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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1893-09-16
Page Number2
Word Count1933
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleEastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA : 1877 - 1927)
Trove TitleMaoriland Ho! Nature's Enchanting Wonder Isle. A Weird and Entrancing Romance
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Nnlure's 15iiGlianting;|

Wniukr lele,

A WeieU B«tPftnelng|


Ill ,4tth( II 'IMWWHft

MMSt.. - L-i»

I'll VIM IM II. - I'iiMIM I II,

Mihu! »<r |m|i«» flMllli fliilfM M» 'lull I III! |»»HHifl llifll mmi *«a liml I'liiHMHiM llii' ihIwUMb «ii<iiiiifipriiiiHliHfe*Hfrt iir inm

" it tuliim! Mint ll« MniuM aeek la fatiw tt," Hn««; T!i«j li« WlflMlllltHl'll V«ne « IIH^UlrtF HlflHHellHl.h liii l<mis wfwH'Hi liftw'i tlreuM* mid hhmmi 'Mie)1 nil


What Iiid) ti« ttons» Of wlirt ejlmg liM lip iwcn unilifl. Wiw i«. muffler ? Tll» ttttlllgllt *M llt'FFltll'! I') l)» III# Inttum iMpml iif H huh #li»ii iM'fe iiiiiefl, Imri Hie ahniii (if «i*in H|mii film. , T" ll»« in ili» iwiii" ii'iit, in I'mi lath #i ninjutttB twlH ItWMllM1 fl»lf I list. llrtfl Mill

I Thw dimlil *«* In M««u wiirti limn ffiPtP imm In tlm mind of tlieeultured ftnna niiflllnlimmi.

what limn alwnlil lit! iln* film lilm

tnftirmnllmi t» Melhmirimf

" Ntil" 1'fitittH l»y (melt In hla eMr, H lljlit (tlarlna In lila i<|f«i, " Nut iiiln* Hit filler tn lie |iiilnl«d *1 lilm," Im mid. " Oi whatever lit* l*t> amity, 1e*Min>ifiir< get that fcVtta Iih w Im miiaail inn bask rrrnn ihd tlimaiinlit nt death u> 111*, Judge nut.. Mob* it,"

(Inc day when tlm vimna lSuatMunMi Imd grown well unit almiiK, "id while Hip Tilnrl VaIIiv runs with Mm anund of hummer onn |i1«k nnd mAdle, Vane flame ln(n the if lit where lila qoimm'Ib wm iira> jwrlng tint mid-day meat, wlih * pale fane .nd »at*naentiR gull.

" Vuul an III, dear Vain," orled his Iriend,

" No, Ijelmn wal qulnllx * mnmnnl,

and whrti ho had rn*twl tin aaid, " aliake hatlda, Howe, I'oftiiMe Iim mtiltad Up'ili V* M IMV."

fhs young dlganr alarfa nt lili mnto In nnrvnui nxalioinniii »llliiMit * wird In nplr, Inn i hurt annin ah ld«* lulolil* mind llml Vsne l« In nn« of lit* rnnod*

fur |i»mb nnd wa«ry ncmt.h* Ihnm twn m*n (»**. (imjjlu * niwii ilglii wtili for tun* fir K Dili's of linr Ufnu. Willi (Hal ftrcrlili hnpK, wlilnli kIvpi ui Imth «trennlli nnd (iniiiKyu to r<>M-auditor*, th«| Imd tnilod mcl nndnmd [irlv»llnn of

ordtmry kind. I> itneU «<da ttf

Hicin. «nd Mimd mid nlmut thum liad

found I lie tirvolmift uru alinmit without «n offurt. tint to tham, work m (My mlfflit, miooIIM caiiird to tooak «l

Foriuno tout aotiiu Ml loiiKih, liowavor, M Vmia Imd «Kid, »nd, innrovnr, h»d .honored tmr fnvtrn (it «U'jH vulunliln

«|u«niitf mid ipnillty on our t«ro friand* timtfrom haiiapfortli itisy need toil and

moll ami aUrva no inure,

Tliun Valid told hoar ho (tail found .

K nt tlia

of hla |ilok when ntioui In lenre work for dinner-* liugn luoi|i of uliidliitf gold, wlilcli Ux«d oil hlii «i run if Ih In ramnvo from ita bed. No oiin on thu livid know thatanehii trflnmim liml tmun unoarthi>d until tlia Hank ol Anaklnnd had ii aafe in their ptMMMaion. Nor »*? tliia all; ilia olaim which imd j'lold ri auoh a dupoalt of Un nrroluiw inttlal iniitt |iurfurou lie* valuablo mis, mid .» it wai *uld nt . good fururo, vviiiuli added to (wail llio loriunea af lucky Vntte «ntl hU comrade.

