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Chapter NumberVI
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Full Date1897-11-13
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Newspaper TitleThe Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957)
Trove TitleThe Last Fare: A Melbourne Detective Story
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Sinclair was nt work in his office when, after a solitar} lunch in town, I called upon

him that afternoon

ill, Dandenong road business again, I suppose I was on another matter just now," he said 'You got mj telegram9'

Yes, are there any new develop


îvo, except that I haie finished ni} e\ nmination of Cunningham b pockets and handltciehiefs, and can lind no trices of that }cllow stuff we discoiercd Of course, that is negative evidence oui}, but it sur prises me "

I bardi} knew whether it surprised me

or not

Do jou know what it is' ' I asked

' \o Tlie ainl}st has the handkerchief, but he has not leporled }et '

And what about the pearl pin' '

' Tint has fizzled out as ewdence against Cunningham Hie pearl too man} still re mnins to be explained '

I decided to sni nothing and let Sinclair do the talking Whatever his other met its nb a detective, he at least had picul} of energj and I learnt that he had made a thorough search of Cunningham s house foi ali) material that might beal on the crime One fict which sliuc! lum is emious was that he discoiercd another empt) chloio foi in bottle, boating the 1 ibel of Gould and Oilier from whom he putchiscd an) drugb i lie requned '?o fal as he knew, he re 'minded nie, Cunningham had noer bought

more than one bottle of chlotofoim from them, the one appealing on the legist« for lanuarj 1j

I feltgtnltil} conscious that I eouldaccount veri easilv for the second bottle Should I

tell Sinclan of it' No, ho was keen enough on Cunningham's scent without an} help from me mil Dorothi bud shaken the cor lamtv I had felt m Cunningham s guilt It would be treachery to Dorothv, without first informing her, which was what I dared not do, «o Sinclair must fathom the mjs ten of the two chloroform bottles foi lum


is to Paiker's whereabouts he vi as still m the dark The strictest and most thorough scai eli had left the police quite without a clue, ana the inquest, after being foimall} le opened that morning to allow the coroner to give the order for bunal, was again adjourned, in the hope that the cab min would soon be found

I wondered if it were wise to say nothing of Dorothj's belief that she had seen Pniker and finall} reflected Hint, eien if she were tight, lo mention the fact would onl} put Corfield on his guaid and, if she were wrong, it would put the police upon n false scent-neither of them results to be desired

Theie seemed no reason for detaining Smclaii any longci, and I was about to go when I thought tliete could be no harm in testing the adaptability of his mind lo ftesh ideas b} a eli ince snot

'Mr Smclnn, ' I said 'ion lmc shown great cqeig} and nnnhtical power, but it seems to me tint vou are concentrating jour efforts too much Yom work has ncail} nil boen directed towards perfecting }oui theorv that Cunningham is the man Have }Oti neiei considered the possibiht} of its being an} one else' '

No I lune not, ' he answeicd 'With such material beioze me, it would be more viaste of time to spend it m a wild goose chase, groping m the daik aftei nothing in particnhi Concentration of vour forces on the enemv s weak spot is the golden iule for detcctii e vv ork ns w eil as w nr

' \ len good rule, but )ou must first ascetUun who vour enemv is to make the comparison hold 1 said Bmihng ' Sup pose it weie not Cunningham at all' '

' But it is Cunningham, he s iid im patient!) 'The professional msltnct that some of us are bom with, and which grows shaipei with exercise, tells me so Of course I mean m conjunction willi

Parker "

'Allowing Parker to be m it, have jou never considered the possibility of there being anothei combination-saj Parker and Corfield, for instance'"

Sinclair laughed good humouredlj

'I am afraid jou will noer make n de tecti)e, aftei all, Mr Winton," he said "Some of join vi oik is smart, certamh, but jou lack the patience for hanging on to a trail The cross tracks puzzle and distiact }ou, and jou take to wild guessing That will ne)« eairv a man fal in our profession '

"I don t presume to be } our equal, ' I replied with i humilitj that giatified his vanitj "You me an expert, and I-as jou sa)-a mcic amateur guessci lou think, then, that to w atch Corfield s moi ements even would be useless' '

"Meie time wasted," he said emphati

call) ' There is no mollie-not a slued ot ei idenec \\ lix, the v erj ide i of such a man as Coi held murdering his-"

