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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1897-11-06
Page Number13
Word Count5935
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Newspaper TitleThe Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957)
Trove TitleThe Last Fare: A Melbourne Detective Story
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The nevvspip»rs next morning were full of the Dmdenong road murder, but thev I contained little mote thin wis in the even

tag join nala of the previous div, md m one res; et les», since thev wen» guiltle-*, ot the muvellous porttitt gillen that idorned th*» of the latter Hie pie tutes published lnclut'ed Airs. Corlields, Cunninghtm s, Coi held s, Sinclair-- Lunn - Pinker s, md mine I hoped is 1 looke 1 it fhini tint Pirlcis ernie netiet to te ihtv thin some of the others, is other wise it would not greillv help to tdetttitv


The postmoitcm e\ominntion hld been completed, mil showed tint Air», Coifield s death wis probiblv due lo an ovcrdosi ot t iliiotoim The venous svstem ni» %erv shghtlv cngotged md it seemed tint tletth Ind tcsiilted fiom stoppage of the hints letion tluough sholl» rithet thitti fiom spin xt i 3 hi millie ii men who conducted the evaminition were not a¡.ietd as to whuJiet the elm tctcustio smell wib pre- sent in tin stoiineh oi not mil those who f imied thev detected it idmittcil Hint tlieit opinnii ni (.lil be to some extent influenced bv the piesumptioti that ehloioform bid

Ken used

Peí haps the stiongest e»idcncc »»as in align red patch on the skin of the nccl mil breast which mii-lit lune been eau ed bv a quantitv of chloioforin being spilt there,

[lind coveied b) the dre«~ t li null ercbief,

oi the piessuie of i hand upon it

li chloroform hld been used it w is hkelv tint it was used m quintil», bec tuse the bottle in Cunningham s pod ct w is cinptj, and in addition to tint 1 vv is sine tint I had felt its effects long iftcr it li id been ad mmisteied If it li id been spilt on Mis Coi

held s ned , N lth the tloik buttoned round it, and the Windows of the bus dosetl

evnpontion would have been checked, uni its cf.ctls nu¡,ht last foi some time

On the thcoiv ot Ciinnine.hiiii s limo euee to which 1 still obstm itch dung this wis m import mt fiet It would ice mut foi his feelni- quiei m the beni on llim«div nii_lit Vs 1 ihonght it ovet it tuned so luipiub ii I if Cuimui|_ii nu weio up ct from thi ton noiisne s of el line th t hi would delibct itelv di ivv (»unti s at tcntiMi t) himsclt and so ptobabli if an unexpected giddiness had conte upon hull

tint [ felt i niw mtete t aroused til lui for this o\U loidin uv etc

Utci the mili ipi» itsiilt of niv inter fciencc ni Suidait s business I hid almost mule up mv mind to di op the whole nillir but now I felt i loiiç_m_, to see Doioth» igain and lpologisc foi ni) conduct I would find out if she still clung to her belief in Cnnimi),h mi ind promise hei n») lov il su] port in my efToit, whatever it«


1 almost envied Cunningham It seemed vi oi til while to be suspected of i murdei it one could have bet chimpionshiii and the eel I nut» of unming her if one got di ti Iheu I set to woik ind cursed ni»

seit foi the stupiditv which I was v un enough to believt li id alone pi evented me from st Hiding lu Cuimingh uns place in bet reg id

I felt bltllT aftei that uni flinging nwav flic pipers lool ed tit in» witch It v»t s 10 o clock I would go tittie and then to Doioth» to bunill.) beg bel purdon ind wish bei and Ciiiuiuif-hmi a bapp) issue from ti s unhappv busin ss

On second thoughts 1 decided to look up Sinclair tirst. It was almost on my way, ;md perhaps I might learn something tha,t would influence my conduct, or wotild\ cheer up Dorothy.

He vvtiS' writing at his desk when 1 was

-shown'into the room.

''Is there »inylhing fresh J" I asked.

"Kot a thing, but I um expecting some material to work on directlv. Can you stay*;"

"No, I have an engagement this morn- ing, but will call again later on. Then things stand j'usl where they didî"

"Yes. Hullo; what's this?"

A constable knocked at the door and came in, accompanied by« )ouug man who

looked ill at case.