Wltliio n month limy hml dooidrd to la»vo the <li^iii|(i, and return nirain to a etriliaed Miln of uaiauniro. Until were quite Mtlaffrd with (lie!r experienoe on the Tilori Vnllny.

.' What a human hive it Ii," aiid Pen* Imt, ((laiicinit round at tin* *uutliinK erowd. ''TjiI, toil, toil, tritli.»ul reapltc, .. if gold clone could e curu iinpjii> Ufa*."

'Mill, it ia . fine I In flu In turn philoao* otter whnn tho *(<m» in fwitid," r<-a|nmd» Veiie, laiiihiiiit. " Aftur all inoni'y ii the great fotitli in thi«aj{!i. and thorn laa very C""' eactiii1 f»r llimti who Ihiw down and worahi|i It. Wlmt mil liu done hiiIi. out mniiiiy I Von nnd I, lluwn, without gold worn Niil'jovl to much privation and .iifTering- To-day tlie oaie ia rovrraed. Ergo! we are phlloiio|diara, and nre lifted wit of the Slough of iJiupond beoauao wo have aoine tiiouaandi of pounda at our


" (tentle, eynio.," eriea the other. WM It your lore of wealth wliioh kept you here herdinjt with theae wreteheR, many «f whom to my mind are e«aroely auporior to dumb brutoa."

" No," auawera Temple Vane in aaufc

dued tone. " Men of my temperament M««(do wine fcind of work for tnnirMul'e eaki«; tlie harder the better for me. I droed drifting back »)?tin to the idle ex ieterioe which mica in the faehiohable Vrorld. Work, work l« my ealration,"

Howo «mUri. *' I'm afraid the faahton able world would not be pleaaod if it beard yon, my friend. It liaa uaed you very ecurnly, no doubt."

Wrotiff, fir I Try again," eried Vane, good humouredly. "The world, fuahibti* able or otherwiee, uaea a man neither bet ter nor wone than he umi iiimeelf. In Aeed. a grrat teacher Inu likened mankind to a looking glaaa. Smile, and they give back a emile; frown, and a frown ia re turned t<> you with intereit.

They left the valley end look up their Abode at Tauranna, thirty inilea diatant, j>un-hawcf what they rcquirnd for tho jMHiee in the way of clothing, then ealled in the aid of a eolieitor to arrange their joint monetary attain.

TMiranga, oil the Bay of Plenty, la one .I the chief brniuty tpu'a ill th» whole of Maoriland, and here the two friend* apent aotne weokt, nhnutiiig, flailing, nnd lioal iag. It had appeared a mutual point between them that montion ahuuld not

IM made «t parting. Hitherto, tack of1 Money had been tho etrong link wliioh hound Vane and Fcnton Howe together. N»w they were wealthy. Vane, at lenit, expected that hia comrade would haaton hit return home again, bul Kenton Howe nemed in no hurry to depart.

On a certain lovely night after dinner, i aad while the pair enjoyed their eigara, Tewple Vane broke eilenco oil the aub jeot.

" When do you intend going home, my 4ear Howof he said,

I>ear Howe takea Che cberoot from bo Iween hla teeth and laugha.

" You want (o be rid of me, Vano ?" heauawera, preaently, with ju«t the ghoit «if rtPNaoh in Uie voice.

"I, not eo; only yon have nothing Mo* ia detain you in New Zealand."

" Baren't I, though. Do you forget wo promieed Te Uuuna,the friendly chief,, (u pig bunt with him on Thunday on tho rangee \ beiidet, I have really aomething to d« MI 1 leave thia laud of peaks and Hiafit mi im Tin" .

"A*t, (iolna It) l«ti§ lotne Mnnrl curio* (n tuuf hlfiiat In YutktMre, 1 »ut>po*«," »iflt # ilgh, " J _ "

" l'«rft»Ji«i' ttifHtfidw Hit we, after* iijiuiH; " fit Hit) way, did t ever mention li t-nli haWMf htuught with me a couple tit MleM of (iKwiuettoH (o otic Of two fdNilllil hetMilimiU when 1 Arrived from tiiHillln liet

5?*^? i

tin, I (tlfl Hot AWaftl of II,"

" Welti iucli It (lie fuel man ami; only 1 tiUHfm I ft!t eoft»ttal«ed to fifMPiil fliem wlille - while-"

" While yiitf wcrf port, eh 1" auggetle Van*,

" i?Ult in, I could titil (jo rn ilcahobitc (r) Hi# futopie whole iititict I li**o men tioned."