' Hush 1 said holding up a vi arning fingei Tf J am not mistaken, I hear his voice in the passage now

lootstcps «ounded at the door, there was a knock, mid in answei to Sinclair b Come in" Coiheld entered accompanied b}-I could scared) beheic ni} eies, and Sinclair looked as puz/Ied as in} self - but there could be no doubt thal his companion was the t ibman Pari ei

Sim Inn was the lust to speak

' W h il s the meaning of this, Mr Coi

field' he saul, =huph, loci ing the door and putting the kej in his pocket

'I w ill explain -ii v on don t tlunl pi i

vnc} necessary foi the discussion of private aflairs, he answeicd, with oil unpleasant t,lancc at mc

Plus alian ma} be safelv discussed in Mr ii niton s presence He has been of the utmost issislance to me," said Sinclair Will jou ml down

' ih1 ' said Coiheld, with a sneer, I -m gratified thal Mi W niton has at last found i congenial spheic of action foi his talents "

It had been ni} intention to go, but Col

fields offensive manner anio}ed me mid dctei mined mo to sta} and hear the nintti i


Corhcld took ii seit in one of the casi eli ins Pul ei stood up against the wall, lool mg d ii-ed and sullen, and Sinclan, note bool in li ind lool ed inquiring!} at Cor field waiting foi lum to begin*

lou lequire 1 suppose,' he said, "an explanation of the circumstances winch led to niv d^coienng this man and bringing

lum heie' '

I should be glad to have it," Bald Sin


' Veil good I will state the facts rs shortlv as I can, ' he saul "Mv first meet ing with lum was jestcrda) aftei noon, about half p ist 5 o clock I was walkin;, through ni} girden, when I heard a voice calling nie and, going in the direction whence it cune I found Parker half dead with cold and hungci

lie assiued nie that he vi as perfectlv in nocent of tlio clime of which he vi as n'

cuscd, an 1 begged me not to gil e lum up io the police until I had heaid his stor} I assented, but mv piesenee was required in the house it that time, and witli some mis "lvings, which weie needless as his pie senee heie proies, I accepted lus promise lo lemain vihcie he vi as lill I could conic to lum again

Do von mean to sav that vou left lum at larbo in vom cuden, without an} supei vision' ' said Sinclair raising his c}ebrows

I do, Mi Sinclair, ' said Corfield, stiflli, "lou must lomember I did not want to arouse the cunosit} of the bernnt« bl bunging bun into the house then Doubt less the linx e}cs of the police' he added s-icasticall) would have immediate!) fallen upon lum liad he left ni} garden, and he vías too weak from hunger and etposuie to gi)o in intelligible account of anjthuu, ei cn if I had time to listen to it. In anj case, I mi describing events ab thej hip poned, and jou must allow me to judge the wisdom of m) own conduct To resume When I was again at bbert) I went to the gai den, where, under the same tree, I found Parket It was then daik, and I took him

. VII righi J re cried.

to one of the rooms of mj house, in »»hieb I had some food retd» for him After eat mg something, he told mc when, Y»h}, tnd

how he ctme to mc "

Pai ker looked in\iousl» from Corfield to Sinclair »»hile the formel was speaking, twirling his hat m his hands, but y»bene»ii he ctught the c»p of tn» of us upon lum lie ti elapsed into i toi toise like, expressionless


' In the mun in fact in almost eYer» de till," continued Corfield, Pirkeis stor} ngrees with Ali Cunninghams \f ter let»

nig me at \\ indsor »v ith rm wife in his cub, he met Cunningham, as the lttter teintes Cunningham did get out noir Y\ llhtnis id id and took sheba for i second behind the rib to esc ipi the wind and rain Y»lule he ht a

cigtiette '

Cunningham li is ne» cr mentioned that," inteijecled Nnclur

' Yh, Ins he not said Coifield bland!» "It is an unimportant detail tv Inch, I pre sume, slipped his manor), but I think

Pul ei mentioned it '

Ile looked for confirmtlion tt Parker, who seemed staitled at bemg ciUed upon to speal

' Yes, sir, I said that-he done that right enough,' he answered, some»»hat hcsitat nigl»

Ali Corfield, Pirker y» ill be examined in propel time, and can tell his o»»n stor}," said Smclnu impntienti} "I should be obligid if \ou »»ould confine yourself to the reasons Yvliieh induced lum to como to j ou tnd you to shelter bim "

