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Chapter NumberXII
Chapter TitleFENCING
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Full Date1893-10-28
Page Number2
Word Count1287
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Newspaper TitleEastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA : 1877 - 1927)
Trove TitleMaoriland Ho! Nature's Enchanting Wonder Isle. A Weird and Entrancing Romance
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No greater contriut oould be found tlian between thosu two men. Ttio one eager and watchitil as a lynx ; thooifcher cold, cureless and cynically indifferent.- , . " Better heir what you liave

repeated Mr Jocelyn. Alter allfciiQ whole business may not be,Worth inyrati-i gating." .. -- ' v;

" Your worship 'will think differently by trad byo " said Grange. ".

" Perhaps so, my friend ; but first! should like to know somotbing about yoursolf. By your own showing you have only just emerged from Pentridge, liow did you get there V ?

- " Jjtir stealing a racehorse, so my rptp-. - aerators Batd," replied the tramp, ' '. ^1

"Df coursB you-did not etcal tbe^ ani mal, friend.' "

" Ho," said Grange, uot appearing to heed 4he iArcasiu. "1 am^u olddTalry man-a sort of Useless commodity in "the Colonies. After a few ups and -dow^u l managed to get a billet «a oue Of tb<> grooms to Major tVeldan, i tioted sporlsi

man, who at that (time, owned soaleof the crackracefljof the dajr."_ . >.,<

" Do you meauMtjorWeldoodf Knfe-* . falls Station." .

" The aatae, -Sir, The msjoi had hi||

stud at Hawthorn, under the . care ptj, Harvey Thomas, hia trainer. .Befobtf.J that ihaSl been ^room I o Jncelyn-Vaur, borough, and having somehow gotiniieJ up with the trial of that gentleman,*

much as I was-obliged to give iuqst'jtigly:' evidence against him audhis'c^ntederiites, tlio ^fainer hesitated to eraploy/me/yj got« placj,-however, and myasueoislearS; was to^vatch ondwiirda gr&aa phesijittt nailed the Gatdiiiid, wluim Tliumasftas preparing for. the pap] Oae. oveuipg, tUree wouka before tpe great race, 1te

ceiled Vhote fr«in the trainer tobrmn; Die Cardinal over to FlomiiigUa). i obeyed. Ou jhe wad I was beset by three men, who dragged me fropi 'thB eiddli', unaetupitiad iuo with chloroform., lueetlaible, thuy uouveyud iue to, mi </t£ untenanted houso-an the Sj^ueyJSLoail be^bud Oobutg, where I was folia^by the.police...two' day* afternanda. 'I itold* my *UiVy,' but wai disbelievo4, 4wd aeut to gaol on "suspicion of having-6o}d *>r mode away .with tuychaige, Whiiel

in: .prison the heme was found bytho ' police. This was uCtertlieouphaai>eou tunfor. A jtuoa nun ed ©angeai**,'"». "Whose powessiou Cardinid'wasdwoosotixl,; *wora thatThsd eoW^hira theji ' '"" '



roifis *the' colony,

irons/' continued'tira«ge.,V>'.^^S;; without kith or.ktn-ttfrooum imy/ ' tibh,«o4iun,t

j»i£b mi: By degrees, hojrtrer.ifc


ojr. pipk sough ^ granite of the tnui'e fa<». .wltbu^irwQ.

nanioand tny liberty -away? *na jt, given^easaVAgepl^ui«,iu^iu^^<pu>f ot all shtipe «Jid likeneu oi anyi^Hi" humato, jfiain, «, ! *we»j; to. ^oUy^* do Withihe real face W the

hasplunsed we uito sucli jwaeiy;'' ,

A loud grunt from Jpoelyn* intwfaeiipr^ of wasent or dissent »t the«i>eftke^ j^ipl>t|

iionboouldssy. . ??

*'J!-had not been long

your wprehip, before! «ep^me ?[ with wy'old mssteri Jooel^n Tici^oiniug'b,' Somehow, by his clever %ay o£ r»okoi»inS' he tnahagod to oonvinoa mslliBt iiQ liM

So hand ia the ideath of h« -

ere in ilie: suine g^ig, }$n&<

feeling , his .way, %ith mo MUtlMitl^ «t. j H»t>-h.e proposed .* plwii iiiic«^pe from bouaiige., &oin6 of hU £ooad>'^ut .ide,' aud Mr V«nbOi»^h;^|tf>p^U»^:

to >. have <nime-.yecy fafthfal j frietfds(waniig«d to «eot«u> -mt Utttpmuyj appllaueea ainong«t; the vioinlty of the-quiiw.

»dvice of^Viubp^oHg^XiMrem^jtooIi' kbdpt oiy. ponon,, and '^wti -th^ wtp}y; to my;'Mil, s Thla helnjg: pushed; tuy fi-iwd

to«iie o/ the .'wardersftud_diMldsttd|^i>^ ilot. savo ini flxcpBt Ai* shaje SwUm

iimph I ?ji,insa {W:-#?* *V>

ay.\nthat tlmVl,Wi -Mr Jocetyti,

wiM never

V^Iiwoild^atotsay Moognition ®^wv;^i8 ;.tither, solemnly.

twenty.five will make no

»*4»::^i>;*.'(. _: ? .?;

bU Say ybU kDOw where this mau is SWesenttlme?.?

|: ' pfii ly«iu oome hero to give the infor l ci t'"Mto' sne bpcause I am a magis

