borns would make a fnl ornament to place in the hallway of some friend'e bouse, for they are large and symmetrial ; but even if I could get them of the head, they would be. too heavy for me to carry. Hello I there's where myrfde bell struokthe top of the skull and glanoed off-' Tom stooped over to examine the spot where the ball had chlpped out a small freag ment of the flinty etrooture, and just then he received ia tartling shook. I have spoken several times of the Domm batlre head of the lon.noeed monkey family. The disposition whihob be howed to make mlschief he now earoled out in obharactereti fashion. Without any luspolon on the part of Tom of what was going ona, the monkey noiselessly descemnded from his perobh, and, runnlng out on the ver limb tbhat had mupported the lad, be dropped upon the- shoulders of the onasepiolous young man, and proceeded straightway to oea his sharp teeth sad elawe In the most vigorous style. If the boy had bad any doubt about the dangeroul vioiensee of the animal. It was removed the Instant when he felt his teeth penetrating through his hat and earpling his skull. The animal uttered shrill ories of rage, which were taken up sad repeated by the two in the limbs, who were evidently roud of the exploit of their kin. ' Confound you i' growled the lad, reach. ing one hand above his head, o as to seize his tormentor by the nape of the eoek. Thee, with a powerful wrenob, he yanked him from his perch and dng him a dosen feet away. But the monkey had 'eulleted for the war,' saod warl not to he beaten off Iin that fahblon. Diplayig hisb frightful teeth, he crouched on hi. baind lege,- ad hega hbppin 7tward hie ion with the purpose ofr mean8 sersWlrolL of him. But the respite, brief a it wa, gave Tom the ohanoce he regaqulred. Hie revolver had two ehergee left, and ddadinoiog to uee bh ridl he reerted to the weapon tat had stood him so well a few miaqtea beflore, and whibch did not fall him It war? no time to tiblnk of maory nor of the dietree that it would oesue a family to loee ite head. There war hbt one way of beating of his amalanlt, and that was by eootingl him. Whlob Is precielly whbat Tom did; the two bullete that he met into the odd-shared creature ending his career so auddenlt t?at no more meroiluol death muld have been pro. tidld. 'Plague on yoou.' multtered the lad, still umartlng from the. teeth of hi foe, ' ll you had lkept of my shoulder, I woalda't have hult yoo, but you brought your own faInte upon your head.' The widow and son of the victim 1id enot reaelise for a few miautes the ealamity chat had befallen them, They continued eabtterlg and lskippling about among the upper limbs, me thoogh njoyingl in proepee. live the vlaquish ofthe wretllch who invaded their domaInals. But when they saw that party pick up the limp form, sad, lookieg at at moment toe Is from him, a glimmerlng of the truth seemed to enter their heads. The fast that thbe old fellow submilted unrelletinRgly to ench treatment wrn proof that ha had lostll hble power to fct, and notbhing short of doeth could tke thae from bim. Down they came from the tree, and re. gardlsse of the prensnoe of rhe author of ahelr woes, they ran up to the figure ann blegan olawilg gently a it, girlog ulterano

at the same time to ench pitiful moans that a he heart of Tom was touhobed. (wallowing a lamp in his threat he leeked ympathiinly at the couple with a feling a Sslorrowinf woedr 8atht nature bead so r ordered things that the natural impules of ll animated ereation seems to be that of I indieting misery and suffring upon each t other But the stil moment the ruling passion asserted itself. Here was a fine eooance of souring two ol the moos valuable uurtiai..le in the world. He resolved to capture both. Stooping down he softly laid his goo on the ground, returned his pistol to its place, so as to leave his arms free, and than advneced cautiously upon the mourners who, if they saw him, paid no attention to his move monts When within a st.p or two he seddenly dari d forward and seised both by the back of the nook, one with eab hand. 'As long as he could hold them thus they were usable to do him any harm, since their teeth was all that was to be feared. He expseted that each would strurgle savagely and oaese him no little trouble, but to his earprise they offered but the weakeet relistl amoe imagleible. It seemed as if the mother and her off spring were so oversome by grief for the loes of their protector that the natural coombo tivenaes of their mature was removed for the time. CuarTma XII.-AasaYy. Tom Bradford had eartaloly seenred two extremely valuable prises in the way of euriostlres; but he foond himself in me awkward aitatle. On the preceding day, when be eapture the tige bittes, Mr. Oodkin relieved him of one so that it was o easy matter to oarry them to the hmt by the wayside, especially as they were able to avll themselvese of a well travelled highwaya but the walking was not only diouls through the jungle, but be was obliged to bear the burden of the mother and her ospring. beside whleh he must take his valuasle rifle with him. He was bal inelined to wail where he was and aell his friends to his help, but he feared the distane was too greatl for his volce to resach them, besides which he ran the rish of summoning some quarropeds whose presenee would be anything but welcome., I'll go it alone,' wea his charaoterietl? coesoaeion. He tooked the mother under his right arm the young one under bhi left, holding his rifle with tshe right head in front of him. I can manage it this way,' he coneluded, SIf bthey don't go to squirming, and if no other animals interfere. I dn's understand why my