"This is a gentleman, sir, front Gould and Oliver's," said .'the constable.'. ,"iro, lms

brought the 'book you wanted . and , a"j letter." '"j___. ,_. / ,_",'"..'. -'

"Ali!" The.póisbn register. . Tuniik ytrtii'

You may go. Maloney," ( Theil' turning" to the young man, "Sit" down, sir. o .You-, have n letter for me." , »' ' 'J

Sinclair glanced at the letter. ''This is inteiesting. Mt*. Winton," he said; "the. letter is from Mr. Oliver. He tells me that we will find Cunningham's name down for a battle of chloroform on January 15,' mole than six mouths ago, and that the salesman who served him happens to remember the circumstance. His atten- tion was di awn to it because Cunningham said ho wanted the stuff to clean his pipes wttjt-a new dodge he had heard of and meant to tty. The salesman tried it, too, and found it excellent. You might make a

note of it."

A\ hile -.incluir w is tending the letlei I lind in» eve on the bo», oi louth-he was about twentv, I suppose-who biought it He looked doeidcdlv uncomfoitable when the iiqics were mentioned und began to sa) something but elietktd himself

Did »on spt ik saul binduli, looking up quick!»

No 1 didu t sa» uuv thing, ' he stum mci ed, glowing »civ led

I beg join pmdun Oh, confound it in ippointmuit 1 lud ioigottcn ' continued Sinclnii UM theic vv is aniithu LIKU kilt the door All i ight M done), tell Mi John soil 111 be theic duct ti) I won t be ten minutes Mi AA niton \ou might look Hie book and lind the îeeoid while I 1 un a»» a» ' I

I took up the book when he had gone As I was liinoving the coveuug I lud a good look ii otu visitoi

\Miut is vont linne'" I said. "Janis, sit "

'Will, Ali Jarvis, wh) wete )ott so troubled whin lnspeitot binclait tend that

lettei '"

"It-it wasn't an) thing," he mumbled

"Xovv, Jaivis, it's no use hing about it, ' I saul, sei ti el), ' j ou will onl) get )ourstlf into trouble. What made )ott get as ted as a linke) cock and begin btiuuininngv Out with it "

' AA ill von promise to s ii nothing ibout it if I tell »ou ' he sud 'I might lose ni) place o»ei it if unbod) knew '

t I can't moko mi) promises," I io

plied, bevond that it will be veiv iwkward tor nu»one who conceils m)

thing about this cese lint if von hive done no harm, uni liust to me, I »Mil do luv best for ion '

Well' he bim tel out, ' 1 sold Mi tun ningham chlorofoiin on 1 limado) evening A\ e vvcie vtr» bus» it the timt, und 1 forgot to mukc him sign for it at first, whtu I got the book he w is gone I for"ot ill about it-nt least I wiisn t sure, till I beaid about denning the pipes Then I rcmcm bcred, btcuuse he told nie exactly Hi same thing "

"And j ou were actual!) going to sa) no Hung about this " I said, assuming a vtr) stern expression, when surpuse and con ccm allowed me to find ni) breith


' Yes, sir," he whimpered "I don't see what good it can do Hit) line enough against Mr Cunningham without it, and tht boss is INN ful pirticulnr about Unit

Hie» ti sack me tomoirow foi selling poison without hoNing it s gncd foi, tht) would, indeed "

' A\ hat time was tins' ' I asked. ' About half past 7 "

" And Nou niatmre it was Cunningham' '

' Yes, it auf»» ern his description, and he

wore tv tiling clothes "

"WTell, )ou are a mee voung man," I said


Thon I thought of Dorolh). INo one else but Cunningham was in»olv(d at present, and it NVUS not m) business to convict lum. At any rate the matter

.«ill right« nucrved. «, __ v

would keep Perhaps Jarvis was rieht, liter ill I mvvaidl) cursed him for telling mi his wretched sceiet

'Look here, Jin- is ' I sjul after i pause, ' I don t want to get lou into hot inter with vottr eniplovcrs ind I won t mention this at present Vitd lmiid vou mustn't-_\ I -itvthing ot it eithir to mother mil

1 hen s i five pound note for )ou, and keep

vour mouth shut '

