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816894A Resident of the BushA Resident of the BushMaria Mildred; or, The Irish OrphanMaria Mildred; or, The Irish OrphanBathurst Free Press1848-03-251848-08-05
8213146A Sandalwood CutterPearce, JamesChips by a Sandalwood Cutter Chips by a Sandalwood Cutter Fremantle Herald1871-06-031878-01-05
8316881A SeafarerA SeafarerA Smuggler's LairA Smuggler's LairWestern Mail1889-06-081889-06-08
8417419A SeafarerA SeafarerAn Ocean WaifAn Ocean WaifArmidale Express1884-02-081884-02-08
8518966A SeafarerA SeafarerJem Burton's AdventureJem Burton's AdventureWestern Mail1889-04-271889-04-27
864995A South AustralianA South AustralianMona: A South Australian TaleMona: A South Australian TaleBunyip1896-01-101896-03-13
8712820A South AustralianA South AustralianRound the World. Notes of Travel in Out-of-the-Way PlacesRound the World: Notes of Travel in Out-of-the-Way PlacesAdelaide Advertiser1879-01-161879-09-18
8823503A South AustralianA South AustralianThe Escaped ConvictsThe Escaped ConvictsAdelaide Observer1868-05-091868-05-09
8923504A South AustralianA South AustralianA Slight MistakeA Slight MistakeAdelaide Observer1868-05-161868-05-16
9023505A South AustralianA South AustralianThe Torn LeafThe Torn LeafAdelaide Observer1868-05-231868-05-23
9123506A South AustralianA South AustralianThe Gold-FieldThe Gold-FieldAdelaide Observer1868-05-301868-05-30
9223507A South AustralianA South AustralianThe BushrangersThe BushrangersAdelaide Observer1868-06-061868-06-06
9313147A Sydney School GirlA Sydney School GirlBill. A School Girl's StoryBill. A School Girl's StoryBowral Free Press1899-02-181899-02-18
9420170A TravellerA TravellerRed GuilmontRed GuilmontFremantle Herald1881-10-291881-10-29
9518147A VictimA VictimDram-Drinking Mania. A Sequel to Morphia-ManiaDram-Drinking Mania. A Sequel to Morphia-ManiaMelbourne Punch1884-11-271884-11-27
967812A VolunteerA VolunteerFive Months on Active ServiceOn Active ServiceAustralian Town and Country1892-10-011892-10-08
9713148A VolunteerA VolunteerOn Active ServiceOn Active ServiceEvening News1892-10-071892-10-08
9824299A waifA waifOver the olivesOver the olivesArmidale Express1887-09-091887-09-09
9918761A WandererA WandererHow the Duke Was CaughtHow the Duke Was CaughtAdelaide Observer1897-06-051897-06-05
10022671A WandererA WandererWayside NoticesWayside NoticesPort Augusta Dispatch1881-10-211881-11-04