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Chapter NumberVII
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Full Date1889-07-23
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Newspaper TitleThe Colac Herald (Vic. : 1875 - 1918)
Trove TitleThe Bush Wedding
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[Br J. R .LoeOiLaS .] Author. of ,7lelburn -.Is ,'"Little Mothor,=' eMr. Baip -or "`;Mary'. ... Somerville 's - R ubtle," d . e. & " Well then,; ',at h;neifujto say1 s thisi If young Tom oly turns outatis wiell asihis: fatliertdhih :lido: . :I(Great applause). He'd ]?,?i st liiidi'ii'fgood patternr;. I only olipehe'l foillos it He's started wej' anyway. I've never seen anytlhing" rong wi~th him yet. (Applause).--As for his young missis, 1 .don't ,knownotliing about her; none of us don:t?-for, thi?matt.e.: or hoe ou 'i ?v?h hv inothingoto do with her. (A.general laugh; in which the '.yonngi niissus' cannot help-- 0joining, ;.seing mightily amused at this hde'first experience of bush oratory).~;a:rheresio e, thing. I know, if "she's only -as good as she looks, she'll do.,: lmihcn'se applause, which is sonimc considerable while. subiiLing, thi'le a rle iqiseies and adornments again. contributing.their quota to the generalr,-exeitement, the young bride blushing scuarlet'at so many pairs of eyes being directed towards her. A proud moni?i't this for hei-oi;dig husbaiid, wvho seemed fully to realise tlhe act. When the tumult hadesome.weha. quiieted down the speaker again-proceeded. "All I've got to say'is;, I "uisht 'em happy from my heart, and~ hey're,bound to be happy if they .o;lyistei to ?wat I am gbing to tell em They nmust pull,.wellhtogetiher, there -mustn't be nojibb.lin (a'laugh), nor noi,opullihn' different:ways-that's how one lidalf' the 5.oulples:- goes so .ciooked-not pullin', both: theoe -way. When~ you see two horsti'.ii' fi '" loulgli, 'iid one of 'em jibs, or woti' go, straight, the one as is pulling straight and honest soon findsitout; ad:verysoon beginsto jib-too-hlie aint a'goin' to do all the pullin', 'taint likely? then after a while if you don't -watch it he gets downbihcarted'di turins 'wit as irink a duffer as the otlier. , And its jest the same with .'iiiairried couple. Me andimy ;: oldgal here',"-sl:appingg the "old gal" upouUtheback, has pulled together a matter-of nigh on forty years f;'eli old gil ? (again hriiiingi his pondeolus ; hid' donin, upon her well-deielboped shoulndes). " And z we'vre'managed to pull;a .nice little bit,of flpropei ty together" too,! besides bringing up a family..of eleven, but we shouldn'thia' done it if we h'adn't phlle'd"' well together;- no -fear! Young Tom aind:hlis miissis hlis got a bright future before 'enm, if.they only Sdo~tsla't I fell 'em -pill'well to gether."' . ,-You seensm to.: know; all abodutit, old man," called outia jovial young fellow from the other" end of the room." ''Yes, my fine young gumis~icer;" replied the old gentle man,; ixing his eye, ins which :there was no little me:rriment, upon the. young' iiterjecctor, ' And youll know all abbi 'it, too,,when you've .reeaed a.fariilyof eleven, some of:'emi bigger thian you 'are though not lhalf so sarcy;il should hobpe" (loud laughlter), and lie cast a rognislh look around tlhe rooin fieling- thit lie Ihad quite aunihilated the,:' fitie young gum suiko'bT." :' The .young fellow deemed it wiseOafter- this to leave the old gentleuian alone, who evidently carried too heavy metal for him. "'bometines," contiiad:ld he,'a fter tilis good humored interriupton, "You've got. to-pull I:lien ~yo :collar' galled --you krow what I mean-me and my old \voiomn liis been colliar galled more than omnce in the early clays, so haveycu, Tomi but yonu've got to pull all"the: same for .that, and tlhat's ofteui the'time Ileen thliepllimi's most wanted. Am I right, Tom ?" again appealing to his old friend,:who again endorsed his statement. "Young Tom :mid l.his missis 'llII have: their troubles to nmeet-I' don't want to disheda.rten 'clum -ol they'll-.b ,:l good deal' lUckii;: thlan ost 'iifs 's if thlev don't. It's all hiripht a`and sunshiny now, but they must'nt expect it to be always that 'way. : Ile'll have his troubles .to meet; she'll have her's, and that's the time you find out What sort obf' staff Puicpled su ade of-niot rightlybefore,.for we can all of us be ple;alisat e?iough Wlhen tlings is going pleasaunt!and we get everything ourii own way, but it's when things is gqin' crooked yol find out wliat sort of stuff people's m-ide of. Me and m a;ld. wom?ii has kI iioved :lwhant at s.,;,t hove -, s .southerly, Wind in the flour bag, and not much chance of a chaiinge, 'but we didn't go mumliin'"and grumpin about, and shewin cislstiimess to one another, but donse all sI kino?ied to get out of it, and,weiddid get out of it, thanks 'bd to God, for thoungh.?I imnot,' what's called a religi 'ous man, I don't forget whlere all g'bood things comes from. But ls'1h'i troubles does comen young Tom anid his missis '11 have to help one anotlir to bear- 'em, jest as me and' niy'bldiohoi in liris done- thatl s jest' hliit tihei'll halis to dlb.