Surprise and ichef almost "boko lum is he took the moiitv

Then von won t gue nie iwa\ su'' he gtsiiod

Not at present Of course vou must be retdv to tell the ti nth if vout evidence l** w uitcd, but spell to me first, and keep

vom Lillet foi the time

I should not hive lil ed Smclitr'â evo til on me just then and ditummed te

tv oui it

I find I must go ' T »inl lool mg it mv w ititi Ah ¡Sim!m will piobiblv -want to sei von so von hid bettet w tit foi lum ml tell lum I mt «om I could not stiv longer Dont s iv tworiiiofoui lonviasttion '

When I got otilsidt 1 ftlt am thing but proud of nu elf \\ is it inv USL to seo Dotothv now ' v»hould I tell In , and sweep ivnv willi one Mist ill bet hopes indfiith' I vvottll ee how llnn-s tut ned out mil foi the pu nit drift with cncttmst mees lhere would be omithing luilicious m mv post

lion ii it wcie not so i»i mus, a leteeliNc detecting something that he would give nnv uimiev not to know Tt lcmindcd me of i dog I li id who would chase cats, und wis bonified when he taucht one, and thankful if it let lum go I soothed nix con- science with the lcflcction thit it would bo i shame lo linke Tims lo=e his place for ¡i mere" abstract respect for the In», which, so fai, seemed íble to gel on onl) too well without ni» help, ind resolved to go and maka ni» peace with Doroth»

She was living still m St Kilda, with her old ninden mint, Miss Listel, a little deafer mt! i little gie»ci, T supposed, than when I had seen hei- last, but still interfering a» little as evei with Doiotliv's goings mid comings and generil bch.avioui

The dooi fmin the veinndnh was opwi when I ulived, anti I walked into the li el!. 'Hie rooty on the loft I knew was the dra-or liij'iooin I hen ti a feminine rustle theiein and knocked on the half open door A voice iinswiicd 'Come in," and Doiothv tuinrd in hei chilli to see Nvho her visitor might


I She was writing at a little table near tho W'iudovv, which luoketl out. upon tho gnr Ideii. She came towards me with a puzzled

lode on her face. I held out my hand.

"Will you shako hands, Dorothy?" T said., "I may call you Dorothy, mayn't I. because we are such old friends-or at.Die

least enemies...,1_ havo. come to apolo- gise for being. such a ead the other day. I have not been nblo to' sleep for thinking of it since."

. "Th¡|t is generous of you," she said, "[.see'you are sU'll.tuy old friend, and," sha added vvitl) a 'laugh, "Do you know wb_i 1 was writing wlïeti you callie in?" . ."'

"What?"- .' /-.._'. ? '.."

"An apology lo you; well, not exactly an apology; bul it was lo ask you to cono and seo Hie again."

"Let mo seo it. It's my property," I-said, going to the writing table, but she was Hiero before me, and toro it into fragments.

"Indeed, I will do nothing of the kind," she lauglied. "Do you suppose, when peopk very properly come to humble themselves beforo nie, I ant going to restore their con- ceit by admitting that T wnsin tho wrong." We spoke for a few minutes on inili-crciil*. matters', and then with a feeling of 'awk- wardness und a palin at the heart,' I ap- proached the subject, that was in my mind.

. "You remember," I said, "what ivo-wero

discussing when-when we lost our tempera " the other day.-'

"We lost our tempers!" site replied, rais- ing lui* e-ypDiows. "Well, pitt it that.way. if you like. Yes, I remember; and, b'eliovo nie, it has been not out of my mind since. You perhaps think me very heartless for laughing and talking like this, but really I

am not. I «innot be always grave, bull an . always thinking of it."

"T quite lielieic that, Doiothy," I said, "and, .is a matter of fact, so am 1."

"Anti have »'on changed your opinion?" she asked ixigeily.

How I wished that I could; and but foi thaljfoDl, »Tams. I might.

"I cannot quite say that, but I have modi fied it. Iii fact, I hold it in suspense."

"And wnyr'V

. **î.'ëai\"t qiiito tell you why, unless-un- less," I stammered, determined to got it

over, 'it-,is, uccnuse j. nave learnt among O-l.e-iVthings "thht you aro engaged to Cun-

ningham, mid I cannot believe that the man F '.vé_»rfcgaixl'so much is a criminal."

