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Chapter NumberXXVI
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Full Date1893-12-30
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Newspaper TitleEastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA : 1877 - 1927)
Trove TitleMaoriland Ho! Nature's Enchanting Wonder Isle. A Weird and Entrancing Romance
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Nature's Enchanting

Wonder Isle.

A Weird and Entrancing




*? Bow ?"

" I shot him through the head."

" What did you do with the weapon, Jocelyn 1"

" Placed it in his hand as if he had killed himself."

" But tliey will find the body, and-" " It is found already," lie interrupted in his raspy voice. " There has been an inquest ana a verdict."

" What verdict ?"

" Murder against some person or per sons unknown," he echoes.

" Then you are safe," she cried, clasp

ing her hands.

"Safe, Riah. Perhaps for a day ; per haps not for an hour. While the trail is yet faint, I hare decided to act. Listen I To-night I can command twenty thous and pounds in hard cosh within an hour. I will place the money at your disposal, end you can easily quit the colony by the fastest boat for Europe."

" And you, Jocelyn 1"

" I ? Oh, have no fear on my account. I shall find meanB to follow you very shortly."

" Why can we not go together ?" she asks, with glistening eyes.

" Because such a course would arouse suspicion, and suspicion means detec tion."

JtiahBarjew rests her head upon her hands in self commune, then she rises with a smile upon her gipsy face. "How little you meu know women," she Bays, approaching, and laying her slender fin gers ou his arm. " How little you know me, Jocelyn, if you think I would for a moment seriously hearken to .your pro position. Most men think women cow ards, and BO they are as a rule, but I am not one of them. A bull dog would face a lion and fight till his last breath left nun. But that is not courage ; it iB the dogs nature. Gentlemen bruise each other in boxing for the pleasure of the exercise; and any two laboring men would fight till one was blind or disabled for a wager of a_ few shillings. That is not courage-it is the custom of their class. True courage defies fate and cir cumstance. See here 1" and she drew forward her writing desk, which she un locked, and from some hidden recess took a email morocco case bound with golden clasps. ^ " This was a present of yours containing a diamond bracelet. Jocelyn, I have calculated the approach of this hour. Look, I have replaced the trinket with two phials filled with one of the most swift and deadly poisons known to modem chemists. Ah 1 you comprehend. Courage like ours can defy all the ills that flesh is heir to. We hold supreme

control ovor that which cowards fear.

Just now you said that sleep was mur dered. Here is a compound that should make you sleep well and peacefully, though all the gaping world stood by and jeered in mockery. As we have shared pleasures and dangers together, so share we this, which was the agreement be tween us if the worst should come."

41 It is coming, Riah, nearer and nearer," he muttered, with a gloomy, lowering face.

4i So be it, Jocelyn. There is your weapon to fight it,"she says, placing one of the phials-sealed, and stoppered with glasB-before him. Now, swear you will use it whon the worst has come."

He did not answer her, but took op the bottle and gazed at it curiously.

*' Swear 1" she echoed.

" If I use it, it must be soon-if not


" Swear, Jasper,"

" I swear," he cried, and he placed the phial in his breast pocket. " Riah," he said, suddenly, " if J find it necessary

to use your present, what is to become of you i

-There was a softening in the eyes, which were steadfastly fixed upon him as he asked the question. Jooelyn, do you not know that I shall live until I know you are no longer living," she re plies, plaoing the other bottle in her


Cold, selfish, and worldly ee the man was his egotism gave way to admiration at her steadfast bravery. He had never bestowed a backward glance upon the de votion, the self sacrifice, and fidelity this

beautiful woman had shown towards him throughout liis depraved career. But if such a thing as remorso could have a resting place in his bosom, he felt it now aa he saw the daring faith which shone on him from her eyes.

" All ia not lost yet," he says ; " theugh it ib well to be forearmed. If you will not go, Rt&h, I must-and (done. »ay, listen. Every hour will lessen my dunces of escape if I remain here. To . y?u®°1,aw? come by remaining be

fund 'or a time. Ooly a short time, cktr antt» To-night I will obtain for certain a cutter. I Know where there is one all ready provisioned for sea-a swift boat over one hundred tons burthen, and cap tamed by a man who will risk anything if

? u I?. J for it« I will go to one

of the FIJI inlands, where you cats join me bye and bye."

Iynt"Bdy0U W'" 8tart fc>-"Bl>t, Joce

""£yer ,th® .800ner the better. For months Iliave been ready for any emer

«nn21" f "* rllere to lay my hands on what money I require. A man can do anything with money."

m Tt6r®.®. knock at the door, and on"a tray mt° thB 100111 wiih B card

"trf u116', forth hi" >»nd for Folke* thereont 'a,,d ^

Tal'ka*?"16 gentIeman downstairs, good

" Yes."

"Oh, say I'm not well to-day ; ask

? him to call to-morrow.'1

The sleek waiting woman is about to retire when Riah beokons her to re


,, " Taska, show the gentleman into I

the sitting room. It may be business of importance which eannot bo put off," she says, quietly. "Now, who is your viuitor r ' she adds, when they are alone.

"A wan who gives himself the name of * Folkes, ostensibly an agent, but in reality a detective from the Titori Valley, kuon'n ni " the hawk," on account of his sharpness in hunting out criminals who are hiding from the law."

*rurl]At 04,1 he WBDt "ith y°u> Joce

" I ennno^sou Ijlifth. Purohanoe be l» looking for JorfS'yn Vnnliorougli, or the nisti who killed Allan Grange."

" Ah 1 I will see him," she replies, moving towards the door. " Stay here

till I return."