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Newspaper TitleKyabram Union (Vic. : 1886 - 1894)
Trove TitleMy Plucky Boy Tom; or, Searching for Curiosities in India for My Show
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TIHE YOGt FOLKS. D" i PL.U SY.B TOM; OSNil FORI OURiroSIIB IN INDIA FOR MvY8oW. Bx PT. Biamx M p xqZ:;-BuIrmxo BDI rraiTh£rilllH The crisis seemed to be at hand. Both Mr. (odekin nad:Tom Bradford raised their rifles and levelled them at the terrible tiger; wbishstood o0ly,& few. pacS oftappaelcnly caiititi psls;o[ miaia: a bound, diiesctly it the little bamboo strulure, whiobh, as thq man had asserted, oould have offered no more resistance to his lury than so much tisaue .ealaorileaping, the beast, like all of hi_ h iasdiwgeld eanlt on his legs, n astos'gethir his muoleel for Ae terriflo dlors tiha would bring him upon the defenders.. This premonitory movement was all they .-wUo watiltgilr.. The ilateat the long, graoeful body should sink toward the ground, the two would fire, trueting that E?Mgvls:wlOld l direst one of the bhlless a 'uee t hroogh the sentre of life and stay the betes, on the threshold, as may be said, of s-hi-s , oit lotlli.... . . i Bd'it iiguer did not loIr i bqoy, Sike t;'V " raest nterpriees thl "lo? Was S"u kedtll' by a'?in" lgoifloant" "oaiu." 'THis sharp eyes caught eight of the mangled cobra doubled up on the ground in front of him. 'H tmew itse nature; bat did not' know it * wr'dad. ''That strange iataitilne, whloh -w aalil ltneinet' warned him of the fatal reilil of a darting blow from that fearfil reptitle, and hbe drew back with a sddenness wllhb, unsder other circumstasnes, would have been ludiorous. Not only that, but he turned directly bout and trolted back to thejungle, whbtb- dl•I~apehred, _.... * WelUi'i that doesen't but anything I ever saw I' exclaimed Tom. - 'Yoa'kif iiwhat frightened him offl' I.A ded :oake,' S'Yee; when you shot him, you boilded better than you knew,' I, . oiilded well enough to save my life.' " Truly ; not once, out Swie ; but for hlim"' the tiger aseensedly *ould haver attasked os, and I need not tell you how slight our chance of edape wirould have been.A'e .,, ,About one in a hundred.' ' IIErtly thit? brit, ince 'the iroyl ?eugal has taken a little shy at us, we will give hal a torele to.morrow. "'Do yon really moai tht ' aseeked Torr, 'with eparkling eyes, for one of the-moes covoted treate e oounted upon enjoying in India was a tiger houte He was aware cf. the peeli attending esuh a venture, but you can ouderstand how it was that the ver) danger wasee its chief attraotion, ; TL;i we will ,arrange a. party toh bnt him l. morto in true style. , We can get a pouple of well.tirined elephants a , she viilJags 'and we will like along Jim,; and Jack; and Jo. - ' Tae thsee -individalel named' by 'Mr. LGodkin.-were the natives hired to 'beae lsham company. on ihis expedition., ' lhe) .reo all ltlnooe, and their right .-ntert ,wet iBktar Sing, Budso, and Kiael lio. You stee how awkward they srond on the lits olsa' ?ropeai, and so, merely for 'conioan. esee, our sleande gave them the handy ap pellations named. . I have already said that they were expllel eneed hunters, who received such liberal pi) from Mr. Godkin that they were anxious tc serve him ii 'every way possible.i -'The friend with whom they were epsninie thelitghe lvedon the boderse of the .vellage lere iban a mile dietans ; and, sinet the olephanl is so common In Iondia, my agent knew he would have no trouble in .eeoring any number of sham whenever he :desiied. d The events of the night, is yo' will admit, were' enough 'to shiae 'the nerves ooi eLe estrongest man, end: neilher Mr. Godkin nor :Tom'ilrtdcrd l oal the leaset dipoeitliontelhe' down for, more eleep. Oooviouad,that tLe tiger