»" "Who told you thht?"-she asked, with a smile that »van ' enigmatic. .

.' "Sincliiii'j", ' ' '

"Ah," she Èatid, "did he? It is wohderful how much people know- about one's affairs; but then, ot course, he is a deteotive," slid .added sarcastically.

After n pause, during »»"hieb I was content to »Vnteli her face'reflect her thoughts, and make bad guesses at them, she came over to me ut the window and held out her hand. "So you leave, really made up your mind to work fdr Jack Cunningham because I am engaged to him! That is generous of you. Gerald, and j ou aie ,t real friend. -I with- draw the things 1 said the other day-¡it least, 1 suspend them, .as you do your opi /iiion, not. to be opcr.iti»"e till they are do served. The shock of .1 sudden panton might injure )ou."

Theie »»ere tears in lier eyes, which belied heir laughing tone, and lenieiiibering my se- cret thoughts, almost hopes, I felt ashamed of -he"thanks that her words und looks be- stowed on mc. .

-"Don't let tis say any more about that now," I siiiik. "I am not us generous na you think nie."

"Very well, except that I must ask you not to say ,a word of this engagement that you have heard of."

It would plnse me to den) it on every possible opportutut)

You bivi ni) mtlioritv lo do «o !No, ii is wisei tindci prcsinl eireuinstmces Dont let us till ibout ti anv mole,' sho slid ltiteiriipting tin question that wits on

mv lips Sou let II» till of-business

I mi convinced is ivit of Alt Omuiinc,

lnni s innocence und voit ne f,oing to help me find oui the ti nth is th it not so '

Acs 1 uisiiiiel I line been doini*; wlntl em ilrcidv but so i u, I mi ifraid,

without mut h sincess

tell nie ibout it I ilso hive something li tell von, but lil mi heat vom story


1 told hei of mv inlet new with "-melin li the bund s nul hin listened IIIMIIIISIV icstli slv moving fiom i Inn to eli in stand in. at the vi indi vv with hil fniieis tupping on tin pines uni questioning nie nitiowli Iront time to lune on v u lons dei lils of ni) uni line I tlKUhhl of tilling bel what lu vis Ind said lut lool m¿ it bel et-ei, hoptlul fin 1 I sitivelv diiul not

When 1 hid linishid she vv H silent foi a lotik time nut sit with bel hinds ovei bet eve», lliml mg I did not nilciiupl her, and suddeiili »lu jumpul up an 1 stood in fiont of me hir fice fiiished md hu cvis fl isliing with excitement

Geinld she bud ill von hive told nu onl) ioniums mi m tin opinion-oi tin in stmct, if )ou like-tint ttiuniii(,li mt is in nount and tlmt Cot field should be in rested

Good heticns' von must hi mid, Dorothv, lixilumed Luiiningh un tin) hi bhmilcss but von must icmcmbct tint men an urcbtcd fot mindel on tv ultim

-not iiiHtinct

I im no1 mid, and I will find the ni

denn she replitd d >ia_odlv -on havi just supplied me with sonn )mirstlf

Pitase ixpl tin, 1 s ml intiiduloiisl)

lhne is the mel lace, with the btiptt numil ii \ petti

Which Cunninglimi ippeirs to hive bought, vvhili hi used the odd one us a tic-pn "

' -cs, bul von is a min, ought to know that peopli don't wiat tie pins with driss clothe», she argüid ' Air Cunningham was in dtiss clothes on Ihttrbdo) night

Purthei, the peatl ni that pin was set in a half sphere of gold, not claw s AVhat is more, )ou jourself said that, according to

the jeweller, there were 97 pearls, and onie ,,,.