- Aid some troubles li? 'Ito al e hore all through a .lifctiimehi; ut mnost of 'emn 'Il pass..asay if-so be thhey're only met :right, and' wlhen they lii?s-e passed away, theiy'll find,,they've brought1',emui uilosd. toIgctlr than' they would have beehi if theycd- ne.ver ha' comc,.if so - ebathey'sce helped oine anotherto:benar them, eh old gal ?" again7-l=hinging-'down "h-is'" "baiwiny; lhind upon hlis' golod old ilielpmate's shoulders. Thie old lady made no verbal reply, tnhe haippiness displayed in her ecery feature being a.sufficient end'semednt of afll hermluslanid lIaidl been saying. : !' Youung,' Tm's missis '1l find us a little rougli:'iup lhere, but she'll find us hearty; aild mayhe .the . long&i shed know uste httec1~;i's , hbe'il get:-:t9 !lie . us.W:. as.a ?t got:: the polisl of the towrvn folks-she's.been used. to,, but our hearts is in the right place for all that."- (Great 'ap plasise) i The old" gentlemaii; ishose voice ypss getting' a little ;!huusky from thequinaccnstmiined. strani: it 'haddieen subjectedto,. this .being tletniost, pio longed loi atorial elffort he hladi?d e?~ essa-eei, dowi moistened iiis., li.iis..m exaniple being followed by the, rest in the.rodm. "AAll I hope is young Tom and his missis '11 get along'as well: as old Tom and his missis has Sdone~-look well after the niain chance, not. go liunehing .out .too much a.'t first- -tut's the miistake maiay00:oung coluples makes--but go careful to work 'till they're got the fore horie by the Ilhead, and thou the v'cin:let out - little if they like. Gettin' on im life is jest like enlti vatii' --2'ou don't do it all at oico- you put ii a bit of wiheat s:y to-lay, and ahit t of oats at: another tiiie, and a bit of something else after that

igen, and so on, till by-a.nd-bye when vpu come to look aronnd ye, you.find ygu've got-well nighl as much as you can look after. And it's jest the same in gettinion' oi life.- All i::at y6ungn Tom and his missus has gist to do is jest to ,go carefill at fir:t., and then they're right: Most young people innikes the mistake of. wani'tmn to go a ittle ton quick at tfist-uanti' to i'un; before .they., can rightly. walk. Amit rightToni? ' 'Yod" we:re never nearer the mark ii ? our "]ife Ned, ireplied??i' litu?y?a one you and I 1 llie?rkno vn h`as made that mistake 1 aid found it .out., afterwards to their cost;i.?,i;And now; coiitinued Ned, I think I've well nigh"got 'to "'the end bf my tethir:. I didn t think when I st'itred llwas goem to spin a. long yarn like. this, butI'm somethingslike one of my.old: horses 'it takes a: good ilealto star ine;bi:t wh'ein.I· once :do get a fair start it takes t est'is mulch to pull nsa upiagen" ° '"Fir;e awaya old man,'.' calls;ont a. second Iollickinog young spirit'. '.lts as goodr.'is: gmin to' school agen to hearken to you; yon talk like.; bolok. You -can`: `pitchh-bette "thin Jack: Haslanm when::u !el :e star!ts about Spokeshave' and '"Bobbie Burns' and Tom M:oore'.'tid .Alla them chaps." (Laughter.) ,;::Yes, my young harem scarem," retorted Ned, tfixiug his mierry,i twirikliti ig ;eyeJ i5uiinth' young man," ' You're like,your mat'e down tlhrcti tat lint iin his oai jest now, you'll know all about it on?eof these fine days. ad 'itd's about time you begun to think of .doing what young Tohm as :jest done,;"ind not keep that pooi- gal' thee :hingin''on inuch longer."? 5This sally effectually silenced the; young'~fellow, ?iwhose sweetheairt by, his side blushed erimson at this pointed :illusion to their somewhat:protracted courtship, though probably not sorry in her heart- at the old gentlemann having thi6owsi out: this vwholesome hint' to her somnewhat loitering lover. A??'tll l've got to.s?y and my missis, too, is I ishsli 'em both hlippy firoii thie bottom of my hearst, God bless 'em, hud they're loioid tribe: hli~3py, let things go rough or let 'ei go smooth, if they oily! do :is I yell ,hemm=-pull Sell together:;' .le then. drained;his Mlass, aud:-resunmed his.- seat :midst the imost voci ferous: ?ind iirBolingdi ppl be use C ":. ":;. 'l be Coeitiiued. ;, 7