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14110098Lashbroke, HoraceLashbroke, HoraceAn Unjust StewardAn Unjust StewardWilliamstown Chronicle1914-04-181914-11-28
14210242Sheldon, Mrs G.Sheldon, Mrs GeorgieWedded by Fate Wedded by Fate Williamstown Chronicle1912-02-101912-12-21
14310884Maxwell, HerbertMaxwell, HerbertThe Unclaimed MillionThe Unclaimed MillionWilliamstown Chronicle1910-03-191910-08-13
14410890Hunter, F. S.Hunter, F. S.For PearlsFor PearlsWilliamstown Chronicle1908-04-181908-12-26
14511082Shiel, M. P.Shiel, M. P.The Evil That Men DoThe Evil That Men DoWilliamstown Chronicle1906-12-291907-09-07
14611854UnattributedRitaA NovelA NovelWilliamstown Chronicle1877-03-171877-03-17
14711946UnattributedRitaAutobiography of a ProcrastinatorAutobiography of a ProcrastinatorWilliamstown Chronicle1860-09-081860-09-29
14813091G. B.G. B. Ashley Camp. An Australian StoryAshley Camp. An Australian StoryWilliamstown Chronicle1883-09-081884-01-12
14913149A WilliamstonianA WilliamstonianKittyKittyWilliamstown Chronicle1880-09-181880-09-18
15015795Rochefort, Major AlfredCalhoun, Alfred RochefortOnly a Mechanic; or, The Trials of a Working Man. A Story of To-DayOnly a Mechanic or, The Trials of a Working Man. A Story of To-DayWilliamstown Chronicle1887-02-191887-07-30
15115885UnattributedRitaYuba Bill's Unsought Revenge: A New South Wales YarnYuba Bill's Unsought Revenge: A New South Wales YarnWilliamstown Chronicle1896-06-131896-06-20
15219161WandererWandererLondon of To-dayLondon of To-dayWilliamstown Chronicle1890-11-081890-11-08
15321916UnattributedUnknown2The Second Book of Chronicles. The Great Feast of the Noprinciple PartyThe Second Book of Chronicles. The Great Feast of the Noprinciple PartyWilliamstown Chronicle1877-06-161877-06-23
15423196Gray, Captain EastGray, Captain EastGenerous Jealousy. A Christmas Love StoryGenerous Jealousy. A Christmas Love StoryWilliamstown Chronicle1901-12-211901-12-21
15524724Cronin, BernardCronin, BernardThe Lost LodeThe Lost LodeWestralian Worker 1933-01-061933-03-31
1561089UnattributedRitaBetween Two StoolsBetween Two StoolsWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1884-10-041888-03-17
1571239Westbury, AthaWestbury, AthaFifty Lashes: A Maori War IncidentFifty LashesWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1892-01-301892-01-30
1581246Westbury, AthaWestbury, AthaFernbrook's Double: A Romance of MaorilandThe Shadow of Hilton FernbrookWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1892-05-211892-10-08
1591250UnattributedRitaA Dead LetterA Dead LetterWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1892-10-151892-10-15
1601256UnattributedRitaThe Shah's DaughterThe Shah's DaughterWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1893-07-221893-07-22