"I am coming lo that, but} ou must reall» allow me to put things in my own Y»a),"

answcicd Corfield cooli»

"Whole »»as I* Ah, Parker sa»s he »»ent bick to gi»c Cunninghtm t tip for the races, he was some»»litt drunk, »»Inch per haps accounts for such excessive friendli

ness There »vere two figures outside the omnibus Cunninghtm, }oti know, sn}s a mau got out, nnd he told Parker nngrih to go back to the cab at once, windi he did, mid dro»o on to ni} residence '

"On ant» al there, after opening the gites and entering the di ive, lie lifted the curtain to isk Mis Corfield if tins »vere the right house, and disco»ered that she »»as not in the cab Tin accounts for the Y»hcel nniks of which you made so smart a dis cover}, and which doubtless lune bien a gre it help in »out investigations"

Sinclair bo»» ed his acknov» ledgment of the compliment »»tthout seeming to notice the


"Without the passenger, Paiker thought it useless to go to the house He drove aimlcssl» up and down the lotd, hod one or t»»o more drinl s at different public houses, and finnll» bethought lum of con suiting Ali Cunningham

"When ho got near the house he sa»? a cab at the door Ile left Ins own wnggonette some disttnce do»»n the street, and entered the guden You »»ero just lea»ing with the reporter, tnd he overhetrd enough of »oin eomcrsation to kno»\ that some tinged» had taktn place, also that he was connected y»ith it, mid would bo looked


' 1 hereupon he drove home as fast ts he could, put awn} his horse, and thought where lie could best hide until affairs had developed a little It mt» seem strange that t intn conscious of lus innocence should think of hiding tt ill I confess it did to me, but he explains that his finn]} lind been unfortunate in legal nutters -a brother once got five »enrs for t burglnij of which he hid not even heird till he »vis anested-tnd he »vas anxious at least, to know the true sttte of affairs before gi» mg himself up So, having to think of i tem porir} hiding place, it occurred to him tint my house »»ould be the most unlikel» plice for an} one to seek him, ind th it when the opporttinit} offered he would throw himself upon m\ mere}, tiusting tj me to get lum t fair hearing 1 rom bellin! the tree ni in} grounds he saw the bod) of in» Y\ife brought home, and the people col

lecting for the inquest next dtj All this frightened lum still more, tnd the oppor tumi) for explaining matters to me did not come till half past j Yesterday, y»hen I found lum, hilf star» ed and frozen, ts I

hn\e told »ou "

"And »»li» did »ou not then bring lum here, 01 send a message to the police' The» »»ould line sa»ed }ou the trouble," said

"sin c1 in

' In justice to the man, I could no1 refuse to aicompim lum Yvhen he »» is arrested, ' answered Corfield ' I understand there is a warrant out against him, and it did not suit m» comenicncc to bo here sooner I had man» tilings to attend to list ntght, and mj poor »»lfes funeral on!) took place this morning '

I thought the explanation rather a lame one, but it waa not ni} business to inter


Sinclair merel) shrugged his shoulder*, and said, 'A.oui delà) has put the police to muih needless trouble and expense, Ali

Coifield Hotvevcr, perhaps you know }our own affnus best At an) ltte, »»e ha»e the

min at 1 ist "

Ile tinned to Parker, tnd looked lum up and dow n crit call), sa) ing, ' You kno»v I have a »»arrant foi jour arrest, Mr


"Yes, su," answered Parker, "but I'm as innocent as a bab)-true's death, I am,


"You »»ill h ve an oppoituiuty to pro\e tliat if }ou em," said Sinclair, shortl) "Do you wish to mike an) statement non' Of course, it may be used againsf )OU at }oui

trial "

' If he takes ni) idvice he y» ill siy nothing at all," interposed Coifield, ' and I don't sec what »ou can gain, Mr feinclau, by ques honing lum '

"Please, allow me to conduct ni) bnsmes3 in ni» own »»a»," said Sind tu, angul) "Do y ou YMsh lo s i\ am tiling Pirkir "