had taken his departure for'good," th'ji oaoenmoro came Ouooore, aaboh hold his leaded gun in haud, for in each a country us Iudia at is wlee to be prepared at 'ill ilmes for a hostile visit. Tie couple had'-been eeated but a fe: minuteOlin conveeratloo, whean Mr., todkic; diseatedt his eompatitoul' 'tt~itenios to tba g-owing light in the eatle.. . layligni i at hand,' he iddled,'ilnd you e Ire glaed Ia 'i i "one of the longest nlight I ever spent., I looked at my watch a few minutee ago, and saw that the sunwoulo soon risee. ~They stayed where they were a short time longer, andthen, rising. o their feet, flutg their blankets over their arms aend set ott i. the direction of the village, where they aod left their horses in eharge of Jim, Jack,.iann Jo, - -B'lefore our friends had gone half way'Io the village, day dawned, and all beeiglleseqialoatel another trying spelliof heat. Turning a bend in the highway, Mr. bodkin and Tom found themselvee within a short distanoe of the village. The instant they Were rpee, a crorwd of men, women, and "ehldren same running towaro -t.ip.ttelig the. most dismal walling and ' !,What doe thle meanr asked the wonder 'ig Tom., ' ?iome 'calamlity has befallen them Sriotihe'light theren is Jo--h will Inlorm ,Jo., who wasll the leading ervant, spoe DEnglhlih almost as. well as a Enropeao. leeing his masters, he ran forward to mess athOtP. SObh,ahlb I' slaid he, making an elaborate reald m 'great sorrow has come upon the ,' What is the trouble?' . -'The tiger, the tiger I He entered the 'village las night, ahiab, and seized a child right before its father and mother. We ran sIter the bease, shouting and throwing tornhee asi'him'but he headed as no ; he i gone with the child, and grsat is the grief of our friends over thelr lore, eahib.' Mr. Utodkla turned to Tom, You may depend upon it that was iba animal that paid uei isit aiset night.' It must have bee. aferhe earied off the shild.' " Likely it was the eame beset.' * And, sahib,', oonltnuald Jo,, fa eake bil Op of tihe villagers, and he died. . walsn' t the ame nsrpent that villteddo list nighei' rrmeIkcd Tom. DBo t wasl the same peeles. I don't knowihatwe wowuhld have been any ealor in be'villsge thnin lthe bamboo hut. hbe villagers oontlnoned .their li~enit. tlen., andl 'sought Mr. GodknaLid Tomi who? they eaW,'weres folly nrmed, to'ela 'the dreaded tiger, whioh-; thi?m oi poace, now that be had a taste of one of theii number, wr'By,.hit' time Jim and Jack elame:p;,'and they added their .lamsenlations to those ofc their frende. Witih some tron~ble, my agent eeoured an ecoounl of whrat had takeln plae during the night. The native who bed died ot the oobra'e bite was strioken early in the evening, bhut the appearance of the tigoer was an recent that To?uigig he svae mistaken In belteviog that it wee before he vtisoed them. Be muat have aome directly froem the hut and eeized There eoald be no doubt that it wat the amintiliLt, Ifr iwo of them rarely wdrk to near eaoh oherlit the mllner named, SBe oalm,' clled Mr. Godhio, iorgetting that only three or four of thosee who bheard him oould underaland his woeds; 'we ehall ,itibld Id trai?to0 'lhe':min:iettr t ne'have aome to lay hibi.' OnrLe XI.-Tr ¶lieo RtHUvTErle. The nnoounoement hat habo two luotecre had determined to kill the dreaded tgRer eaused enuh joy amopng thp hrerecs--wtlo 'qunkly gathered the m'eeitng frote thbeo who understood the words-thatthey secoed to Iorget" the' recent tiSit of the man'eater. iveo the father, and mother ol the captured boy flung their 'hande lnlt nd expreited their pleasnre at learning thai the neighbhorhood was to be rid of tihd T?tis neurre being sttlied upon, Godklo teaS ahbout tho tek witLbthe promp

