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1611611UnattributedRitaJerry: A Sketch in SepiaJerry: A Sketch in SepiaWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1894-12-151894-12-15
1622192UnattributedUnknownCircumstantial Evidence; Or, The Missing PhotographCircumstantial Evidence; Or, The Missing PhotographWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1893-09-301893-09-30
1632395UnattributedStephens, Ann S.Sybil Chase; or The Gambler's WifeSybil Chase; or The Gambler's WifeWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1893-10-281893-12-23
1642398UnattributedRitaMeg ThredgoldMeg ThredgoldWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1896-09-121896-09-12
1652399UnattributedRitaBelow the BeltBelow the Belt, ButWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1898-12-101898-12-10
1662400UnattributedRitaJoan Fairbrother's AttractionJoan Fairbrother's AttractionWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1889-07-311889-07-31
1672401UnattributedRitaStudy from LifeStudy from LifeWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1884-12-241884-12-24
1682402Fenn, George ManvilleFenn, George ManvilleLady Florry's GemsLady Florry's GemsWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1895-01-121895-02-09
1692403UnattributedRitaAn Actor's Duel: In Five ChaptersA Palpable HitWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1895-03-161895-03-27
1703128SpectrumSpectrumA Mystery Solved. Detective StoryA Mystery Solved. Detective StoryWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1893-06-241893-09-16
1713296Dexter, IvanWright, James J.The Fatal Treasure: A Story of the Black ForestThe Fatal Treasure: A Story of the Black ForestWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1892-12-311893-05-13
1723357Lester, DoraRussell, DoraMajor Jack; or A Luckless MarriageAn Evil ReputationWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1888-09-081889-01-12
1733568Warden, FlorenceWarden, Florence The Mermaid at RyeThe Mermaid at RyeWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1896-09-051896-09-09
1743738Abell, H. F.Abell, H. F.Attray's WifeAttray's WifeWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1896-11-211896-12-02
1753739Allen, GrantAllen, GrantThe Great Ruby Robbery: A Detective StoryThe Great Ruby Robbery: A Detective StoryWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1895-01-191895-01-30
1763986UnattributedUnknownOne of the Submerged TenthOne of the Submerged TenthWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1911-05-201911-05-20
1774479UnattributedUnknownThe Frost that FailedThe Frost that FailedWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1911-01-281911-01-28
1784863Cameron, DonaldCameron, DonaldThe Valley of the ShadowThe Valley of the ShadowWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1881-12-241881-12-24
1794872Filberg, Carl A.Feilberg, CarlMy Mate's LocketMy Mate's LocketWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1881-12-241881-12-24
1805395UnattributedMatthews, R. E.A Witness for the Defence: In Three ChaptersA Witness for the DefenceWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1884-09-201884-09-24