Chapters in The Son of His Father

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Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904)
Common Title : The Son of His Father
Trove Title : The Son of His Father
Common Name : Oliphant, Mrs
Trove Name : Oliphant, Mrs.

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
1IWHEN HE WAS A CHILD.Saturday78188644160167146
2IIWHEN HE WAS A CHILD Saturday78188644160167135
3IIIHOW HE WAS TO BEGIN LIFE,Saturday148188645160167242
4IVJOHN'S CHOICE.Saturday148188645160167241
5VAN ADVENTURE.Saturday218188644160167687
6VIGRANDMAMMA TO THE BESCUE.Saturday218188645160167675
8VIIIA CALL FOR FAMILY.Saturday288188645160168031
9IXJOHN'S LETTER.Saturday49188644160168073
10XTHE REPLY.Saturday49188645160168075
11XITHE SHADOW OF DEATH.Saturday119188644160168633
13XIIIWHAT THE PARISH THOUGHT.Saturday189188646160168932
14XIVMR. SANDFORD'S DAUGHTER.Saturday189188646160168939
15XVA VISIT TO THE POUHDBY.Saturday259188645160169034
17XVIIMOTHER AND SON.Saturday210188645160169427
19XIXOUT IN THE WORLD.Saturday910188645160169766