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Chapter NumberX.
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Full Date1897-12-18
Page Number13
Word Count1713
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Newspaper TitleThe Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957)
Trove TitleThe Last Fare: A Melbourne Detective Story
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As ,thc Couit rose i crowd, congratu lalorj and curious sm-ged lound Cunning ham and Paikei, hiding them for a moment from out sight 1 looked at DoiotliY Hir face was Auslud, her cíes were bright and spat kling, but teins glittered m the coiners Her li înii sought mine and held it YI ith a strong gnp that suipiised me, while she wlnspeied, As long as I hu, Herald, I shall neiet forget how good and geneious you baie been Ihank lleaien it is all

our non "

Yes, all oi er," I íepeated, mechani


"And YOU are not glad' '

' Yes, I suppose I am Iheie ¡a nothing to keep nie heio now, but 1-"

I felt I wes about to become maudlin, and ihecked myself

' But what' ' she asked quicklj "What is this nonsense about going away' You lune scarcely seen j oui friends yet '

' I luv» e seen all I want to see But here is Jack Cunningham coming to thank you Go and toiigratulate lum

She looked at me with a half puzzled


'You are rude, ' she said, mid adY'anced to meet Cunningham, who had shaken lum self fret ot the ciowd and was hurrying to wards her His housekeeper stopped him foi a second, mid he listened with a frown on his face to something silt wlnspeied in

his eui

Iheu he and Dorothy met He said no Hung at first, but took the hand she held out to lum, and I tinned to sptak to Miss Listel I did not Yiunt to witness then meeting, but I was not quick enough to moid seeing him nn>e Doiothys hand to his lips and kiss it At le ist, I thmk he did tint, and I was angrj

Slit blushed funouslj, and I wished I was close enough to 1 uk lum He may bai e had some CNcuse foi his conduit, but it was theatniil, and he might haye considered all Hit peoplt m the couit-and mc I Yvas ban bug commonplaces about the trial into Alis-s Lister's eui, when thej carne up be

hind nie

\o\\ will frifchten aunt to death if YOU jell at bet so heicelj, ' she saul with a little laueji and inn t jon going to congiatit late Mr Cunimifchani

I did so Yiith the best giace I could com maud Of coiii-se I was glad of Ins acquit til but T am aft ud I was not effusive His warm thanks made nie feel that I w*as somtw hat chuilisb but he irrit ited nie once mole bl constantlj speaking to me of 'Miss Listel Considning my long acquaintance and friendship with bei I thought it a snobbish píete of foinnhty on his pait not to lot bet be Doiothj to mt

A\e left the couit togethei, and while a bov was on the lool out foi cubs to tuke us home I called lum aside

I wanted to 1 now there and then the his tory of the cn oiofoim that he had bought

Acs lie snd wluti 1 had toUl lum Tai i is s stoij, I did buj chloiofoim Hint nifcht It as needless to go ii to putieulais how oi why - I don t w mt to ral o up that nflau but I told Mrs Coi field that I luid the bottle m my waistcoat ¡locket

You aie suie jon mentioned it9 I CN claimed us a h_ht lommeneed to bleak in

upon me

A es I did so When I got home I put it on the mantelpiece m Hu sitting oom '

Vnd whj was it not found then'

W mt a minute When the police searched inj pocl et-s they found the nnptj bottle I had put nothing in nij o\ereoit poil et but I llioufcht it wisei not to men tion that I had chloiofoim about me at all If tbei bad found Hit bottle 1 bought they would lime lound it full

It w is cNtremelj unwise on YOUI pait to conceal it lund It inifcht baie got you li to n me ti oubli

Belli ips \njw ij, I did not much cue w li it ii ippened then I had not signed the bool and I Ihoiifcht they would lind out ibout it foi themselves if they were smut enough Yftem uds nij landladj found it She hld mole /eil than disuetioii on nij behalf and, 1 noinng that chloiofoim had ei en linn', to do with the mm dei slit thought she would help mc bl hiding tht bottlt ml has it now Unliss j ou lune told Mi s Listtr you, Mrs Chapman aud the chemist a boi ait Hie onli people who 1 non thal ICY ci bou_ht chloiofoim ni all '

1 baie told no one, I slid hut if YOU will pudon mi Kijiiifc it I think lou aited Y et j foohshh and nie will out ol ii

An angij flush mounted to his ched and he was fcomg to male sonu nislj îeplj, when he ched id hnnsdf