M were accounted for and, lastly, I kno»v that Mr Corfield did have n dress stud with a largo peatl in it Ile woie dress clothes, too, on 1 hursday night "

'lhere seem» method in )our madnrss after all Dorothv, ' I admitted, 'at le ist as fal as Cunningham is toncerncd but it is finns) evidence ngi list Corfield '

A ring of the bell nilen uptcd me, and the sen ant entered w i th n telegram Do» othy tras about to open it, when she said Whj, it'? nddiossed to you Hoiv do >ou como

to get telerrnms here'

I nsl ed her to excuse the liberty I had tal en in directing that an» telegram to mv lodgings that morning should bo sent on I was expecting to hen something of the case from »Sinclair, and the telegram was from


It read * Pin, ivith pearl found at C s rxaniining pool ets foi ti ices Como down

to dnv

I handed it to Doroth)

' I 1 new about the pin ali cod) 6he soul scoinfull», and Ihci shall have someone else's pod ets to examini. before long

The discovery of the pin N» IS au immense relief to me, though Doioth) ilïetted to make light of it Ti now appcued cleu that the odd pearl I had found did involve someone othei than Cunningham

' The telegram is satisfactory as far as it goes," I said Now, tell mc what 1 lud )f evidence can induce vou t> suspect Cor field, if, indeed, vou aie not joking '

As a subject for jol ing I am afraid it is be)ond even my powers of humour" abo »aid grimly ' J am in deadly

earnest "

41 should like to hear v» hat ) ou know,

then "

'I shall try to tell ) ou In the first piuco thora ia the fact I mentioned thal Coi held has, or had, a pear) stud

' That is the point," I interrupted ' ne may have it yet, oa Cunningham has his pill Again, it may nevei ha»e been on tlie necklace, and ev en if it had, thou_,h the dis- covery of a pcai I belonging to anothei man on the dress or person of Mrs Coi field ovould be strong evidence against lum it is not very conclusivo evidence against bei?

husband "

"I thmk it js " she Bmd, "and what earthly difference dooB it niako whether Ihn pearl in his Btud waa ever on the nccl lace

oi not'"

"None," I replied calml)," if it was on Eomc necklace, and has been tin-coded bke

the others "

She hit hot lip, ind said rather snappish.}, "You are very irritating, Gerald You ask Jne to tell you my NJCVVB, and then keep on interrupting mc "

"Do I» I apologise, and I will he sdent

ns the tomb "

"Very well," said she, ' I w di hegin again, and leave the pearls alone at present I began in the wrong placo befoie The pia per place is i» iib the moll» o "

"Ves What is the motive' That pili-zlcs me," I rashly interrupted

"Oh, do he quiet, and I will tell you,' Sho answered, with i Nexcd littles laugh "I have told you that Mr Corfield was cruel to his wife, that it avast through a mesmeric influence ho hid over her that ho induced her to break, N» I th Mr Cunning ham, and mair) lum For some reason he »»OB losing that povver^-partl) I be hove, becauso I instilled some strength of vvill into her Ho NVOS jealous of her S)ie .u/as a Nvenlt little thing, lint as good as gold, and ho might have trusted her to the end of the Nvorld I knew them both better than most people could do Tho way he Jool ed at her soinetimesi made me slnvei I can easily believe-I sometimes did bt heve-that ho was plottmghtrmurderthcn

and she was certain!) afraid of lum I lemembered that this was the nineteenth centuiv in t tiiihsed toutitrv andtiiedto dismiss these ideas fiom my mind as nbsunl But still I was certain that he would be glad to see her dead and the moment I heard of hei death I ovas convinced, in my own mind, that he had sonicthinc, to do NV(th it "Will )ou idmit now that I uni not going upon nothing'' »_" "â <^_Jl.'^_i

'I admit ' T sud aftcr^reJlcHlioVJtiiat.

you hnvo shown stiongriciso

ubi, "id being picjuihtc'Ljik£i___

but I presumo that ^ mú"W fc ."vLOíL8"'» poit }our suspicions Uimylli újff . 0 e"

'Much moie^jshe Bait^Alijiiu'toly^dio»»; mg vouotht antectxIenfup^IiaJiiIil-pol-Cpn,

theor»_bciii_¿ÍSrrecl ^^IfôlçhavTotolj you hcvsjia jrâlous,'1 *,,? - «f.P-1*.*« -n. uig,f-l"%""'"»w' '? °o "' -

« bef8réws!ií^liclWaijiíige^_ilftuBb^^iti <»." tlmt5bor.i§cCvTOs thriiVjAlt-i^ifhSroiis!