" You liAt-e Hot mnillofiod anf name* fell" mimVuMi liitmii|iiiiia,

fellow, li«t iiti! tee," «nd llutttt {umbl«K III the iwa*B* of hit iwi'lti'f hook, «U'I drawa forth two very

UHetert tttlMlttti.

11 full have heard of M >jur Weldon, of I'lHetallt," ho my*.

Temple Vanti alitrra, and lilt ftteo bo Home* \fty gfuvit nt lie rnhllct In a low liiiiOi " yea, I Iimvu limn tho nntiio. 'the Major li tie o*uir of Pinefnlli Bt* I loll, 1 bollgVfl,"

"Rftaetly, Te II untie fell* mo that ilia

homaitMtf in not more than a dny'* rldo tnm Ton#*'* Peak yonder, and Unit Pino fall* I*alovely place, and well worth a


Vane doei not r»ply Immediately, but lit* puffing at III* al|i«r and itArioK away aaawarn, fur It la a moonlight night par rwUrMti the loft clear canopy overhead naomur almoH ai day.

" Who are your friend* mentioned In (he other letter, llowe t" he a*kc, we*,

" Mijnr Oenrral Blr Oiorge Anliftirrt, of " tlluneourl" on the I'atea Itlver, rha eilate alftioat adjoint " Pinefttlla," and ((tern )*» -"

Ponton IIIIWA breake off miidmil)', for he iibi an awful pallor oonin <}ulckly Into the face of hi* friend. "Vane, you are III 1 What le It, dear frNid t" lie crlei,


"A li nothing," miiMer* Vmie, toiling h« cigar away, " 1 am not muelmf# anioker, and that weed f* a very bud one, thal'e all, You were aa; fiig

" i*iub linre, Vane," iriyi the young lingllahinaii, abruptly, laying hli hand on tlieotlier'a arm, aim wtilon nauaea lite frlnnd to look attentively at him. "Son here, old fellow, we have aullered mueti logathcr. you and I, and I feel J have ioiiiu right to know what makea you co moodly hetlmei without any apparent oauw, Jounot you trout ine ? I am a gentleman, and, mnreovar, I do nut re< quett you to oonflde In me, out of mere Idle ourfoiity, I mint remind you that you aaved iny life, and I am lunging to |wy my debt with intereat."

Temjiln Vanelauglm, " My dear Howe, you aro full of eroohet* to-night. Be lieve me, there'* nothing (lie matter be yond a lit of indignation. Melancholy uiutlly mark* me for her own, after din ner, ] fvol I air. not mueli of n com panion fur you at any time, but I have done my lieat not to bore you altogether when tlioit lit* ere upon mi. If, a* you eay I have done you a aerviee, yon can rupiiy me by having companion on an unfortunate dyepeptio by altogether Ignor ing Ilia odditis*."

" I will try, Vane," replica Howe, with an Impatient geilure " Out anaw«r me

one niieition-wvrnyouover in doubt f"

" About whom 9'r

" Any of your friend*, for inatano#.''

'. Malta the <]U"*tlon . penunal one, and aay Fenton llowo."

" Vory well, Vnr wampla-aay you had a doubt roipeelinit Pent on Howe

tliat lie wai not what he eeemed-*

aooundrel for fiutanee, or may be aome

tliins woraa."

" It ia not noiilblo I oould fanoy my friend n asnundrul." I

"Dut If you had a tormenting doubt that he waaf ori» the other In peraiitent


Temple Vane lurna hie pale face to ward) tli# epeakcr with a aHade of atir prUe In liia gravo eye*. " Doubt liaa alnln *om*of the noltlvil of roniikind," li« e iye, toftly, " The gluriou* intellect of the iinnioital BliakMpoare gutlierod all the force* of it* iwleiitiiowertoorenta a Dotdrmona, Why I To *how that tluuhl in the permit of the noble Moor, cruelly murdered her. Doubt ia one of the moat terrible weapon* in iha armory of tlm principle of evil. It dui. not kilt in fair and open conduot, but crawU like a midnight thief to it* victim. Had 1 * doulu rcapectiitg my friend, hi* action* ahould be both judge and jury, and he ehould atand or fall on theaa alone with me,"

"You are right, Vane, give me your hand," and ifentou llowe'a eye* are molit

with emotion.

Tliat nljdit Vane lay awake fermented with troubled thoughte, but the young Englishman alept well, aad dreaved of

the pig hunt on the morrow. ,