It would be uugiatifiil to lèsent cuti

eisin fiom jon Al niton lu sud Yes, I mu will out of tilt business Let us say no mon ibout it

So tht pu/idi was solved at last I may ns well hen inticipate a little, uid mention all that 1 afteiiiauls leaint Ybout 10 o dock on J huisdi j night Coi field bought ii bottle of sal Y olatilc at Gould md Obi ci s He must hale lealnt fiom his wife Hint Cunningham bul chloiofoim in his posses sion He 1 inn Cunnmghnm me mt to go home bj a cei tam omnibus

On these fitts I base my theorj In the next inttii ii nftet discontinu thise fitts lu must hue bought the sal \olitilc it Gould and Olnei s md chloro foi m al some bin ill ihemist s, w here he wis uni now n lindene i false n une Under a tip in the In atoll ho could then, line washed the labels horn both bottlts and put that fiom Gould and Oinn on the ihloiofuim If he did this it CNpl uns the cuiious fut that he used the gum fiom stamp papei to still it with lins he niaj hnYe had ni Ins pocl it, and no other 1 ind would be ainilablc

lo"o inj fin Hier with the chun of events would be nure repetition Al j thcotj may not be coneel but it is the only one which will CN] lain the facts faits ii hu h ni ill hunni ptolnbditi would niiei have been knonn hld not Doiothj watched oiet Cttn lilliginni! hie a guitdiun angel

Glimpses of this pissed helóte mj mind» ejt ns i«mningli mi and [ lcjoined Dotothi mil lui aunt who stood on the footpith w lull two li insoni cabs waited for us m the

i and

Whit |)Iots have von two been hatching non ' ' asked Doi othv

'iMnelv lnujing old ones," 1 nnsweied ' I sn the calis in e waiting for us " -

' _es, tlie bot could not lind n wng gonette, so out pin ti must split up, but jon and Ali Ciinninglium will both come home to lundi willi us '

"Xo thank j ou," I saul If Jtisa Lister will diop nie it High-sticet cornet I can walk bonn fiom thin 1 mil «at good hie to ton non, Cunningham I nuj not see jon again biloti 1 go to england, but bt fon <loing so jon must allon me to congia

tulnte von

' Hi inks, but I think von have nlieadj done that veij nanni)," be lejibid, laugh


I do not anean upon the i esult of to d iv," I stud, feeling tatliei an ass, but upon j oui ingagement "

"l-igagenient9 1 hanks anfullv You are vee) kind, ion know, but leillt J- '

"Ali A\ inton is talking nonsense," inter posed Dointhi, blushing a little ' Will i ou escort mj aunt' und Ali Winton must come with me How et ei muih he disbkis it, he can't lefuse such a command," she added laughing, as I staled in biitildcunent from one to the othei

"Ceitmnlj, said Cunningham, smiling, and hilping Miss Lister into one of the cabs, \ihdo Mitti ni) held in a whirl I followed Dorothj into the other

"What dois this mean, Dorothy'" I said w hen w c had st trted

'That depends \erj much on hoir \ou read it," she nisvveied, looking out ot the


"And will j ou accept mj reading'" "Perhaps "

"You ure not engaged to Cunningham'"

"No "

- _» »li -l-l.l~ -1_

"And îieYor Yverc"' "Neiei "

"And never will be' '

"I am not a prophet," she answcied

' riim wli it made you Ins guardian angel -if angels haï e tempers' '

1 told j on he ivas a ft lend-a dear friend of mine" I beben a smile stole into the tornei of hei mouth "And I pitted lum "

Ynd piti is ni m to loie "

"Yes, within the prohibited degrees of kinship,' she icplud

1 captured bei bind, which made no at tempi to cheapo, but n ithout looking round

she sud,

Tt is im lum to catechise jon, now "

Goon Afj name is what it always ivas, non, louis-"

Nonsense A.on wont go to England non, will YOU' '

\ es, I s ntl slow 1}, "I will "

'Gtrild, ' the cued, tijing to wrench

nwn\ hei hind

But I mean to take j ou w ith me," and I caught the othei one, and made her look at


I did lunch at the Listet's after all that tiny

Oui wedding was postponed till after the Corfield business was finished, and it was vcrj quiet Cunningham Yvas my best man, Sinchui was theie, and Doiothj and I sailed for Europe m a fortnight, to forget the troubles that had brought us together again m a two jeais' hobdaj.

Till" END