,"% hmiW .Svtl.4® ,&¿ «.,£ ©;.&

. "0* Í>.fusa^íni9fói»iU ,.,?! sa.dSflbuS^arivoifjt.

9 í¡Xs«'«OTTO

. __*\Ar<ínOv¿ .0 ?",' < -

_,"" ..v-.,,.- a^-i-'à'iÈ^lV^i&VlfjJIlll! uig,.c\^n3CuiHiinglijiil^

-. ,. ..,.«.- . 'uliiiiL^iu0nirrVvCMoi3


Êd'hinT to

- --,--- , ,-«.,-*.-'il"- logged bun not,t^bo-migiv,with hei, to esk mo to lell*.--inuN»lnit#['J(iiew, and s|io was BUIO he would iorgijêjlû.r * She felt a picscnti mont of*sáíno c» ij, she said, mid w ould not Uko any thmgj'to ^happen to liei without letting him luio»»r_,fiisl that she was no1 so bad and hcitfUoss is ^je must thml "

"Did he tell you on) thin,- else' ' Ï asked

I_er ' *

'No What km! of thing (1O0NOH »can' ' ehe uiquiicd.

"Oh, nothing, ¡,o on I saul But I thought to mysolf that it wis (¡(¡ccr that he said nothing about his purdiaso of ellimo foi m to Doioth), if ho had an) cNplonation

of it tp offer

' Then Mr Col held < moe back, ' re «lined Doioth) Ho sun them tilking together, and must hove noticed that both of thom were lnoie or less oiorcomo willi emotion, ¡ind jon eui lnngine tho cficct that might have upon n jc dons man Ile must also ha\o hc-ud Mi Cuuninghun say that ho was going homo bj the last AAind soi omnibus Hint is ¡ill I have to SUN about motive But 1 think it is i good

deal "

So do I," I sold

"I am falod jon agi co with mo so tai ' she continued, mil now fin the cvidcmc I have not much certain!), but still I have some lo begin with theic ne linn M III Air Corfield s ovv n »toi v lol instance, IN hen I wont fust on J inlay morning the sonunls wcie ill lulling vbout the uiiun The) dcsciibcd Mi Coi lukis clothes ¡id being Ntl) wet »dun lit time homo on Huírsela) night No»» if »ou lcmcmbci, he 8i)s that lit pul his wife into u cib, nluted lindel shtltci at tho station, Nient down Chapel stieel slill multi iht «hellet of tht Ntitiiulihs to Ihe themist s and tlien tool i c lb home Plie question ii, Ho»» did he get BO wet Clossui" Chapel sheet would not do it, howe» ti hard

it was i lining

'\cs, 1 stud, thut fact certain 1) wants explanation '

Isoi» comes the it ost cxttooidinar» tliuifc of all, sud Doioth» closing the dooi and lo»»einig her voici thoiidi the sen nils were foi iwnv in the 1 itelien, ind no dnicer was to be iippicheiuled fiom the aunt, »vheicvor she w is 1 went agun to the house lftei the post moi tem exiiinin ilion Nins o»ei with i wicalh mid some (lowe!

It was hilf ¡«list 5 Hid gctlnu, dusk \ oil know whit o big hu ihn it is, md t»hut t laiiibhnt, old house A\ eil I thought I hem ii voltes m the ¡»irden and glancing in the direction fiom which tin) came, a ino nient nftc!»»iuds 1 ttiw ii mun Ile dodged immcdl ilcl) behind a lam c1 bush

but I cautfhl n glimpse of his fact J did i ot ex telly recognise it, and vet it seemed familial-icminded nu of one I lind nome wheic «con m a way thal haunted nie all last night and this morning, till suddenly I leinembtYicd tint it was the face of tho ahm m, Pin ku "

' Do jou know linn, tijou** 1 nsltcd

_\'u, bul Ins poiUait was published in >estei day's Herald,' »»here I suw it You think I flatter that imuer's art' A caliea

ture it may be, but still the likeness must be there If it hld been clearer, 1 should hav e recognised lum at on"c "

I could scarce!) believe tint Dorothy was not mistal cn-that i mole fanciful re scmbliiice hid not imposed upon bet sus picions ind hei oveiwi ought feelings, but she held stoutl) to hei opinion She would sweir, she sud, that tin mm she saw wis the mun whose portrait appealed in the "Herald " and she biheved the person to whom he was talking was Cor