Parket stammet ed and hesitated, looking fusl at Sinclair and then at Corfield

'No I think Air Coi held li is told }ou all I knows on it," he saul, it last

"Ver) y» eil, then, I must ask ) ou to como »\itli me, Y»lule I make arrangements foi Your leeeption arid entertainment ' he said, ironic ill), picssing the button of an electric bell on the table ' No, after »ou, if »on pleise Don t stand on ceieuion», is he mo tioned Parkei to 'tho door, through »»lum he shuffled, »» ith Ins head on his chest, ni most into the anns of a policeman, »»ho »»nited m Hie passage

"Excuse me, gentlemen I »»ill return in fi\c minutes," sud Simian to us, as he foi lo»» ed, and closed the door behind lum

"An insolent fellow, tint," said Corfield, as soon ts Sinclair had goni

'I have not observed it, ' 1 answered

' Yh1 tistes dillcr, ' he sud ' Vor a men of his class ind calling he ma) be vei) »veil

Ara) I ask what led »on to nssume the roll of dcteeti»e, Air Winton' '

His tone »»as offensi»c and snooting, and such little things influence one that I felt imsolf growing quite icady to suspect lum of an» thing hld

' I am not aw arc that I ha» e done so," I

ans»» ered coldl»

"I beg Y otu pirdon Torgive me if tn» fact that )ou and Sinclair are inseparable

has led me to the conclusion "

I inclined ni) held in niknoivledgraent of his apolog», and said nothing

He looked at me »»ith an expression that seemed to come) dislike and cunosit), and I wondered if lie han rcill) in» îeason for objecting to ni» issocialion »»ith Sinclair After a pause he sud,

What do »ou think of this sad affair,

Ali \\ niton ' '

"I think it citieinely sad, as )OU sa}

and curious "

"Yes, »ci) curious," ho said, and then, fixing his keen e» es on in) ftce, to see »»hat he could letd there, '1 am, poihaps, al bud judge Als natural feelings-grief and the lest-mt) ha\c warpid mv judgment,

but it seems vu mc there can be no moral ' doubt th it Cunningham »vas concerned in


"There is much e» idence agiinst him, cer tninh," I sud, lighting t cigarette,

'Yes, overwhelming, I am afraid," saul Corfield with a sigh ' Hie cabman I am not suie nboul His stoiy is plausible "

'Yes, theie re se»eril plausible stones in connection with tins murder Time ma) weir holes in some of them," I onsiveied

I watched his face tina time, nnd fancied that I sa»v a shade of anxtetv there

' I hope b -I fei vently hope so," ho taid,

getting up and looking it his watch I must go [see and leive things in the hands of Sinilur and-nnj I add jourself

Oil I said carole slj not wishing to be pumped mj furthci I am mci el) an

onloil cr

"¿ho prov ci bulli sees most of the game lie s ud vi iib a faint smile Mav I line the pleasure of vour compauj into town' Mj cirri ige is it the dooi

Tlianl von no I said I wish to see Sinclair before I leaie

He hesitate 1 for i second I vi as sure he wanted to get me aw ij so though I had nothing particular to °a) to Sinclair, I de

tommie 1 to leiniin

Then I vi ill Eaj good b) e ho said holding out his hand

I believed this an experiment to test mv feelings loinids lum and as I did not want lum tu know too much about them in «pite ot the repugnance I felt I tCfok it with as much show of fnendl ness ns I could com inand and he went off washing Sind ur and

me ei cn succe 3 in oui inquines

I am qinlif)ing well as a detecliv" I thought with an inward smile lo «hake han Is with a man one wolli 1 much prefer to 1 iel is a )er) fan beginning

Corfield hal not been out of the room ten seconds vi hen "sinclair returned

Hullo' Is our widower gone he said lool mg round with surprise

les I insweied but w h) do } on ref"i to him in that unsjmpathotu. tone

\\ eil I m hange 1 if I 1 now laughed Sinclair unless th it 1 don t lil e his stvlc and he don t seem half is much cut up about the loss of tint prett} }oung wife of his as he ought to bo

M oui 1 ) ou scout the idea of his ha) ing had a hand in tint lo=s himself as much as )ou did ten minute- ago'

Not quite niisvioiel Sinclair thought full) though of course the idea s a wild one and notlun_ to suppoit it fatill that stori of lum mid Parkci is a queer one I d lil e to hear lum cross examined on it

^o should 1 I said

Haut it Mi Minion if )ou know an) thing vou might as well let us have it out,

said Sinclair Have von reall) an) sus picions about the man or are v on only pla) nig tlic fool to amuse )ourselt

