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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1904-06-20
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleAdam and Eve
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: And so ho shut himself up in his room ull through the long uflcrnoon, Qudiug what diversion liu could in thu pagoa of u Fruui'h novul. A littlo nfler four ho saw Harriot Newton cross thu lawn, and luko t ho path which led to thu wood. Sko ¥ kneed furtively up at his window. )o row tho glance nnd smiled eyni

vuuy, 'Sho is wondering whollier I sue hur —whelber 1 tihull follow,' hn mH to hiuisolf. 'Well, my lady, that depends on Groy Friar, If ho lows— yes I— if ho wins— most certainly not. Aly liberty is. veiy sweet to mo just now. If I can help it, I'm not going to givo it jjp to you,' At ten minutes to fivo his sorvnnl brought him a telegram. Ho just glanced at it, then crushed it passion ately in his linud, and, in less than a qunrtur of an hour, loft tho houso and olruck into tho wood in tho direction tnkon by Jlisa Now ton. Grey Friar had lost tho raco! Tho wood was n pleasant plnco on that Juno afternoon. Tho scent of hawthorn lingered in tho iiirj tho opnn glndes weio starred with (lowers, and birds wore calling to their mates from almost overy bouph, It was a pity that tho young lady who walked through thosn pleasant gladiM should wear such a discontent ed look; but perhaps it was not to bo wondered at, considering her state of mind, Although sho had snokon with such proud indiU'erenco to Jfrs, Cnrnaby, Bho was by no means indillVront in her heart. In her wny, sliu was in lovo with Philip; and though it was true that sho had offers in plenty, sho

knew thoro wns no man in .England slio could like so well. Tho strength of her liking, of course, added to her jealousy, Sho was bit terly jealous of Evo Forrester; and it was of Eve's beauty sho wns thinking, grudgingly and enviously, as Bho walk ed through tho woods with compres sed lips nnd moody brow. 'Ho neglects mo shnmofully,' sho said to horself, 'And it is sinco ho bJW her at tho ball, Ho had all but mado mo an offer only tho day beforo. But I'll keep my word and go homo on Thursday, I'm resolved on that.' Tho next moment sho was faco to fnco with tho man who was causing her all this disquietude and, bitt unions. Philip Carnaby turned into tho glado and stood beforo her, with tho old plcnsant smilo in his eyes— tho smilo which had done much to win hor heart. 'I thought I might find you hero,' ho snid. 'I don't think I noedod much find ing,' sho retorted, 'I wns in tho drawing-room for two hours, only you didn't linppen to come in.'

I wna in my room with a hoad ttohn,' 'Oh, indood!' 'Yes, indeed, Why do you speak in that tono ? Thoro was a time when you would havo been a little sorry to near I was in pain. Of eourso, I know you havo ceased to care foe mo, but you needn't show it quito so plainly.' 'Beforo you reproach mo with chnngo, you should be suro you havo not changed y^ursolf, Mr Carnaby.' Sho spoko coldly, but her pulses thrilled. Sho could not bo indiiloront to him, now that ho was walking by her side, his dark eyes looking down into hor own, 'I only know vou havo boon oruolly oold to mo of lato.' Ho utterod tho charge boldly, Ho was shrewd enough to seo that it wus tho only way of dealing with hor. Ho must forestall her reproaches, if possi ble; if ho could forestall thorn, ho must parry them as best ho might. 'I?' Cruelly cold? Whatever do you moan, Mr. Carnaby ? I am not consoious of boing ooldor to you than to othor people ? ' 'Perhaps not; but then, if I hnd dared to flatter myself that at ono tiino I was more to you than other peoplo, of aourao, I feol tho difference,' Ho spoko softly. His dark oyes still sought hers, But sho avortod hor fnco. Sho wasn't _ going to bo talked over