' Now," she asked tnmph intly, "con j ou »a) that I have no evidence' '

Mo, I cuwot sav lint" I answered 'If )ou are nght, it is an cxtnordimiy fact tint Parker should be there But can ) on make mv nttempl to píete Hie c dence together-to make out even a plau bli theor) '

'Yes I think I eui ' she said, slovvlv ' Vt least it apiwars ele ir to me tint Parker wis in sonn w iv in lei¡,m with Corfield He mt) have diug-_ed hei in the cab thin pul her into the ómnibus at Chapel stuet md got out tgitiii ns Siticliit btigM-sted the pissengets whom Gunn drove did After wardh he prohibí) waited for Omi ningham Corfield would tell lum where ho hid been and what bus he meint to catch Hiving got Cunningham into the cab, Piikei told him Alls Corfield w is inside, knowing Hut would mike him get

out again "

"Surel), rnthir i nskv experiment, when he might hive left linn to himself to get in at Chapel stteet," I suggested

"It seems so certamlv,' she idnntted, "but if tint teabon had not worked, he might have hUggcstid another, to git rid of hu pissenger, and you must tecol

lect, on the other hand, thoie was live dinger, if he entered the 'bus it Chapel street where there are lights, tint he would sec Mrs Cot field is soon ii« ho got in I don t bay my theory is complile or flaw less ' she added energetical]) , ' but it is i beginning It iccounts for Alt Corfield getting wet, ho was waiting about some w Itere to see if t he schemi w is successful It accounts for Parker 1 icptng iwav, and being at Pan field house also foi his goint. back to the omnibus on the pretence of talking races, to see that Mt Cunningham fell into the trap '

"And possibly also for the wheel miilts in the drive," I ventured ' Thev may have been a signal from Pat ker to Corfield that all w is nght "

"Vcrj like!) " elie agreed, ' but we want more evidence-inuoh ínoie evidente-and I am going to get it "

She looked very berco und handsome, and I felt glad that she was not an enem) upon mv trail

' Arav I asl» how ' ' I said

"Oh, I uni no1 partnular how " she answered with a gleam' in hir i)es, 'so long is I get it The Cot fields house seems the best glenning ground I hnvi found something lhere tlready and 1 am going to instill ni) self then till 1 haVi found

more "

"Again mav I ask how ""

' Certain!) Mr Corfield wants a house keeper T saw Ins advertisement ni ' rite Argus ' this morning I xv ill keep his house for him-as long as ho neills a house "

"Do you suppose he will be such n fool as

(o lako von* ' I mid

'Yes, for he won't know who I am Havi you forgottm me in private theatricals '

I bind I had not

' I could mai e up as tit ilderlv widow so that )ou would not recognise me anil cet tnmlv hoxvont If) ou doubt mj npicitv

givo me ten minutes, md sie if you rai de- tect Dorotb) Lister in the fate xoiec ot uguie that tomes m to entertain von'

' Do no1 trouble " I sud AVhtlc I minni vom munellous cipacitv in the elim tele lint, I much pnfer ) ou tis jon nie Bul blip pose that von arc not detected and gel the billet-there will be i lot of npplicarits, you know \\ hat will you do then'

.«=> 1 von thing I can do »he answ oral 'I will dog Ins footsteps I will squeeze ex et y scrijijofgiiifonnation out of tin servants-if ,_'W_-*' **. "" '" '"-*''..'' ?." nlBhl it Ins door tiTlrenrfff he talks m his sleep-they ti) that ?imrílLi¡¡.n*_<lo

ATJjrto'this bet manner bud been almost T>aí«Vé* nid she seimcd to hicithc i

g"S.'8*«ibiil*'budilinl) it ihangid She cime eft eÇànil3aid her h md on nu arm, looking aLifiT iipbcibngh

o'-Jftnt think me quito i bi uto, Getild '

.Oi^'iWt;* Relieve mc I dont enjov the rolKi>f_tlie bloodhound but 1 am so utter]) &>J_T*y¡hil" '.lu" except for vou and I want jTflCJi_m ami ldvni uni! sjiiipath) I nut *'/"'_? '}?_''.! "°' '° ''"' e "" 'ne mcms in mv

_?w*cgi».o3>ioteet an innocent man who is

jjelvofrreat dangt r, nu ti to expose the one

vi guilt) '

")ou nie, I msweiel devoutly .."" "weie the fusl man, innocent, or

.rajilß "-¿liutowon t the hourn, the issotia .H*j¡m>Qind>)OHr gncf for Mrb Coi field un __tr¿_ij>\ou," and make von hcttav )our sfïiÎÏ,'-.« .

