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Chapter NumberXV
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Newspaper TitleThe Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946)
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Chajttb XV.

So quickly didJenny, aided by her impetuous lover, effect the transfer, of her business, th&t she was oat of it before Christmas Ihjr. The basket maker's wife haA thip benefit of the holiday custom, and the ex-proprietors the pleasant cynBpiouSneas of having laboured successfully, inevery sense ofthe word.'andbelhffnowehtitledto that rest and recreatioa which only those who huve ^orked weUcin appreciate. They weteall glad tobefree. They had not/l&lited the severity of the cbnstantstrain uqtil ijt was removed/ and VrOnAered that peoplfe who could spend .their dayaasthey

pleased were not. more grateful for the privilege. .

" And now,**eaid Anthony, "I want you all to be my guests for Christmas. A friend has lent me hit yacht, and we will go for a anise wherever you like—inside the Bay or oniride--ftdOording to how yon afesuid lt.. Sarah ia looking thin—fche want* taking right out of litis air ; anil themptber will nottethe woiief<>r a^ blow, after tivii^nt ghf

the oven-mou'th s> Inw.

Teti Joeto Wing friend belike*. . t baveln^tedone of myo^^vw^S^^f^n#^* 10 "£no'r yon. Jenny, Is iadsy Idiitinonihismietif'&t' Toaditu'tvuttHriiitrf/' ' • ';5J'f

" Quite," she repliedt few 'tibe had been previdusly aoquainted with this plan for enabling him and her to enjoy long days together; and shes&tp work to pack forthe familywith her business-like promptitude) •'

"While thus engaged she was called into their tittle parlour to receive1 a. ?visit frqm Mr. Churchill. The old gentleman presented himself In Ids most benpVolent aspect, bearing a bouquet of flowers; and, while'litd; hardlyspeak for blushinggratitade, he asked her if she would give Undid msnafciak, and secured hfer doting affection for ever by that gracious

.''Andsoyou jare going to be my daughter," he said, patting her head.

..... . :

"J know J am nnworthyof him," murmured Jenny,

i' j$I — But then fathers are old Tools. ,

irinoeyonr lather s ueattt, my ubh-hiws wzui w is. Ana rm proud of my,

soon. The mote I think of it the more l approve of him.4 We had an ids*, of manyinghim to a lady of title, and making a great Veil of him ; but there—it's beat as it is. A good wife is above rabies, doesn't the Bible say ;

—something like it—a crown to her husband, eh! You'll make a good wife,'

I'll warrant, and, after all, that's the main thing." •

" I will indeed," declared Jenny, solemnly, " if love and trying can do it—though I shall never be good enough for him."

"Oh, he's not mi angel, any more than other men; I know that, though

. ; a A — v-— 1_«.

. : young

ladies go so mnch by appearances—his equal in all but money, which any. | body' can have, and no credit to him. Your father was"—she thought he was go^ng to say an " Eton boy," bathe spared her—" a true gentleman

dear,. ugright and honourable, the sort of man to breed good stock—if yoa*il excuse the phrase—the sort of blood one needn't be afraid to see in one's children's children. But there, 1 won't keep you. You are getting ready for your little trip! I wish you a happy Christmas, my dear, and a happy married life, you and him together, and—and—and I hope yoa'U look

9nme as-ypor father, my daar-r-^-" ;

' Emotion 'overpowered hum, and a second kiss, warmer than the first, concluded the interview. Jenny let him pu| of the house, and then ran upstairs to tell her anxiouB sister .that Anthony's father transcended the -winged seraphs for goodness. Aria Mr. Churchil] returned to Tootsk with a swelling breast, to keep a careful.silence towards his wife as to what he had been doing. For Maude had declared that nothing should ever induce her to recognise "that person^wbom'Tbny had chosen to pick out of the | gutter; and her outraged family i!betted her in thiaresolve.

The yacht sailed on Christmas Eve, with a party of seven in addition to the crew j and Jenqy had her first taste of the iasuqr that was thenceforth to be her portion. She found herself a little queen onboard. Mr. Danesbury was introduced to her at the gangway, and rendered a quiet homage that Maude and Lady Louisa, on the previous cruise, bad looked for at his hands in vain. Jarvis was there, in the capacity of cabin steward, and was called up to be introduced to her as ins future mistress; and Jarvis waited On her as only he could wait, antlcipitating bet little wants and wishes before she had time to form thejqri t'j^hadfdt'that| in the course of nature, he must have a mistress Somiifdayi J,if he! iri hW' present service; and, from a first ithpressidft <ffiat she' mi^hyhsi'^ been worse, he gradually adopted his master's view that she could haidly have been better,

iaad treated heir accordingly.

" The best servant in the country," Anthony said to her. " And f think we'll take him with ns on our travels . You'd find him fifty fimes more useful than a When we conje back qpd set up housekeeping, he is

i to be our butler."

