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#Trove IDPublication AuthorAuthorPublication TitleCommon TitleNewspaper TitleStart DateEnd Date 
123524UnattributedUnknownThe Love that LastsThe Love That LastsDawn(not set)(not set)
224920Ion L. IdriessIdriess, IonThe death sentenceThe death sentenceArmidale Express(not set)(not set)
324932Ion L. IdriessIdriess, IonThe white witchThe white witchArmidale Express(not set)(not set)
424972John PrimrosePrimrose, JohnThe Ghost of the Wicked AdmiralThe Ghost of the Wicked AdmiralSydney Mail(not set)(not set)
523829UnattributedRitaThe chest in the cornerThe chest in the cornerTasmanian1825-03-091825-03-30
615445Thompson, George (Esq.)Thompson, George Travels and Adventures in Southern AfricaTravels and Adventures in Southern AfricaSydney Monitor1828-09-011828-09-08
78147UnattributedCrowquill, AlfredEccentric TalesEccentric TalesLaunceston Advertiser1830-03-291830-04-19
8173UnattributedRitaThe Adventures of a RevolutionThe Adventures of a RevolutionSydney Gazette1832-04-171832-04-17
9174UnattributedRitaHereditary Honours: A Tale of Love and MysteryHereditary HonoursSydney Gazette1832-10-161832-10-16
10175UnattributedScott, MichaelTom Cringle's LogTom Cringle's LogSydney Gazette1832-11-271832-11-27
11172UnattributedRitaA Mysterious Visitation (From Love in the Library)Love in the LibrarySydney Gazette1835-08-291835-08-29
12181UnattributedWarren, SamuelPassages from the Diary of a late PhysicianPassages from the Diary of a late PhysicianSydney Gazette1838-02-101838-02-22
13177UnattributedDickens, CharlesPosthumous Papers of the Pickwick ClubPickwick PapersSydney Gazette1838-02-241838-09-11
14180UnattributedRitaI Can't Think How It Is?I Can't Think How It Is?Sydney Gazette1838-12-291839-01-01
15178ArcheusSterling, JohnLegendary Lore: Land and SeaLegendary Lore: Land and SeaSydney Gazette1839-01-241839-01-31
16183UnattributedWhite, JamesThe Murdering BankerThe Murdering BankerSydney Gazette1839-03-301839-04-09
176138Short, TimothyHailes, NathanielThe Life and Adventures of Toby FrundleThe Life and Adventures of Toby FrundleAdelaide Morning Chronicle1839-05-221839-06-26
1822074UnattributedUnknown2The Stranger's Tale; Or, The Chimney Corner of a Country InnThe Stranger's Tale; Or, The Chimney Corner of a Country InnSydney Gazette1840-03-031840-03-10
1920724UnattributedWhite, JamesThe Bellmanship - A True StoryThe Bellmanship - A True StoryAdelaide Chronicle1840-09-161840-09-23
20182UnattributedRitaThe Guerilla's Daughter: A Tale of SpainThe Guerilla's Daughter: A Tale of SpainSydney Gazette1840-12-051840-12-05