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123524UnattributedUnknownThe Love that LastsThe Love That LastsDawn(not set)(not set)
223829UnattributedRitaThe chest in the cornerThe chest in the cornerTasmanian1825-03-091825-03-30
315445Thompson, George (Esq.)Thompson, George Travels and Adventures in Southern AfricaTravels and Adventures in Southern AfricaSydney Monitor1828-09-011828-09-08
48147UnattributedCrowquill, AlfredEccentric TalesEccentric TalesLaunceston Advertiser1830-03-291830-04-19
5173UnattributedRitaThe Adventures of a RevolutionThe Adventures of a RevolutionSydney Gazette1832-04-171832-04-17
6174UnattributedRitaHereditary Honours: A Tale of Love and MysteryHereditary HonoursSydney Gazette1832-10-161832-10-16
7175UnattributedScott, MichaelTom Cringle's LogTom Cringle's LogSydney Gazette1832-11-271832-11-27
8172UnattributedRitaA Mysterious Visitation (From Love in the Library)Love in the LibrarySydney Gazette1835-08-291835-08-29
9181UnattributedWarren, SamuelPassages from the Diary of a late PhysicianPassages from the Diary of a late PhysicianSydney Gazette1838-02-101838-02-22
10177UnattributedDickens, CharlesPosthumous Papers of the Pickwick ClubPickwick PapersSydney Gazette1838-02-241838-09-11
11180UnattributedRitaI Can't Think How It Is?I Can't Think How It Is?Sydney Gazette1838-12-291839-01-01
12178ArcheusSterling, JohnLegendary Lore: Land and SeaLegendary Lore: Land and SeaSydney Gazette1839-01-241839-01-31
13183UnattributedWhite, JamesThe Murdering BankerThe Murdering BankerSydney Gazette1839-03-301839-04-09
146138Short, TimothyHailes, NathanielThe Life and Adventures of Toby FrundleThe Life and Adventures of Toby FrundleAdelaide Morning Chronicle1839-05-221839-06-26
1522074UnattributedUnknown2The Stranger's Tale; Or, The Chimney Corner of a Country InnThe Stranger's Tale; Or, The Chimney Corner of a Country InnSydney Gazette1840-03-031840-03-10
1620724UnattributedWhite, JamesThe Bellmanship - A True StoryThe Bellmanship - A True StoryAdelaide Chronicle1840-09-161840-09-23
17182UnattributedRitaThe Guerilla's Daughter: A Tale of SpainThe Guerilla's Daughter: A Tale of SpainSydney Gazette1840-12-051840-12-05
1819341UnattributedDickens, CharlesMaster Humphrey's ClockMaster Humphrey's ClockAdelaide Chronicle1841-01-061841-01-06
19184Hamilton, RobertHamilton, RobertEdith of GlengyleEdith of GlengyleSydney Gazette1841-03-061841-03-06
20856UnattributedDickens, CharlesMaster Humphrey's ClockMaster Humphrey's ClockSydney Chronicle1840-12-051841-10-26