»l«iiu iiu uiiauy aa mat., 'Dear mo, Mr. Carnnby, I fnnciod you woro a grout deal too much occu pied olsowhoro to huvo a thought to spare for mo.' Ho understood tho allusion, but pro tended not to undorstnud. Ho tried another move, 'Tho grontost ourso that can happen to a muu is poverty,' ho said. 'That is the conclusion I havo oomo to in the last fortnight.' 'Indeed! I wondor why ?' Sho spoko disdainfully still, and ho know ho had not overcome her resent ment yet; but ho didn't mean to beat about tho bush any longer. Because, if I }latl not been u poor man, I could hr.vo asked you to bo my ' Again her puIbds thrilled, hor heart beat quick. Ilia wifol ]t ra a plea Bant thought I Her look nud voico, however, woro i.r!,1)roudly coW IU) Bno replied U( couasn 1 know you nro tnlkinjj ''?'.1!f' Onrnaby. You don't moan whut you Bay, 'I do mMUI it, X Vm 710Vm, „ j earnest in my lifn, Hnrriot, v-m know how muohl can, for y0l,.' You ,mwi havo own it long ngo. You're so f|tr abovo mo in every wuy tlmt 1'vu hesi tated to nmka tho ol?«,r. Jh,t ]'vu blurlnd it out at lust. Um-linjr, bu kind to inn. Say tlmt I Wuy hone.

sty uuu Boino Hay you will bo mini.' UU pmssod olosoi- to her Hide. Jlo essayed to t alto her hn,,-l, nml prentu 6(1 1 o slip hia arm round her waist, himiitShip,.iiw w wi ™v -™ ?i2V, TCnrnnb'v- T enu say no » eh lluns, I am sorry you have made the offer, because L couldn't possibly accent it. Wo hnvo ulwuya bcJn E00't| friends, and, if you pleuSn, wo%?j never bo anything nioro,' She had not the slights intention Of icaUy fiivmg |um up. jn tJl0 (,m| she meant to tako .him; but ho should hnvo to plead a groat deal more hum bly and moro ardently first sim would oxaet her full pound of ll,.sh in tho way of wooing, ILko a veritable fe

malo Shylock'. And, besidus, ho sliould givo tier some promise, some oNplnaa tion, in regard to live Forrester. Ho bit his lip in his chugrin. Ho partly understood her motives, lie be lieved he could/ win her almost m spite of himself if he chose to try hard enough. Hut it is not iwy to make pnssionnto lovo to ono wo man whilo every pulse nud nerve ot on-j's heart is under tho empire ot another. However, his financial position was desperate, and tho tiling must be done. This exceedingly disagreeable voiiug woman was his solo means of

sulvution. 'J hero was no wuy ol pay ing his creditors snvo out ot her two hundred thousand pounds. Ho set to work vigorously, and without delay, 'Harriot,' ho snid, 'if you really mean that, it would bo kinder to put « bullet through my heart.' 'Oh, dear no, Jlr. Cnrnaby. Such a wound couldn't bo healed, You gen tlemen tako other woumfo lightly. You never die for love. Indeed, for that matter, J can't possibly believe you havo any love at all for mo, after what I've seen and heard of your at tention* to that girl at Woodbine

'Harriot I' 'Oh, yes, I know what I'm saying, Mr, Carnaby, The girl is a .very pret ty littlo thine, and, of course, you'vo a* right to plcusu yourself, Only, you mustn't ask mo to bclievo in your love for me,' Ho affected deep amazement. 'Little Evo Forresterl Why, sho's a moro child. What on earth can havo put such a thought into your head ? You must know— you do know— that I never cared for any woman in tho world but you. Darling, don't bo so cruel to mo I Your coldness this last fortnight has boon almost more than

could boar, I fauoied it was bocuuuo was poor that you slighted, mo so. It is that that has kept mo back Jrom speaking. But it is impossible tlmt you should doubt my lovol' 'You menu it is ' impossible that I should believe in it,' sho said in n low voico. But it was a softened voico; and ho know it. Thero wns a rustic sent near by, He lod her to it. nnd seated himself by her side, and onoo there, ho got possession of her hand, 'Hurling, don't bo so oruol to mo,' 10 murmured. 'I think you women hardly know how you can tormeut a man. Evory cold look of yours is u stub to my heart,'

