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Full Date1866-05-02
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Newspaper TitleThe Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Trove TitleQueensland Rowdy Romances. No 1.
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William Henry G--ni.-" The Inevitable."


IT was about the smiling centre of n delight- ful winter's day when a narrow gauge railway, with Fitzg-bb-n in tho roar, might havo been seen wliistline ite way into the anlubrious camp of Bigge. Seated in a first-class enrriogo, with a blue ticket in his waistcoat pocket,' might havo been seen a massivo brow, which indicated geniuB, hidden by clustering locks of curling chesnut hair. Tho body, which was an ap- pendage to tho intellectual development, wos sylph-like, and could not havo weighed sixteen stone. In a moody manner, emorging from his carriage, ho strided with mnjestic gait into the conch of C-bb and Co. Tho sun had then got half-way up tho meridian, and tho coachman had become excited by copious draughts of


"Who art thou?" said tho Phaeton, as ho cracked his whi]) at the smoking flanks of his fiery footed steeds.

" Who am I," replied our hero, as ho shook his clustering locks in wrath down tho collar of his coat. " I am the Model Senator."

The coachman at once succumbed, and said "Most potent legislator, you moy go to blazes, ond may your optics bo everlastingly con-


The Modol Senator masticated tho end of reflection for a brief space, and said " William Honry hoB never failed to recogniso chivalry in , a foe. Let us be friends. The stern lowlandor

«ho wields the reins of power, together with tho Highland Muckonzie, who blows upon tho pipes-and he, also of tho Douglas clan, seeks my palronngo. Wo need not quarrel, and C-bb and Co. shall yet thrive, if thoy> refrain from caiTiing foo many babies in their vehicles."

The ncthor eye of tho driver WOB obsorrod softly to closo, ond ero tho sun hod dyod with golden tints tho western sky, William Honry had ploughed, with portentous boots, the ruddy soil of Ruthven-strcet, Too-whom-bah."


The Patriot (W. H. G.), tho Infuriated Squat-

ter (J. D. M'L-n), and tho Rabid Democrat (J. T-r).

Tho Patriot, otherwise known as tho Model Senator, alighted at that Mart where the wealth of Afric's shores and India is periodically sub- mitted to the mercenary contest of proprietors of property in the Western District. There, at periodical intervals, was to be seen tho gontle shepherd swearing upon his Pandering Pipes whilst ho took the llceccs from his golclon em- ployer, and there was to bo seen tho mercenary wretch who wrung the sweat from fho brow of Jordan's deluded victims nnd distilled it for the wool market at home. Also wore to be ob- served the autocrats of Wallan, Welltown, Callandoon, Tierryboo, Dulacca, and other fiends in human shape, who live upon the life

blood of their follow-creaf ures.

"What dost thou hero," said W. II. G.

" Our primitivo mission is picklos," said Wallan-" how much per bottle ?"

"The recipe is from tho manuscript of a diseased nobleman," said W. T. " Don't stick tho price on too' high. Between ourselves, H-rb-rt, I have boen confidentially informed, wns his grandfather."

" Impossible !" ejaculated tho Modern Senator, whilst his clustering locks stood on


There was a solemn pause, during which J. T-yl-r had his frowning forehead in a copious draught of beer, whilst J. M-cl-nn irritated IIÍB cuticle against a post, aud ejaculated benedic- tions on the family of Argyle.

» . ._OHAPTJBB.III. . ^_;

The Stewardship of the Model Senator.

Eoolining his placid brow upon bis democratic fist, tho Model Senator-having dismissed his unintelloctual collonguos, thus soliliquised : " And is it for this I havo wrought ! Have I surveyed Pimlico, Oholsea, Lambarooro, for no moro than this. To meet, and bo bounced by tho importations of Dr. Lang. Moro Highland Gillies ! And o'on tho circulator o' a medium who used, from Cecil Plains, to issuo flimsy

media for cash-o'on he deserts mo. Hore let | ino dio, but ero I do so tho vilo and wicked Rob-ns-n, of tho ilk T. G. and J. P,, also munt dio." !

Tho infuriated Sonator was about to depart with a rovolver, which would not go off, to fulfil his evil designs. But on the threshold of the door, ero ho had passed it-he romombored his uncle and foil fainting on tho floor. He took his passngo back by tho coach nott day, and determined tbo Legislature, by Act of Parlia-

ment, to sottlo how much mado a bushel of j wheat, and also how many beans mado five.-JD. D. Gazette, Moy 1.