1 smol ed for a few seeonds and considered

the mattei

Mill jou male a bargain with me to take no picscnt action on it if I tell )ou all I know ' I asked at length

1 hope von have no nonsensical idea of shielding an)bodi he exclaimed with pro fessional indignation I ccrtaml) can mal e no baie, nu of that ! ind

Do not excite vom elf I sail smiling I am in league with no criinin ils an 1 my onl) desire is to cateli them I morel) want ) oil to delci to my judgment for a d l) oi two in eise oui oi niions should diffci which nftei ill is not hkel)

I suppose I can safel) promise that

he said giudgingh though its a prettj cool propos ii ami I should prefer to be

bound bj no conditions

In ti at case I sud I can safel) tell lou all 1 1 now and I roiited to lum the substance of mj com ers ilion with Dorothi and the infoiination blie hid given me I also told lum of her pi in wlueli was piobablj aire id) in execution of obtaining access lo the house in the c ipacit) of liousel cepcr

This excited Ins enthusiastic admiiation

She mu t be a veri sniirt )oung ladv in fvet von cm sec it in her lice he said

to ciriv through a thing of that lind md a nie plucl ) one roo Its ml buBincss real biibiness he added rubbing Ins hands Good enough for a ptofes


ind what do jou tlnnl of her theor) '

I asl ed

1 in impressel ven much impiessed

he sud but still sceptical is i worin g hipothcsis -lie lingered over the phrase with relish- its woilh some pains to de )clop If nothug comes of it no h inn done But tlieros one thing )Ouve over

lookel Mi M niton

Mint is that

If the man is a murderer, a wife mur deier too in 1 fin 1-, bei out it might mean dinger foi hoi Not much m it peilnps but she ought to be vi irned to keep ulw ayb on hei gu in!

I felt with shame Hint I had overlool ed it It lad once crossed mv mind ti at I should w im her but there seemed some thing melodi anialic about it then and I said nothing Sinclair s matter of fact statement of the eise brought it down to the regions of commonsence

I v) ill mention w hat v on sav on the first opi ortuniti I said somew li it abashed

That s light said he md if I were von Id mile the opportunity ns soon ns I could Bl Toie it b vionderful how tho complexion of things changes I sa) Mi

Mmton vou must have thought me rather a conceited sort of fool vi hen )ou were

pulling ni) leg just now

No I said I thought vou were rding jour own hobbv weil getting ill

there was out of it in fact hut that vou might got along fister bl trving a fresh horse But let s see this chloroform bottle and am more of the propel ties is jou c ill them that } ou maj biv c

^omc i ocl el linings the bandi er chiefs and the bottles are ill that I hive in btocl just now he said pro iucing them from the safe and I don 11 now that weean leam v erv much more from tlieui

The lundi cicluofs were oidentl) as indeed Cunningham ndmittel of the sam mai e ns that found in the omnibus Du. urn of pocket linings suggc, tel tint Gin ningham s wardrobe would want extensivo lepair if evei he got out ngun

Hie) have all been exiniined said Sinclui putting thom aside its n tlio bottles onl) that vie have a chance of find ing mv thing, new. in 1 deuced little theie Bi love though I notice something airca 1) he exclaimed as ho ringed tile bottles side b) side Can }ou sec it, Mr

M niton''

I looked careful!) while Sinclair watched


\t length I said I do notice that the label is perhaps an eighth of an inch higiiei on one bottle than on the other Is

tint it

les that s one thing and also one of them is a little bit ciool ed

So it is I ret lied and wait-which is tile bottle from the omnibus'

The crooked labelled one

I tool them both to the window, and lool e 1 at them in the sunlight

Lool heie Sinclair I exclaimed, ex cited!) Id almost swear this label was put on b) in amateur It s too high-it s eiool ed-md liLst proof of al! see how the gum is snieire 1 on tlio bottle when }ou got the sunlight shilling on it

Iliats the eise lie saul when ho had compired the bottles Now we must fust pioie it and then read a meaning into lit Ho took it much mole eilmly than

I w is pi cparod lo do If it could be pro) ed til it the murderer h id imitated Gould and Olnei s libel it meant ever)thine, to Dolo Lil) ind so vienuousl) to mc