I m suro you don't expect mo to boliovo that, Jlr. Cnrnaby;' but her voico wns still a soft/med ono, and hor eyes drooped rather consciously. Ho, looking at her as she Bat thus, was contrasting hor with Evo, nnd cursing tho fnto which condemned him to havo to pretend a passion for hor. Whon a man is haunted by tho imngo of a lovely, girlish form, whoso round ed Blenderness is a perpetual feast to tho evo, and by a faoo of the most bo witching fairness, it is certainly a lit tlo hard on him to havo to comport limself as n lovor to a tall, stout.

iroud-shouldcrcd young woman with large features and a dingy skin, Howover, Thackeray has said that loyo is over most eloquently uindo by tho man who feels it not; end Philip Carnnby certainly acquitted himself very well, ' His voico was liko a caress; his eyes looked with impassioned gnzo into tho dull,_ hazel ones which were so' sadly inferior to those other oyes of tender, liquid bluo. lie nrossod Harriot Now ton'd Angora as ho had pressed thoso smaller, slenderer ones of Evo; and presently ho stolo an arm around hor waist and pressed her closely to him, 'Darling!' ho whispered. 'Jly own dnrling! If you only knew how happy

it is In your power to mnko mo! I wondor how you can find the heart to torture one who loves you ho!' Miss Newton wns not proof against suoh wooing as this from a man of whom sho was in truth very fond. His honeyed whispors were liko sweet est music in her curs; tho touch of his fingers thrilled her, Tho impassioned gazo of his eyes sot all hev pulses beat ing; and' when, growing bolder, ho drew hor hoad down and laid his lips on hers, she mndo no further attempt nr resistanco, but Iny in his embrace content.

'You are mino, nro you not ?' ho questioned softly. 'H you really want me,' she whin pored back, 'My own Harriet!'1 And then he kissed her again, nnd, looking down upon her fnco at thoso close, quarters, told himself that sho wus oven plainer thuu ho had thought. After this, Miss Newton, of course, yielded herself up to the sweets of be ing caressed by her newly-accepted lov or; but sho hud by no means forgot ten her Into causo for jealousy, and presently she suid— 'But now you' must proiniso mo something. You must novor speak to live Forrester noruin.'

He kept his countonujico in good control. 'My dourest girl, if you only know how thoroughly you are mistaken!' ho said. 'I Imve talked to her a lit tlo, as ono talks to a pretty child— nothing moro.' 'Woll, if you want to tulk to protty children now, you must let mo chooso them for you,' said Miss Newton, 'My durlini!1, you shall chooso for mo in everything. I am content with having been allowed to choonu you for my wife.' But, even bh ho thus spoke, ho was rnekiug his brains for some means of evading her command without nnger ing her. If she were going to bo a spy on him and Eve, it would be more than he could bear, (Suddenly a daring idcu rushed in up on him, ,

'You can mnko yourself quitu easy about tlmt littlo girl,' ho tmid placid ly, 'rtliu is leaving thin neighborhood. Thero ia nothing for her to do at thu farm, and kIhi is taking; a situation.' 'Oh.' Nuiil Miss Nmvlon, considera bly relieved. 'So much tho bolter. Of course, I nm not really jealous of a girl in that stntion of life; but still, for her own peace of mind, it is just as well thnt she should be out of the wuy of your admiring looks. Thoy

might turn her head, oven if they did no \rsrse,' As slm spoko, she nestled comforta bly to him, and looW-d archly into Iuf. face with a look wlusli plainly asked for kisses; and ho, inwnrdly execrating his hard luck, gavo them to her with all duo protoni'o to tenderness, though in Iii:s heart of hearts ho longed in stead to shake hor soundly, or to box her ears,