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Chapter NumberVI
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Full Date1893-09-30
Page Number2
Word Count1093
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Newspaper TitleEastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA : 1877 - 1927)
Trove TitleMaoriland Ho! Nature's Enchanting Wonder Isle. A Weird and Entrancing Romance
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M&dime Bl»ie iru autod w toad Mta/ MKi to«hojraign« of nsturrttafe <f4»| In % tauUnft thood ihepMsidl)

home, tWjikluji of (thp. jokm^ left'^h"' .

"l fltWMft &«»/*» » «,.


It aoemed aa If eomt.vell remembered countenance beamed out upon me from the put, Wine I Vane! No, 1 can

recoil no name Jiko that.'*

It appeared as if the spirit of self con

werp upon thorn all to-day at ? -"Temple Vane, on being lfcft alone, rose and went deeper into the shade of the giajit katon trees, oat of view of the garden ana the house. He began pacing to and "« kMrexpreaaion full of trouble.

",r,?V1?t« «° '01>n I ' he muttered.

!ni adman 1 do r forget ao easily?

Stfttt iSh?member what 1 am r

l«^°IthBfte.£eople have received and i uTJ^l ! ma «» of, hot iW n » ,W°Md Jth0? if th«? kn«w

1° Woo<i «"hed intomyi Tk u tld my exPreBaion was I

tanihw f Thank heaven, that could not { Twi,disCtmlinUfid Wl re»tlesa walk. S . "liquid avoidant -i. thw, audi people. I-dwgrnoed

no *'£, here, I was not guilty, world would not judge bo. NO, rom the first I was condemned; flung outan outcast and a wanderer. I had

18onJe on- Well," drawing himself erect and taking a deep breath, - ? u? 'ler6> I oin leave when Hike ;

nothing keeps me ?"

"Was that quite true t"

k« . ?t0t j>e ^ett8rs of » young girl's beauty already begun to be foiled otraut !?"? t .ttoie rosy enough generally, thorn; destined to possess many a

- Feeling his absenoe might attract at tention, and now pretty well resolved in uw own mind respecting his future actions, he proceeded to find Fenton and Gttoe Weldon. It yu. SOme little time Odfora he succeeded. They were neither in the garden nor the orchid boas*.

He decided to go to the verandah nnd wait, when Kenton's voice fell on his tar almost by his aide. Glxncioc round he perceived that part of the hedge near which he stoodformed the back of an aroour, m which were his friend and

Owce Weldon. _ Howe wag leaning against the opening, looking down at his companion, who seated, had her face raised towards him, its expression rapt,

absorbed as she listened.

, A smile, bitter, yet sad, pasted over

temple Vanes feature*. .

-Jj i in^ee^'" thought J "what

nfled liad 1 to feat ?" v

He stopped, that sane tell tale blood rushing to his face. It was Miss Weldon wno was speaking.

. " A?"> ao wonder you feel grateful," i.u'ijl '?81''? Howe, ?.lam sure I ehould be. Iahoald hold my life al most at hie service who had done to much for me, iie is as brave and generous as

be looks, is he not?"

Temple Tans, though he knew not the purport of this conversation, felt that he was in . false position,, and therefore moved noiselessly away*

oh^t8 ®kept her word. .Sha had made Fenton Howe relate how

t"10® wscued him from the

jaws of death.

. Why did she ,feel glad at the recital of ;»e, story f Were the rosy fetters of A* love-god beginning to unfold her

pure^young life. Ail well, ehetara


JChere waa plenty of trouble for her, w>d for them all wi«i iheir patient. Poor nitaa awakening had been aucceeded by I. worse ^ymptoms, and brain fever was the I f? .r00^ Oraig, kuumotied hastily,

bu fee4<1 .'.en he aaw the sufferer. -Time and good nursing will do more - ®L?er °*ni" be eaid, gravely.

. The patient did not lick nurses. The itbree available for the task were ever at


SSeaawliile the evenings at PinefAlls were most pleasant, when the lamps were JKand the host'and hi* guests assembled m the roomy dining hall. Wondrous in deed, Uie scene from the verandah, with «» moonlight upon the ranges, the deen ravines, and the mountain peaks, that *himmer*d in the after glow, aa if en aowed «rith life and motion.

But more wondrous still the tales told ®y the chieftain. Te Hunna, of hia an cestors and their wtrfeods-the pagan rites and ceremonies that were yet per formed by many «f his people,

. At such time* conservation would merge into abort question* bv th« n>«t *mtil the Maori found iumwlf tte

of a listening cirele, who, though mostly


I One evening Te Honna Rave a practical

oW <Jual^'.£« the marvellous, which left a lasting impression npon one otitis auaienoe, sums of whom had been ?most antagonistic to hit view*. Thecon vereaUonturned upon magtc, and oocult

SbrS^ri, whTlUd Jiad fc dignified teaerte for tome time, 17#*,d!iVTn ^lto - ^iooBwlon, and de fended hut views with conauin mate ability U a lovely^ night, bnt warm, a£d ali , the windows of the apscious dining room

wide bpen, and the .partmenM well

! E¥e'. *og«l»W with All? Wftlooa, wiiQ| on this M*ro«d quat and .rational in bar demeanonr, wweaeated oppoeifce Te fiunna. Major , ViMoa. with Graee, Vase, and Howe,

I ^adMae®lsielboked hard atthe Maori

-Nhi that I am one of

: Mtfle Wth, she said ; "you will find me

» vary atiff neeked hetistio. and hud to [ convert to your viewa."

u^pr0" eT« «tadied the inbjeot,

.« ndmitt«d,ff£tli ajpolitelwir. I i-,should not tWok of rtudsinaft seri pnsly, any more th«n I ehould attempt to

®" PBVeb(i, are funed ior !belns the tnoatpwotibsapepple Onth* fM*3.the

j Vi np6'IM® understand your in preduiity, madaosi' f**ut lookatmes toerUm-no one doubts th« truth of the phenomena now. thoirgh fdr the time be »ng a orowd of oharlataha arose and cast

dfeoredit on what is sow universsliy ad tnitted to be one of the most 'inexplicable mysteries of the present,oay."

And here Stsjor Weld<jn* totoe aroee from tlje other aide ot the room. ''My good Te Hunna. mnnot you silence the female, battery by aome test ? Are thera any of us presant who you think would be particularly -sensitive to this strange fo»e,«aU it whatypulUce ?"

Ths Maori looked around him with* strange light gaining In his large blaok eyes. " Major weldon la certainly not|i fit subject for maffn^o influence ; tban his gaw paued over the tithe* tKree, Vsm. Howe, and Brady, untll lt fastentd itself finally on Hadatn Blste." Here he rose to his feet and added! "H Z tstatake not, yqu, madam, area fit subjecti' and de

cidedly a "aensitive "a* I Mil it," : {

"It Js not possible to find a rnore mat-!