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Full Date1893-10-28
Page Number2
Word Count570
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Newspaper TitleEastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA : 1877 - 1927)
Trove TitleMaoriland Ho! Nature's Enchanting Wonder Isle. A Weird and Entrancing Romance
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- ^ 'jj

Nature's Enchanting

Wonder Isle.

A Weird and Entrancing

Romance, ? ',?


1'«No, Borgoiuit. Wlien 1 cmiprated to Australia, soon after llio Indira Mutiny, i snld tlio pension for a hundred pounds ycady cash to «u'e Iftaucs, a J o'w, in Bqnd .Si rui-t, London, by permission of the Hnrsti Guards. In Melbourno I had an idea that I should innke.a f-.rlune with iuy small capital, but lo 1 it vanished like a Will o' the Wisp."

" What did yon do ?" .

" "Oh, the Government provided mi! with a. billot soon afterwiirds,'' eaid Grange, with a short laugh. " A latnc ma.u has but a poor ctmiice for a living outside the wing <if the Civil Service."

" Vou wors in the Civil Service ? That should have been a good thing, com Ride."

.'Perhaps; however, I didn't liko it, and was very clad to-to resign," res ponded the ox-dragoon, with another

laugh. " It was in Victoria I first saw Mr Vail-I rnoun Mr Jocolyn."

".Where ?"

' " Iu Victoria," answered the other. " It is something liko five years ago since . Mr Jocelyn left Melbourne, but 1 knew

him again the moment I saw him lust iiipht."

The sergeant burst into a gruA Jaugh.

" You had belter wind what you are at," he said, after a pnuse. "Tncre it evidently s?me luistako. TJie J. P. lm« never seen Victoria. Ho came straight here from l'enzaiice, Cornwall, to super intend tho New Venture ^Conl Mine at Green Island, of which he ia part ow

ner.'' .

The tramp stares at tlio sergeant with just tbe shadow of a.doubt in bis mind ?s to Mr Jojelyn's identity."

" Mistakes are often made," lie says, presently, "audit is just likely I nuy

have made a blunder ia this case. I mean

to be certain about it, it you'll have tbe kindness to -show me wherohe is to be found."

'. All right, comrade, but let me warn yon cafefu!. Mr Jucelyn & s. hard,

stern fellow, and a magistrate to boot.? : Come with" i]}e to iny room,»and I'll try | and make you a trifle more pregeutable for your interview,"aud wheelingsuddeti* j ly about as if he had been practising the I

balance step," the old dragoon led hit companion up a narrow stair to a wide apartment sot out after <hd manner of a small barrack-room, and entoriug here with tbe tramp he closed the door. .

Sergeant Gunn's caution lo Jus new. found comrade with reference to Mr Jucelyunas cprtaipjygivenm good faith, for lio one name in WestlBnd stood so

high in public estimation'as that of Rtflph Jocelyp, Esq., J.P. Besides beiug a Magistrate he -was a meiuber «f the liorough Council: and President of the School Board.;. No gathering ior charit able purn^seswas complete without him, and his donation usually headedthe

Mr,Jocetyn, though muolisought after by the 4iite of Weatland, rarely visited' his heighboura, {Gleacourt excepted),

sud jn coufjequenoo rarely invited anyone] toSiradmere.

' It might be-aaid offcim that he was a bachelor,; and rich piejise him self in any caprice or v;him that ho fancied. HehM n luagiiiGoent residence,

Apofteof jflervan's, ai<d & housekeeper, who was devoted to his interests. fte ypnd these things the Outside world knew . ray little of Mr Jocelvn'a domestic