therouighumes which marked everlthing h did. " - . The firest stepiwa for him and Tom to secure thef'anaorilne meal, a very easy tak a They'q ed., ,elts at. "lttle'ti et Is eaten during the ht laslo in India,' because of its beating nature, though at other times enormous quaatitee?o' beef, mntton, andgtmme ea consumed., SIn' one of the natives' hbatse the e peoditure of five anna-about fifteen cents -psoouredall the goat's milk and fruit shey eeded. r.. The ,villager wee so delighted over the preeCee: of two such mighty hbanters that had eome to slay the featful pest that he was unwillion to take payment, and would have been only too glad to provide his friends with, ll they wanted for nothing ; but Mo. Oodhin made theWte role of never aseeptina favoars Of that hind. ' .Bythe time our frlends had finished their morning meal (the enatom in Indea is to eat bus two meals a day, the seoond being lair in the afternoon), the servants had brought tie two elephan?s in front of the hat, whire' they awaited their riders. Both the animals were small, that of Tom being a female, and not moob larger than a good.eined ox ; Mr. Godkla'e was eomewha' saiter, hat both were eso low that eaeb peteso with a little help was able to climb upon the neck and enter the bowdab, or boxlike saddle, which li used in riding the beaets. The arrangement wee that Jo bhould aeeq?rpany Tom, while Jim was to ride with Mr. Godkin. Jack had alreary mounted thb pony of the gentleman, and placing himeelf at the head, seemed disposed to uume the lart of leader of the expedition. Each native carried a spear, though it would seen hat firearms would have been fsr more .ppropriate in the dangerousne enterprise. *A bolf dAsen natives begged the privilege of aecompanyiog the party on foot, thoogl they were likely to prove more of. en impediment than a help in the perilous baliness. Soh weas the Company that set out.ic hunt down the man-eater which had throwr the whole village in a state of consternation, which nothing but she death of the animal could remove. Leaving the little town, they headed to tba westward, which was toward that part of the jungle where the beset had been seen the evening before. ' Fully two score men, women, 'end children secompanied she part) some dietanee out on the road, but. tbhe turned back 'before coming in sight of.the bamboo but, and the company was left ol'the else already mentioned. If tbhe tiger I. gone very far" into the jangle,' said. .r. Godkln, whose" elephant was. walklng so close to that of Tom .that they could.readily converse, ' I doubt whether we shall be able to fores our animals aite him.' ;" ' hWhae' then shall be done 1' We must get the people to drive him out, or, if they refuee, we shall have to diimouen aod do ih ourselves.' ' I don't faney that part of the sport,' * More'than likely we shall And him along the edge of the jangle, in the 'alligrae whleh skirt it, though he may take a notice to dart in among the brees.' ' How about the beastle w are riding?' SThey have been in' the' bosines :beforr, and behaved themselves admirably,.thougb an elephadt will sometimes turn tail to e tiger and give him a wide berth.' ' I wouldn't be surprised it mine did that, for she ien'slmuch biggerabhn' a tiger him. ealt, ind can's be any kind of a matue for the one we are hunting.' ' Yoou see bow thoroughly Jo under stands her. Bbe" ie a 'very intelligent reature.' *And there ethe trouble-her intelligence may tell be t,l he 'wispe.t bing 0ha oan 'io s to lioon ,t beyond reaon of ''tb ' It noqP .ilmpoestb, but I am hopeful lhetboth wilPscqeit ttfimseives ore.iitablh. Ibhe conduct ofrad elephant,; howeve','do~is not depend on his size, and one three times ae large as mine la as likely to runan a smallet ne.'