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14113371Brabourne, Lord (E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen)Brabourne, Lord (E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen)The Captive QueenThe Captive QueenAdelaide Observer1886-12-041887-01-22
14213375Braddon, MissBraddon, M. E.Sons of FireSons of FireAdelaide Observer1895-02-021895-07-06
14313376Braddon, MissBraddon, M. E.Thou Art the ManThou Art the ManAdelaide Observer1894-01-061894-06-09
14413381Braddon, MissBraddon, M. E.Whose Was the Hand? Whose Was the Hand?Adelaide Observer1890-01-111890-06-14
14513461Burgin, G. B. and Coll, BennetBurgin, G. B. and Coll, BennetA Knight of the PavementA Knight of the PavementAdelaide Observer1898-01-151898-04-16
14613471Burton, Frederick R.Burton, Frederick R.The CamorraThe CamorraAdelaide Observer1891-10-031891-11-07
14713481C. E. S.C. E. S.Estella GravinaEstella GravinaAdelaide Observer1882-06-031882-06-03
14813483C. W. C.C. W. C.George Linton's EscapeGeorge Linton's EscapeAdelaide Observer1883-12-221883-12-22
14913484C. W. C.C. W. C.The Billycan of Gold. A Christmas StoryThe Billycan of Gold. A Christmas StoryAdelaide Observer1882-12-231882-12-23
15013489Caine, HallCaine, HallThe Bondman. A New SagaThe Bondman: A New SagaAdelaide Observer1889-08-241890-02-08
15113491Caine, HallCaine, HallThe Last ConfessionThe Last ConfessionAdelaide Observer1892-06-111892-06-18
15213525Campbell, Sir Gilbert E.Campbell, Sir GilbertThe Avenging Hand. A Series of Thrilling Detective StoriesThe Avenging Hand. A Series of Thrilling Detective StoriesAdelaide Observer1891-01-031891-05-23
15313534Carmichael, JenningsCarmichael, JenningsA Brown Little GirlA Brown Little GirlAdelaide Observer1897-02-271897-03-06
15413553Chadwick, DoraChadwick, DoraThe Golden Chain. Forged-Broken-ReunitedThe Golden Chain. Forged-Broken-ReunitedAdelaide Observer1884-12-201884-12-20
15513568ClaverleyClaverleyThe Legend of GlenpeanThe Legend of GlenpeanAdelaide Observer1887-03-191887-04-02
15613597Cleland, E. DavenportCleland, E. DavenportClarissa's LoverClarissa's LoverAdelaide Observer1886-12-251886-12-25
15713598Cleland, E. DavenportCleland, E. DavenportFrom Desk to Diggings, Or A Golden ChristmasFrom Desk to Diggings, Or A Golden ChristmasAdelaide Observer1887-12-241887-12-24
15813599Cleland, E. DavenportCleland, E. DavenportMiss Nomer's NonsenseMiss Nomer's NonsenseAdelaide Observer1888-12-221888-12-22
15913649Cobb, ThomasCobb, ThomasThe Disappearance of Mr Derwent: A MysteryThe Disappearance of Mr Derwent: A MysteryAdelaide Observer1894-06-161894-09-01
16013659Collins, MabelCollins, MabelThe Prettiest Woman in WarsawThe Prettiest Woman in WarsawAdelaide Observer1884-10-251885-03-14