Jenny smiled at the prospect,

"How absard it is!" she ejaculated. . ..

"I,don't see it," said Tony. ? ; *' I suppose not," she rejoined.

Lest unseasoned persons should hare their appetites interfered with, the yacht did not venture outside the Heads, hut cnused abont in quiet waters touching now and then at little pier^'Xpr dhe^rariation qfa shore ramble or a picnic in the scrub ; and it was an idyllic .timet Adam Danesbury and Sarah became great friends. She talked to him by the hour of the virtues of her belorjed sister, and he to bet of the equal excellencies of Miss Lennor; topics of interest that never palled upon them. Hrs- iiddon was happy' knitting a shawl for Jenny's Jtrou^ea^'''an4 losii^hereelf iri sensatioual novels, and getting," wrinkles," 'as' she,vcalled thejm, Horn the very swell cook, Who daily cbncocteddishesXHat' hhe'h&d never so much a9 heard of. If there was a fly in the sweet ointment of her satUfactaim, it lay in the fact that Joey was nbt taken motti-"1 notice .jot But Mr. Churchill was not interested in Joey, and had invited the friend on ^uipdse to relieve himself Of the obligation to take mnehnotice. The rotmg ipen had each other's company, together with totocco, bpoks, cards, che?3, and Jams to bring them cool drinks "When they were thifsty; what Wmld junior clerkB require pore? .Joey was a very good ,boy oq .this occasion, very Subdued and inoffensive', keeping alibis sWagget Wntit he ishbuld Return to the office to fell of bis doings and the high company hp had kept; and he was undeni ably a handsome youth, with the pioprtr bearfpg of a gentleman. But his sex was against him.. Crippled Sarah* wizened and Ballow, was infinitely mote interesting to the distinguished host. Between him and her a very

strong bond existed.

And, ashe had foreseen, the yachting arrangement was perfect for lovers on whose behalf every other member of tire party was minded to he unob trusive and discreet. What days were those that he and Jenny had together ta the first bloom of their&rartship 1VWJwt fresh sea-mornings, in which to feel young blood ooursing to the tune of the salt wind and the babble of

ia the tempered s on the lonely

companionship that grew daily fuller and deeper, and more and more intimate and satisfying 1 In the quiet evenings lour people sat down to whist round the lamp in the little cabin, and the fifth dozed over her knitting, so that the remaining two had the deck to themselves, and the romantic hours to revel in undisturbed. Then Tony smoked a little because Jenny wished it, and she leaned on his arm as they paoed to and fro; and they opened those aacred chambers of thought which are kept locked in the daytime, and acquainted each other ivith dim feelings and aspirations that expressed themselves in sympathetic silences

better than in speech.

ThusPlid theygrow together so closely that Jenny's wedding day came to her with no shock of change or fear. After the Christmas cruise he called fo see her nt all hours—to disturb her at her flying needlework, which she would elave at, in spite of himT-making ber own 'things to save expense, as if expense mattered; nightlytalring her down to St. hilaa for that blow on the pier whlcfli «tiH tefre«hed her more than anything. And very soon tiiev saw the mail-boat'©tone in—the very mail-boat m Which he had taken bertha for their wedding journey. As thfy watched her pasSing in thefaJling dusk, they recalled thnr first meeting m that place how very few mails bad arrived since then, and what stupendous things had hnpjwnpn in rhe interval,

" What a funk you wen in," sai^ Tony, laying his big hand orerthe small one on bis arm. " Poor little mite! You took me for a gay de vil valjna0 aixmtseekiagwbpm i mixhi;deyo»r, didn't you ? WJiat would you have thoqghtif you had knouna^nh4afo^wed ypa all the way—stalked you like

' '?» '

*M dlA,*w<cfcha*rt. ftsrasBnahpitflmitofoit.„

Wo«roa m

rmadetiroirihid I'd retoy herforthat goddtorn, and I haven t done it mt* IlkflhihDouuKne Miidlinliatf ,

"To go abroad

te tWa mustha«onir foo, *ndT<ra unbare only not if J™

«ytmriopeaAidiux.Shelasotml>etter. &e1p*deal Center thanjou are

r! And she miflit have been liit ®e

nwxn nun mm ;url Mother says she was a finer baby thw vfrS^dandl^tiiy1; but she had an accident that hurt her i Andeo allthe ameetotes of life bw been taken fromb«

to #«• -you money lor oewbonnete, to make jxm realise that

Httlefeetsm 1%. WJm Jenny, apd not on the cloud

fatrriU in ftheymiiftth^

Before sailing in March. •- Mtti WtssOU ; an<i

? tag, butlta* poUtdy inftamed that them "n ^auxsc'

kwss npgejnher oht^qr^-1

baggage at the $, u,e flareof Wtny a wedding that fills QgtaP")*waa like the a candle betare vtm%


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