cap'ires are so wonderfolly docile; I'm afraid their oonduet is soo good to last.' But nothing was to be gained by waiting. and Tom started. He was so mobh interested in his primes that be did not notioe the direction be was following. At soy other time he would have guarded against thbis natral mistake, for the little pookel compass, wbish he always carried with bim, would have told bim when be was going astray i but, as I said, he was so absorbed in his prises that he started off on his supposed tramp to the camp, taking the eooure whioh presented itself as the right one without stopping to make asus of the matter. If you have ever tried to earry a water melon under elher arm, you will be able to form some idea of Tom's dilemma. So long as bi prisoners obhoes to remain doeile so long he would gel along quite well ; but i they took it into their heads to fight for their liberty-well, the situation would be bhanged for the worse. 'I suppose they are so sorrowful over the loss of the old gentleman that they can'e meditate on anything except bis virtues. Keep still there, confound you I' To his dismay the mother began squirm. log with a vigour that would not be qui 6t:d Instead of pushing forward, she slowly but surely edged backward. Tom pressed his elbrw agalne thiseideantil it seemed be would orosh her ribs or raoezr the breath from ber body; but that tio) added to her ardour. She had got so far back that she was able to plant her tore and hind paws againas hie body and arm. This, of course, gave her as immense advantage, thoogh the pressure on her neek was so poweriul that is odd seem as ifshe would choke. But while struggling she kept up a series of sries wbich rendered her offepring unessy He, however, remained comparatively moti?sless, though it was not to be expected that his meebkess would last. Tom stopped and let his rifle drop to the ground, so as to give more freedom to his acme. By this time it looked as if the monkey must either foree herself loose or shove hae head ff her shoulders. ibe was pushing and pulling bharder than ever, and, while she lad was strlving desperately to hold her fall, her head shot through the vye, and she leaped off among the bosbee at a speed whiab rendered any pursuit by Tom out of the quesoion, The charseter of the cries uttered by the mother now changed into what were u?n doubtedly meant for a call to her young one to follow her. At any rate, the latter accepted them as snoh, and began polling and togging with at enthuriuasm that was s eomial as It was unoomfortable. 'I'm boond to hold on to you,' mutterer the young bunter, maknlog matters sure by selsang the little felow with both bhnds. So, having made aure that the latter was secure, he ones more resumed his walk, as he supposed, Ia the direetlon f camp. That whlobh beoght to haveexpeoted, but whieh he did not expect, took place: thb, mother followed, keeping only a few yards behind, and ohaleting with Ise rigour than before. ' Her affertio will hold her at my heels utiiI reach camp,' was the conolusion of the boy; eand, when we arrive there, we wil ind some way of makilg a prisoner of her.' Theaftternoo was waning, and is seemed to him that he ought to be in the nelghbour. hood of the emp. ' Hallo l' he shouted, a loau as was In bls power, but the listening ear enaught no re. srponse. 'I suppose they're all snering like Ihe seven sleepers,' was the onmeluseon of the imps*rint lad; ' some folks eal sleep about Aler uodains a considerable dIsllnse forther, he Sldued in some more shouting with no better soeeua than befoo. ' Let them sleep a week if they weat to' he rowled; I lba''s ons l to hbm agan. I wish this sbhtterlig mother would bury her teeth in their pans, as that old fellow eamr so near dolig with me,' be added, s a slight stint reminaed him of the unpleasant atten timn reoelved from the old fellow. Up to thble time no suspoiioo had entered the head of Tom that he might be pursoing the wrong direstion; bt wbhen he had gon. a third of a mie furthlber, the truth essued uI pon him with a suddennese that fairly to.k Stook away his breath.b, ' Well, I' l be hsnged I' he muttered. aoming to a halt agand. ' What's thematter Switlh me t' Leaninog hsle gua agialst the neareet tree, and holdlng fast to the little monkey, whblh sltroggled only in a weak way, he drew one his poket eompas?" Oe glanoe woas enough to prove his lear well grounded. He had not travelled oaway iferomthe camp, but to ome side, so that at the Imoment of bhltlng, he weas probably a littl further from bhie friends than when be shot the boffslo ball, He would have esrel little for thIbs, but for I his esgernese to seoure the yoang lioa-nosed monkey, whiohb was beoomig restless sgain Tom was pretty well tired, tbot the plnoks fellow was not the one to give up in that Summonling his strength and enduranoe, after makoing sure of the ight courses he ostroh off at a more determined gait than before. By this time, the day wasn well.nigh one, and sinoe the twlgh the iighe warm reg onlo a very bshort, he f ared it would be fully dark before he soul:. rejoin his fries Lu, But Tomr edrsetnres for the day were by no means udeed. He bhad gone but a little way on bthe right eore, whoen the female suddenlv emitted suoh a startling sream tbat btho boy stopped short, keow?Ig thai

ome aetrardinary caum mst bhave pro. lUmed it. urting his affrighted gae in the direotion o the monkey, he aw her soampering In m.r i terror to the topmost boughs of a arge tree, where, within the rame mlnute, She lad prayd that he might have strength to follow her, in order to escape the new and ,ppalinag danger that had buat upon him. (TO -? CONTI?Ia .)