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Chapter NumberXI
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Full Date1871-08-25
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Newspaper TitleNorthern Argus (Clare, SA : 1869 - 1954)
Trove TitleGood at Last
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.. The reader must Be gqpd-natured,

And fallow the authdih to jfckipi' three I months of time" between' the close of"

thela^t 'chapter and the eve&tswhich;

ace to be mentioned in this.

Suppose, ah en, that, Walter andTom Vfere'paying another visit to the house of the latter. Suppose, too, .that Tsabel - wassail there. Suppose, also, that'she

-had thought of some plan by .which -'she'icould, as she expressed it?,' bring

thein'allto thmr senses."'' Supposing all this ;? let the reader pay attention, iandhe, will soon find out how things aregoing on.

Walter had still continued his suit

for Isabel's hand^awf ghe appjeajred %> encourage it; so much so that at last something like the following conver sation took place- " ' " "

? " Butj Mr^Lnc^Sj.if I; do^sav yes,; as you wish me to, I mustpfeel sure that you are thoroughly in earnest. I mean no offence; but while your at ^tentions to me have hitherto been of

the most flattering, nature,, I feel it slight to tell you that if I imagined you could ever grow tired or careless of me I ^should say, no$ no matter what |I might-at the time feel." i

. " Your heart must indeed be made of 'obdurate material^ to doubt the love thatl tell you of.; My language has .afwa^s *begn the; true index of my heart,"

" And you nowlove me alone ?" " You qlone." .

''Thentakemyhajid; mtfjr you never igivejme cause forhaving given it. To prov$ my regard for you, Waiter,; I ask to take-this broochj it is, I think, a rekl diamond. Pray wear it for ,me." ;

The happy,day, as it is called, was ?fixed), ana &n intervening month went 'by. The lovers (!) continued their ' performance | one that, at: the'stage it

the'nwas, ifps of little interest to others thanthdse concerned; except- perhaps to rEUeta,:who 'couldn't understand Isabel^ ;behavior at-all. .. .

: ip^bei had told more fibs than one during tlie progress of-the business. She' kad (Very forward and unladylike, jToii will say; but those forward girls nave generally _the sense'to keep them selves from any great-mess) taken change of; Walter*s letter to her fother, | asking for her hand; and sbe hadpro mikedto forward'it (whichshe didn't). TTwft "days afterwards she . received a letter, (ivhich she saidcontained her: ' father's consent, tp her marriage. They knew- that she generally had her own . waywhen dealing withher father, and

'aeve£: thought of the inprobabiUty of . his,giving his daughter to. a stranger,

.""Isabel decided thGat they Should be' i niarrjed at a church two or three miles

rfioKi ^tjtftey' were to ; ; cross the^Mer/Sqy earlyjin ^hp morning, ' procfeeding to the vicarage,, and thence

IjhllMh. . - Vt

On the day previous to that on , which fch£ weudmg' was to take^riace,

-yoctog i Wheeler ai^d. "VV^alter ^were^ talking together,' , wben e'the former' RBid- - T*

.. " I think you've done it now, old fellow.^ She's as rich as a bank. It's a r^pity you didn't see the old man, though, to have made proper settle "i&eifts.* ? t--'i- -: *. ?' . -,

- i " Tps; but to get you the thousand pounds we agreed for. I must , invent 'some tale about being hpavily in debt.

I; feugjjase1 her father is rich, as re

?Ji ^.Fye always heard so. Hold! you

hatie the brooch she gave you. If those j tdiamonds are real, Isabel must really I

ba ia ^jQueeih- t)F -Diamonds,' as we 1 ehaflmgly diibbed her. " Send them \ . over to one of. the evyellers, and h,e j will let you know to-night whether ' they are ;yhat Aey qeem. We cannot, | either of us go, as we sbouldbe mjsifed." .. Th^ ^rojposition was acted on.^and a

mes ?en get with' the ^aujondg(* jbo ;a: c leading lapidary in Liverpool, 'with instructions'to keep'tile matter quiet, : and genu wordbackon the s^me even

injras to .the .value of the stones.

lligbU>eaaae,-but with ,it no aiessen it-.gBii . Walter-crossbd -ithe :-river, and

toani the jeweller*! shop eloBed,'a«d

cad nothing to do buc to leave .word'

W»lh the ahop-porter that the message

trfi him>&t~ the ssicarage early the following morning. -

(To be /continued.)