V ??'-,. ' gptg^yi^'your.wpnbip. I wantyour 'p.Mptiiro tljis ,ni»n .andnoud hiio

-Id ? , PetttridRO," responds

^ ijiiij&lly, <at the fittine tiniu taking ttf»5odiio«'gp»j)etheforo liinu " If

^lircid Ulia VOU will find' Ihure is a

tortta 1ii» liautlj then rises and (joes id SlJWwwithit. \

j£tW;BswM»k ;

. Will be 'paid _oVet to any £&^^wbojAUl,gil»«J.i''f?'nii«iionlottdy

i^boVlUo capture of Joeislyii Vau

lljjh, who .ueciipod from-Pelitridge Undo Prisjn, Victoria, on the 8th

18-Description ; Bft* ^1U 5 '*!* coa-P1"*0" > f^Teyesjbluo . bas h method of italf cIOB

them when looKinjt at-anything ; irticroinent 'nose With scar on bridge ;

gsxid ; lost on©. fcootU on lift

hSfifr'iidai attout 30 jeara of ago; ap ipesrsydupger; address, gentlemanly. jfwbtHiation to be forwarded to the ^WoiLnjiaaiouer of l'olico, Melbourne."

Vvr' The ^Bacriptioii ib very minute ?"

toyvairi, glueing .from the paper

t<TlUB oouipauiou. *' Do^a it lit dw

original'?'' .

well, t tliiuk," responds the twtep.alsd risinjj Mud .confronting his cqtnpaoioa. VNqw, I don't want to bo p«tBuha:l, .bot does it not strike your wor ettpthatihis description might very well fw^OBreetf V"

plivJocelyn laid down the paper with

ofltfltiliretiQg the question. There was

alaiie -juirror opposite the spot^on which

hq stood, and he . stared reflectively into jjaswhile Grange took up the faded news 'pi ier.. ,

!i 'Sour Worship is about five feet ten in j*ti continued the tramp, turning bis Jo kirom the paragraph to tiie magistrate. .** fou are {air alto, and - have been ex pt imtntingon jour complexion with tit juice of betel-nut. Do not your eyes: an 1 nose tally'.exactly with those of the iti» aped Vanborough i Ah 1 yon smile. Yi ar worallip shows me where you have bsl Ac demist at work on that tooth,

ioh was luiasinu from the left upper «< aSof your mouth."

~ ? tr jocelyji still silent, cool, and con

fi&nt. Ho seemed to bavo no end of ad tgij stibn lor himself, as reflected by the


Itoppeari» very strange coincidence

tUt you %Uould bear sncli a etriKing ro ^erabluuce to the convict, docs it not T' iniilisiijie, presently, - " Is theri not

a mtamr tbfit aomeiascsl, tempted by the larVe7 reward hero oiTerod, might liave

yofr ^i'Otphip arrested oh suspicion (of

abdwly bv*inj^ the prison breaker.'

;; l^toi!" ' '?

S jjy friend," quolh the magistrate, ((%]/, you will (lever excel' in the art ^fTiptomacyi linve nian

Kgal.tb'de&l yuureelf aven* Rood band,

fS^ntoperly Breaking, Jl bold, life siuiply ai i iaiBe at caids. lint, dear aoul, al

havH cl6veriv-civen unto your

sSrktiaeeXif knavoi, you havo foolishly

ate tiwm. Ergo* you will, deal ityin if you desire to win^' '? ? ? " ''

'.^I^d^itahd. To be forewarned in

- position are fllways ioxx1 ?

arn£d»VBiu6ttliu clumsy luuehinatiouM ul

iinposter, irWiR oi'-liur

^SgSrmr a ihief, or a combtnatiun of jiS^mppads itbe inigUuate. J'Why; nitea^. boldly «tat you we in ue*i ot

-tW^ty or filly .'pounds, -nay, a liuudred, i JorliniXilattur of Uiat. I aw ricli, and, j wli|n' ihe wuJ«u seiMw me, I can i»o as

&ifw fool." j yahhorou^bi HilpUj

enesGnuigo, Burn- j ere,'Ahe ifaii' va^ted iiere. p if!

^lirerr m wlith^ W Veuderbilt jnd j

tl^e eotfers of the Aowi^dw1 uewr

SSnlgL 4pu «n *x-coiivict,

' ^ return from frhenco be oAffie

I jn thst dark jdep. to which

^(£^vises' you to first oatcu " ' -joii eat tt.: tfpw^on are j iMio fiine jsbUst iWe^ite'» ia ''^-"-yj.yvbn'*!*1 but a poor«

' I Uave iiaS ?> mr .3*etjW»".;. Mr;

in ipEueutial irieuda -it; r^y

on txf, I ifcdy, ivWtlbdPd aad

iXittver J>r * 'frietfd to|ielp yo(>..

to i *® l0Br» ^ ^Wbi»4WBlceK whoni4e rtwitwa liudsead-bapk to gaol; Whewl MiEed «nAstaken M tiie mad m>Hi *Wel»» K »

ghi' in prison or out

icvMup; i«oe 1, have Vieea jaifocd^i ip Biippoeipg _y»>« Jsibly be the ei^oniywt^aa

w{njriimlle otit A|*e I^iuk qulte.piiturM 'Ukounaer^w

mt i%»*t ike

"lEawtj i iny frionoi . #Md iM

ffttbe * toiir imti that you ore Ki.'^bdiotofii'.atiefempw

iffra^jSi^ckadB. 5'Well» ®