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12113243B. F. L.B. F. L.An Adventure on the IceAn Adventure on the IceAdelaide Observer1885-10-171885-10-17
12213249Baldwin, JamesBaldwin, JamesThor's Journey to JotunhemThor's Journey to JotunhemAdelaide Observer1883-09-081883-09-22
12313251BannockburnBannockburnThe Flower of GattonsideThe Flower of GattonsideAdelaide Observer1897-11-061897-11-06
12413252Barak, MarcusBarak, MarcusGeorge Heath; or, The Laird of InvercairnGeorge Heath; or, The Laird of InvercairnAdelaide Observer1884-12-271884-12-27
12513253Barak, MarcusBarak, MarcusLost at La PerouseLost at La PerouseAdelaide Observer1885-01-101885-01-10
12613254Barak, MarcusBarak, MarcusMaryMaryAdelaide Observer1884-08-301884-09-06
12713255Barak, MarcusBarak, MarcusThe Black King's CurseThe Black King's CurseAdelaide Observer1884-08-091884-08-16
12813258Barr, Amelia E.Barr, Amelia E.Feet of Clay. A Domestic RomanceFeet of Clay. A Domestic RomanceAdelaide Observer1889-06-011889-08-17
12913259Barr, Amelia E.Barr, Amelia E.Paul and ChristinaPaul and ChristinaAdelaide Observer1887-09-031887-10-01
13013268Beaconsfield, Earl ofDisraeli, BenjaminEndymionEndymionAdelaide Observer1881-01-221881-09-24
13113270Becke, Louis and Jeffery, WalterBecke, Louis, and Jeffery, WalterThe Tapu of Banderah. A Tale of the South Seas.The Tapu of Banderah. A Tale of the South SeasAdelaide Observer1899-08-261899-09-02
13213288Besant, WalterBesant, WalterIn Deacon's OrdersIn Deacon's OrdersAdelaide Observer1892-05-141892-06-04
13313295Besant, Walter and Rice, JamesBesant, Walter and Rice, JamesAll Sorts and Conditions of Men. A NovelAll Sorts and Conditions of Men. A NovelAdelaide Observer1882-02-111882-10-28
13413315Black, WilliamBlack, WilliamStand Fast, Craig-Royston!Stand Fast, Craig Royston!Adelaide Observer1890-07-051890-12-27
13513321Blackburne, E. OwenBlackburne, E. OwensPoor Kitty Sloane! A True Irish StoryPoor Kitty Sloane! A True Irish StoryAdelaide Observer1883-12-221883-12-22
13613344Boothby, GuyBoothby, GuyIn Strange Company: A Story of Chili and the Southern Seas In Strange CompanyAdelaide Observer1894-10-271894-12-29
13713351Borlase, SkippBorlase, James SkippA Slip Between Two Oceans; Or, The Wreck of the Promised Land. A Tale of a Melbourne Bank FraudA Slip Between Two Oceans: The Wreck of the "Promised Land". A Tale of a Melbourne Bank FraudAdelaide Observer1891-11-281891-12-12
13813354Borlase, SkippBorlase, James SkippThe Overseer at Cooinda. A Tale of the Station, the Goldfields, and the BushThe Overseer at Cooinda. A Tale of the Station, the Goldfields, and the BushAdelaide Observer1891-12-191892-01-09
13913367Boyesen, H. H.Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth Big Hans and Little HansBig Hans and Little HansAdelaide Observer1886-03-131886-03-27
14013369Boyle, FrederickBoyle, FrederickWooing an AmazonWooing an AmazonAdelaide Observer1892-09-031892-09-17