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1815881Denison, Mrs Mary A.Denison, Mary A.A Late Repentance; or The Little White HandA Late Repentance; or The Little White HandWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1888-04-071888-06-16
1825885An Old ContributorAn Old ContributorA Gilded Bait; or Kin But Less Than KindA Gilded Bait; or Kin But Less than KindWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1888-06-231888-07-14
1835891A. D. N.A. D. N.Mignon; or, Playing with FireMignon; or, Playing with FireWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1889-01-261892-03-12
1846409De Borring, A. C.De Borring, A. C.Once Again; or Our Amateur TheatricalsOnce Again; or Our Amateur TheatricalsWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1892-02-061892-02-13
1856414UnattributedHodgkinson, W. O.The Last ChapterThe Last ChapterWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1890-12-241890-12-24
1866563Hamilton, KennethHamilton, KennethWho is He? Or, The Indian Mahatma in Australia. An Australian Story of the Natural & SupernaturalWho is He? Or, The Indian Mahatma in Australia. An Australian Story of the Natural & SupernaturalWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1894-05-191894-05-19
1876789Lewis, AngeloLewis, AngeloA Bottle of MadeiraA Bottle of MadeiraWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1895-08-171895-08-21
1887541J. L. N.J. L. N.Friends; or A Double TrialFriends; or A Double TrialWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1888-07-281888-09-01
1898106Urner, Nathan D.Urner, Nathan D.Link by Link; Or, The Chain of Evidence: A Great Detective StoryLink by Link; Or, The Chain of Evidence: A Great Detective StoryWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1894-07-141894-09-15
1908379Johnstone, David L.Johnstone, David LawsonAn Unauthorised InterventionAn Unauthorised InterventionWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1895-09-071895-09-21
1918427Dingoe, BrabazonDingoe, BrabazonThe Experiences of a LoaferThe Experiences of a LoaferWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1875-10-161875-11-13
1928428Sans CulottesSans CulottesA Thorough ScoundrelA Thorough ScoundrelWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1880-10-161880-10-30
1938429Brydan, H. A.Bryden, H. A.The Mahalapsi DiamondThe Mahalapsi DiamondWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1896-10-101896-10-21
1948430Bain, RobertBain, RobertThe Green-Cub Mine: A West Australian StoryThe Green-Cub Mine: A West Australian StoryWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1896-10-241896-10-24
1958434Mackie, JohnMackie, JohnPaddy's WifePaddy's WifeWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1896-12-251896-12-25
1968436Graves, Helen Forrest Comfort, Lucy RandallThe Intercepted LetterThe Intercepted Letter 2Western Star and Roma Advertiser1888-06-301888-06-30
1978438UnattributedBlake, PaulA Study from the LifeA Study from the LifeWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1884-12-201884-12-20
1988439Leigh, R. J.Leigh, R. J.Wheels Within and Wheels WithoutWheels Within and Wheels WithoutWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1885-01-071885-01-21
1998440Lowry, H. W.Lowry, H. DThe Two HighwaymenThe Two HighwaymenWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1895-04-031895-04-03
2008480MosesMosesThe Band of Conspirators. A NovelThe Band of Conspirators. A NovelWestern Star and Roma Advertiser1886-02-131886-02-13