It seems lo mc proved airead), I said

No merel) a piesumption The elie mists mi) hive put the label too high, put it crooked and smenied the gum They mij also have forgotten that the) sold tlio botlle to Cunningham I don t sa) the) did

ill this but still wove no proof to the


I sil] pooc vou ire rght about that I admitted unvnllingl)

His list guess ibaut the chemists careless ness went a little too neal the mark anl I remcmbeicd that Jarvis told mc ho In 1 been m i burr)

But suppose vic cm proie that the bottle did not come from Gould and Oliver s, vi hat

do )0U til c it lo mean

That Cunningliun did not btt) it títere is about as far as I can go at pieacnt said killel ur, 6iniling hut T see } ou are burst ng with a theor) Out with it

i felt a little ashamed of the impatience and anxict) I did. in fact feel lest Sin dm should lorost ill nie and I grew red at his good luunouied appiccintton of the posi


Onl) lins seems clear lo me I said If llie bottle vus not bought at Gould and Olivers the man who used it must ha)e ondea)ourod to mai e it appear that it was

knowing no doubt that Cunningham bought things there Could not Pari er easily have dropped it into Cunningham s pocket when the) weie m the cab together Ihat hnndl crchief too might easily hn)e been stolen In fact e) cn thing mal es me bobe) e that there has been n conspiran igainst Cunningham to mike lum seem guilty

Smclau blew to the ceiling a few largo clouds of smoke with meditation m ci cry

wieitli before answering

There are fliws in lour theon for in stance, if Mrs Corhdd ins cliloroiormed m the cab. who did it» And whit about the smell of clilorofoim in tlio bus' But I lil e tim conn»» ic) idea In it jou m elude-' , ,, ,

Corfield and Pall or

_es the) aie the onl) possible people, ' ho mud but it s ver) i en hard to belle) e After nil Hie w hole tiling is suggested only b) those bottles and wc have no proof

Me can get proof I exclaimed jump ing up w ith a suddenness that startled Sin clair as in idei flashed across ni) brain

Can we' he said regirdmg me with amusement loi are a very sudden and biilliant mung man, hut Im delighted to

hear it

len to one the gum w ill give it to us

I continued ' Chemists are pietty sure to

use one k nd foi sticking their labels, and .

it »»ill be Yerj hard luck if the man who put on tins one has happened to use exactly

the sime

lints true sud Sinclur îvaking up consi lenbl» Hut hold on labels are \ought nlreid) e,ummed so »»être sold


1 Ins w ts distppomting and I felt rather flit as I examined the bottle once more

I sii( pose the) ure I sud it length but this ltbel, 1 belie» e from the look of it. Ins 1 oen tnl en oil some other bottli

Tilt »»ould remove most of the old gun

nu 1 from the smears around it it has e\identl» been stud on igun with soine thn g fresh

I leheve you ire right Air A\ inton ' sud Nncliu, fter compiring the t»»o libel» ignin \ou ha»e quite tiken the con luct of this eise out of in» hinds

Nonsense I huglied I hn\e mide some luck» guesses nnd I don t mind own ini, tint I am prou 1 ot them but »ou ha\e done the real w ork ind the truth is that both of us i"iinst our wills hive been put upon the îigl t track-if y»o nre on it no»»

b\ i w oin in

lint seo hetnswerel Shea a re marl able »lonu» that AIiss Lister Its in honour to 1 no»» her and it s »»onderful

ho»» lo»e sharpens wits \Y oui hit )ou lil e to be in Air Cunningham s place no»v,

Air YA inton

I »» ondered for 1 seiond if bo could hava

guessed an» thing but it sccmc I impossible U an» late the fict tint Ins thrust got home anno» ed me more than the familiarity shown lv it and I made some cold replv

w Inch brought lum to a sen=e of our relative positions

Before I left »re ngreel tint he should get the gum on both labels mil» sod nnd i»»nt c»ents foi a di» or two to leim an)thing Doroth} hid to tell us before taking anv further steps

\s I w ilked do»»n lo the stttion Sinclair a joculir question echoed in m) etrs and I lecognised how misemble I w is F» en ti e fict tint I »v is doing ni) dutv ind the ex citement of the »vork seemed i poor con «olntion for the fact that success in it tended to place Doroth) lrretneYtbl) bc)ond mv reach ^_ (To be Continued Commenced October 9 )