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16113687Cooke, DuttonCooke, DuttonThe Key of the Iron Safe. A Mysterious CrimeThe Key of the Iron Safe. A Mysterious CrimeAdelaide Observer1889-01-121889-01-12
16213700Hoey, Mrs CashelHoey, Mrs Frances Cashel As Good as GoldAs Good as GoldAdelaide Observer1881-10-011881-10-08
16313731Crellin, H. N.Crellin, H. N.A Game of ChessA Game of ChessAdelaide Observer1894-12-221894-12-22
16413748Crow, OswaldCrow, OswaldThe Parson's Gift HorseThe Parson's Gift HorseAdelaide Observer1896-12-191896-12-19
16513755Curtis, Captain Charles A., USACurtis, Captain Charles A.,Captured by the NavajosCaptured by the NavajosAdelaide Observer1894-03-031894-04-07
16613771Davidson, Mrs Harriet MillerDavidson, Harriet MillerA Man of GeniusA Man of GeniusAdelaide Observer1872-01-061872-06-01
16713772Davidson, Mrs Harriet MillerDavidson, Harriet MillerSir Gilbert's ChildrenSir Gilbert's ChildrenAdelaide Observer1884-03-291884-06-28
16813778Davison, J. O.Davidson, J. O.Chan Ok; A Romance of the Eastern SeasChan Ok; A Romance of the Eastern SeasAdelaide Observer1891-09-261891-12-19
16913797Derwent, H.Martin, CatherineHow I Pawned My OpalsHow I Pawned My OpalsAdelaide Observer1881-12-241881-12-24
17013819Dillon, PatriciaDillon, PatriciaOlga. A Russian RomanceOlga. A Russian RomanceAdelaide Observer1898-08-131898-10-08
17113823Dixon, Ella HepworthDixon, Ella HepworthThe Luck of Jane ArmourThe Luck of Jane ArmourAdelaide Observer1895-12-211895-12-21
17213871Duncan, LindsayDuncan, LindsayA Sacrifice to Friendship. A Love StoryA Sacrifice to Friendship. A Love StoryAdelaide Observer1889-12-211889-12-21
17313872Duncan, LindsayDuncan, LindsayFor Mab. The Story of Two Christmas GiftsFor Mab. The Story of Two Christmas GiftsAdelaide Observer1883-12-221883-12-22
17413873Duncan, LindsayDuncan, LindsayMiss Dainty. A Story in Two ChaptersMiss Dainty. A Story in Two ChaptersAdelaide Observer1887-12-241887-12-24
17513874Duncan, LindsayDuncan, LindsaySnapdragon. A Christmas StorySnapdragon. A Christmas StoryAdelaide Observer1882-12-231882-12-23
17613875Duncan, LindsayDuncan, LindsayUp the RiverUp the RiverAdelaide Observer1884-12-201884-12-20
17713900Edgcombe, SibellaEdgecombe, Sibella B.Sold for Five PoundsSold for Five PoundsAdelaide Observer1883-12-221883-12-22
17813901Edgcome, Sibella B.Edgecombe, Sibella B.Sworn Within Hearing of the BellsSworn Within Hearing of the BellsAdelaide Observer1894-01-061894-01-06
17913902Edgcome, Sibella B.Edgecombe, Sibella B.The Bells' BlessingThe Bells' BlessingAdelaide Observer1884-12-201884-12-20
18013903Edgcome, Sibella B.Edgecombe, Sibella B.The Moujik's DaughterThe Moujik's DaughterAdelaide Observer1884-12-271884-12-27