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CHAPTER V. (contiwifd)^

Within a week afterwards Walter and his friend. were at the liouse of the father of the latter, at Birkenhead; when, in addition to the Wheeler family, they' met the lady whom it had, as we hare reen, been ordained that the adolescential Wheeler should marry. She was. on a visit to the family, although she knew nothing of the matrimonial bargain winch had

been made between her father and

Tom's, who were acjjuairi&nces of many years' standing'.* The name" of the former was JdhnHillary, and the daughter was Isabel, to whom the reader has been already introduced.

On meeting the two celibates she had the disadvantage of knowing- -nothing' of their unromantie^cbemes; etherise the coolness with which . she acknow ledged their courtesies vrould,haVe been more than them^unerism inseperabltT from her ordinary conduct-it would have heen the result of downright dis like. To anyone " with, raanlv, »r womanly feelings, such an arrange ment a$ that entered into by Walter and Tom would* -of course tie repug nant; so much so thai, it, made, even them think a great deal less of them-, selves than, before that'arrangement

was entered into. " . .. '' ?

ToW justified liiis share of the agree

ment by thinlqng that if any, persons' took the trouble to get hiui married without. asking or caring whether he aime4 at that happy state, they ought not to complain if fie made it iiis'busi ness to tbyrar t their benevolen t, designs.

On his part, Walter felt so! thoroughly ashamedof what he had done, that'he would liaVe shirked the fulfilment of the remainder of the con tract, had .he been- allowed to, But Tom would by no-means have that j having ©nee started the-ball- he thought that there 'w&s 'more fun as 'well as xhore profit in keeping it give# than other wise. Profit he Jcnew, or fancied he knew,there would be in going on j for if Isabel should have any preference for one or^hem more than theother^ it was for Walter. Fromthat, .Tom suspected

that his success as n Suitor-even 'had .

that" line been sincere-?

would have'been not merely dojibtful, but improbable--rnot to be thought of. For ^Walter,* who Really loved ? Ellen,; now that she had refused him, felt so savage at what He called her ingra titude ^at thro wing-away the chance of securing so fine looking -a 'fellow 'as himself, and iporin£ the love, &c., that jhe had ,^aidat her 'feet' .{a."con descension .that. he.,, would certainly not have made tomany),-that he, to show her that he could make' love' In another quarter witK.morevsuccess, be came (towards, Isabel) a very. Claude Melnotte in real life-with this excep tion, .that ^ his Patiline was a . ioore worftiy one'than ihe original"; though,' like her,. she .was .at irst rather de ceived in her lover-netas tohis wealth, but what was worse, as to his heart., - . ? -vr ' ';

It was with EHen as with the rest of the genus flirt-no ,sooner.did > she see that one whose heart ®he though t that she frad'the entire possessioti of be stowing .that heart * {e ven. apparently) on anotherj than^shp fefi as though' Her righto wepe invaded-she felt jealous. She beganto think that her behaviour to mm might have' |ieeii "too' ; she imagined that the old, old sunile of a moth which had singed its wio^s would hold good in Walter's case, and that his attachnien tto her would not hate flowed liimto think of any'one «se. Above all,Bhebardlyjpoiildsay that ^ did not like him, Tiut -she certainly did not care about relinquishing the S?8Ste'^l ^t^^^^f^ingle fife.


f)the?,yictim«, called back -to allegiance whenever she wished; but in him, at any rate, she frasmistakein, for ~alth(VJgMie^nd her brother appeared

oe rivals in obtaifiingloabel's regard

-Walter<se6med io b5 th'e winner; of i most of the fetf'smili&T&at she vouSh- ;