C' "¿»J»! don't think so,' she sin! quiell) »jH*nu,\"ieom a heattliss ti fpfyii^ jot 'Mrs Corfield n

ecl_ei_t in the mattci I was font! of her

t\nu,\"seom a heattliss thing to sav but

f\oi^_oi "Mrs Corfield is teillv what 1

lee* eist in

Jí¿-tjonrt" think mi conceited-it was

cliTonv because she le mt upon mc so ninth 1 licúa aie# people, von Inow, whom one likts .becuust they an ilipcttdetit und neuUone, not because one mods thom I miss Im,, but she Ins not undo n gteat blink* m4 my life and I am hure the pool lillie thing is hiippnr now, wlnievu she is than bile wis line No, what 1 feel tfiobfis tine «gainst Hie min who di bti nidohir happiness md, I think, bet life, and"dieu!'list boinconi else .should suffer ._ And 1 am cirtatn that the nicd of loolnes-s and cito will mnki me cool and cauful Mi Coi field is ii mini whoso clucrness ami ninning I nppieciato as much is I dittst his ilnrnctir

1 listened with mtetcst md s)tnpithv willie she desinbid bet fellings and told bet I believed she ivis justified, under the eitcumstances, m Irving to ctrrv her pio posed atlvinluii thiough 'but ' I added, ' jon must not understiud mo as subscrib- ing entiril) to)om views 1 mcrtl) think JOH have re ison for stibpnioti and u rj(.ht to dibcovn the ti nth if von i in '

'I mt sitisfiod xvith thal ' bin said 'And now, cm vou give nu in) ulvirc'

' M) principal idvice I answittd, is, don't be found out Lool out for tin peitl stud )oit spoke of liy and discovn who the man in the g nilen w iib, md there is one good old detective teeipu that ii is always

safe to follow "

'Whit is that"

Knp the ashes of the dies in anv topms that hi occupied on Ihuisdav night if )ou em (.el tlnni If he woie guilty-mind, I si) if-it is quill possibli linn might bl some picti of ivulince In would, wish lo deslio), and it is also possible ii might re fust lo be deslioveil 'suth things hive hippenul before ititi one nevei knows lint vour own quick wits und ejes will guide jou fir moie than 1 could possibl)


¡she was pleased lo approve of mv advice, mt] I was ibout to take my luive winn we heard Miss Libters voice calling bet

1 will be thcie iliiietl), Aunt," she nnsweied, and in ii pi) to my quistion whethit Miss Listei would let bet go, blie saul lb it bei aunt wis thoioughl) brokm in, md nevti mtoifered with her plans

I won t ask jon to stn) now, ' site saul, as 1 must sei about ni) application tis housekeeper and make mi foi the choral


One word before 1 go, 1 sind ' Shall I mention what j ou saw in the gulden, the stud or anv thing else, to Siuilur

' No, sav nothing al pitsint T |iavo not much faith m detecttves 'lliev nie often bungins, and might put Coifitld on his Mund "

1 think 5"U mu iiglil,1 I amil ' Good b)c, tale cue i>r )OUisdf und do )ou Know, I wotildn t ininti Ulunging phjcoa w ith Cunningham " \

(she held out hei hand with n smile I can t thank v ou enough far j oin kindness »ntl help," she sind, Im suio you youl regret it I will Wuto you u bulletin ever) morning and evening Mind >ou sa) no- thing ot the ongagemint xou hnvo hiird ol

(»omi bye" bin walked with me to the dooi, lind waved tin band to me as I ilobtd the wicket gate, and iiuxt minute tin pittospuium hedge bid hu fiom my w_,hl

(lo be Continued Commenced October Ö )