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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1893-09-30
Page Number2
Word Count480
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Newspaper TitleEastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA : 1877 - 1927)
Trove TitleMaoriland Ho! Nature's Enchanting Wonder Isle. A Weird and Entrancing Romance
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Natures Enchanting

Wonder Isle.

A Weirdf and Entrancing




" Yea, whore my friend riBked his life to save a loir lulliftii from Tjeing lynched, who richly deserved it," broke id Fenton Howe, quickly, " Would you believo that this modern Bayard at the bridge stood nt bay against three score armed diggers, furious with anger find liquor, to save a wretch from his well merited de


"Nay, not that," stammered the other, blushing like a boy, " I-I could not stand by and see a fellow creature mass acred, lion-evcr much he might deserve


"Right, air. There is the ring of our true English breed in that," said the


'i'lie young girl turned her gaze upon Vano's tell-tale face. " All men would not hare acted BO bravely iiv the cause of humanity," eliesnid ia a low tone.

" PosBibly not," responded Vane, gravely. "Some men are rash and im petuous ; some value life and hold it street. To mai>v death comcs as a re


There was something in his tone rather than in the words which led Grace Wel don to regard bim earnestly. It was on ber tongue to teroaTk-" and do you not value lifi!?''- but the sadness on the handsome brnuzod face seemed to chill the sentence on her lips. Young as she was, instinctively she folt that there was « history in the life of this man which she had no right to seek lo read. Grace Wcldon, gentle, generous of nature, brave, noble of impulse, was at the age v when young girls are given a hero to wor ship, and hero was one r««.dv to niche in lier imagination and her heart.' For Fenton Howe, despite the idea that Vane's former life was a closed book to him, went on to relate how his comrade had rescued him from the grave, and had tended him with the patience and gentle ness of a woman. Temple Vane protested, and grew flushed and angry, until Major Weldon came to the rescue with a few kind words of welcome to both.

" I am very forgetful indeed, gentle men ; but come this way ; Teranga shall show you your quarters. By the time joa have made your toilet, dinner will be


When the host and his guests had gone, Grace Weldou remained still standing under the verandah, her eyes on the trees in the garden, but not seeing them, and unconsciously tapping her dainty boot with her ridiug whip. Finally the pretty red lips part into a smile. "Ah! he shall tell me who he is; I'm resolved to know." Then with au emphatic nod at the flowers, .he entered the house to see if Nita had recovered consciousness, and to despatch * »omnt for Dr. Craig, of the Peak.