. ' . " Durieg the brief ride along the highway o. the book of the little elephant, Tom Bradford formed quite a fondness for her;.' She was 'shaggy, end ebowed a frolicsome dispositloo that would'b?have:' made'ithor': a pet with children' t onu oo. ., , She would tiot a few paeces in a way that shook the howdh.. dreadfully flehe knew it, aid that wae the reason why she did it. ' Jo affected great indignation, and would whack the brute over the head, or prick her eare with the point of his spear Then she became as meek as a child, and stopped so suddenly. that she lad received several vigorous bumps against the front of ti.a howdah before he could prepare himself fot he shoeok., - A tavourlit trick of here was to reach es far around and ovef her back as she could with ber trunk, a. if the wished to fondle her riders.. But Jo met all uebh demoostra. atone ; with a' blow from' his spear, whilb caused the pendulous snout so seek its. proper place. . The female gaveeon exhibition of play ful. neal which was, relished by all save she .lot m. One of the natives was trotting by the road aide, looking attentively ahead, for th)y were nearing the spot where it eas wise to increase 'their 'viglaone, wheh the basil moved up behind and seized him round the 'alft. The terrified fellow begin yelling and .ioking with might and main, while Jo banged hbl spear on the heed of she ereature and ordered her to release the man at ones; but the blows did not amount to anythiop, and the elephant was bound to have her fin, Bhe raieed the native as high in the air as she could, hit head pointing toward the ground and his feet toward the sky,. 'N1 wonder he was frightened, and his legs beat she air like a couple of drumeticks, while he swung his arms and called cut to Jo to saenve Im from death, Holding her victim thus for a few seconds, the female lowered him as gently as a feather, and deposited him on his feet again, without a hair of his head being harmed. Then she resumed her advance as seriously as though she had never thought of molest isg anyone'ln the world. 1Bosh Mr. Godkin and Tom laughed heartily, for the incident was most amuesig. 'I wonder whether hae will handle the tiger in that Istyle if she get ibe ohanre 2' eald the lad. ' lo fear of that, for thebs tiger will not permit ii; but abe is in capital apirite thil morning, nnd is bound to have her fun in spite of Jo and hie spearlthrlst.. However, thers it the hot on one sideand thebo jungle on the other, and the time for serioeus buOinees has arrived,' (yo ns rloemomn.) . Mr. Ruskin has returned to llndgate He has completed the tird volume, entlsed thebs "Grande Chartreuse"' of hi work ' Pr?m terits,"' Prine Alfred, eldest eon of the Duke of Edinborgh, is now being drilled by a serjeaont-major of the batialion quartered at Ooborg . Beporls to.hand from the" prinelpal groWerls point to'tbo oeolntural0n' that 'thi year'e orop oKentiseh ebenioc willbe abov'i the avrorse, ',A lEerlinoorreepondent heari from i good eoures.ahaPeinoe Alexander's betrothal to the Plicese Vietoria It poltponed' "ill 'the Greek kelende." .A new eAblie i sbout to be laid betoween Seotland and Ireland, extanding from White:o head, on the oounty Antrim side of Belfast Lougbh, to Portpetriek, The Sqb-Land Commleolonera at Limeriock helS jat' deided 18G appliostiona for the inig8 of ?fAir rensle. The averga oft the reducolnire we 25 per eont. Theydo things elibortolgy in India,' The new Vloerogal lodge at Bfimla i to ooett 12,000,000 ropeea. Two million rupee will bhe spenl on furnitorb alone,. Mre. Markham, of Roxby, "eleboteld her 108rd blrthday on Tuoreday, 21th May. Bhe anlked to bhurboh s. usual on the following Sunday, and appeared In excellent health, An? gnonyym?o.e Oc ql hae' sivnuee I,000, the DuLe ef Bedford'£ 00. mnd Mr; B:. L0 Reavan £600 toWrdls the'Plynchdhnlo Toung Men a Christian latilaltle lIn lgeat Isrut:I