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123150UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterDr Longhurst’s Mistake Dr Longhurst’s Mistake Weekly Examiner 1875-01-021875-01-16
223148UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterDurrage HouseDurrage HouseWeekly Examiner 1875-07-031875-07-03
31178UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterRuth Morven: A Christmas StoryRuth Morven: A Christmas StoryLaunceston Examiner1875-12-251875-12-25
423154UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterHerbert Howard Herbert Howard Weekly Examiner 1876-04-151876-04-15
523156UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterWho Was She? A Christmas StoryWho Was She? A Christmas StoryWeekly Examiner 1876-12-231876-12-23
623149UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterThe Wreck of a LifeThe Wreck of a LifeWeekly Examiner 1877-03-031877-03-03
723155UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterThe Midnight Voice The Midnight Voice Weekly Examiner 1877-09-081877-09-08
822943UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterFour Scenes in a Life Four Scenes in a Life Launceston Examiner1877-12-221877-12-22
923152UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterRachel Temple Rachel Temple Weekly Examiner 1878-01-191878-01-19
1023153UnattributedNottage, John SilvesterLomond’s Well Lomond’s Well Weekly Examiner 1878-11-091878-11-09
115735Nottage, JohnNottage, John SilvesterHalf a Century AgoHalf a Century AgoLaunceston Examiner1880-05-081880-09-18
125737Nottage, John S.Nottage, John SilvesterPaul Ferrel's Revenge: A Christmas StoryPaul Ferrel's Revenge: A Christmas StoryLaunceston Examiner1880-12-251880-12-25
135732Nottage, JohnNottage, John SilvesterSingular Passage in the Life of the Late Robert Warden, SolicitorSingular Passage in the Life of the Late Robert Warden, SolicitorLaunceston Examiner1881-04-091881-04-16
1422936Nottage, JohnNottage, John SilvesterRetribution. A Story Founded upon FactRetribution. A Story Founded upon FactLaunceston Examiner1881-05-281881-05-28
155733Nottage, JohnNottage, John SilvesterThe Great Golconda Mine.The Great Golconda Mine.Launceston Examiner1881-07-161881-08-20
1623157Nottage, JohnNottage, John SilvesterThe Great Golconda MineThe Great Golconda MineThe Tasmanian 1881-07-161881-07-16
175739Nottage, JohnNottage, John SilvesterTwo Christmas EvesTwo Christmas EvesLaunceston Examiner1882-01-071882-01-07
185744Nottage, John L.Nottage, John SilvesterVidahVidahLaunceston Examiner1882-03-111882-04-22
195748Nottage, John SylvesterNottage, John SilvesterDr. DelmontDr DelmontLaunceston Examiner1883-07-211883-10-20
2022941Nottage, John SilvesterNottage, John SilvesterA Christmas Story. Rose Raymond's Two Weddings A Christmas Story. Rose Raymond's Two Weddings The Tasmanian 1884-12-271884-12-27