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Chapter NumberIX
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Full Date1884-07-26
Page Number5
Word Count1035
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleSingleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954)
Trove TitleBonshaw: A Moreton Bay King
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usocttfts it was rumored that the whites fcf ipproftehing to runko nn attaok on the pge of King Bonshaw's tribe, Triggs at e:; daettcd the camp. While tho uneven

lagle vas going on at the disputed goige, (wu near at hand watching the first syrap sa ot weakness or defeat on tho part of tho sfcs. Tho villain had forgot tho kindness i:ro (owarJa him thefo m&ny years. He wot bow they had protected him in former is.', and since then they had kept him in iJacsa and hud givon food to him when all iios in the camp were famishing. Ho for il all this, nnd with t"' Vart oi a coward ho uisd with io&r lest an;; of the natives might at him in his hk , ' ig plnce, and fervently :jcd that overy nr.tivo would bo extermin ifj. When the natives began to give way tlhad begun that fatal retreat towards the en's, Tri;(£!? oracled from his hiding pladc :1,&5 it ho had all along been taking an ".ire part in tho fight, rushc-J amongst the ;w3o.:tof his countrymen. Homo of them swjnistd the squat figure nnd brutal features i lie convict, and scowled upon tho villain iliiat he wished for an opportunity to retreat fc!o tho scrub. A fow hod dismounted and JieoJeaninj; over tho prostrate form of Mr. wntan, who soon recovered consciousness. jiiifip was landing uncomfortably outside jiis circle, nnd hourd .Mr. .Sc.inlan offer a lrjo xaw&rd to anyone who would kill tho ?:g> or bring proof that ho was .mi. He resolved to gain this reward : Ki the good opinion of his fellows Jijtho murder of the redoubtable king. This J?, wth nil hia lirutaliiy and vice, wished jojiin ithe good opinion of his fellows, and, a possible, to got bnc): into their noeiety ; now c-'Mver wan tbo time, ho said to himself. A? ten as the party left tho gorpe for the camp MfZi disappeared. Hi* first concern was to frd tho whereabouts of Amoretta; to know jjKue'sh* was, wns to dieoovcr where he would ?>ooi], U? watched tho party from a treoap n?iY tho cnup; saw them sovor tho bodies ?raa tho fouls of two infirm old women, ?o? hair bad grown white, and who were jMu?gin the sun, all unconscious of the. sMtuat bad been waged so noar them, and wine raw the camp fired, fio exulted in Ufury of the firo, and in the ido.T, ot young sfcMlan beiug burnt to death; but his i MUyolent disposition wu? soured when he jWAmorttta come out of tho hut, and Sean w carried out in time to eacapo from tho 3MDC3. * j 'Whentb party reached Pine Station, "WMd dogged (heir steps, and prowled wm the house until long past tho witching I I hi ftml cshnu ?tM, ho crawled into ?j f h , rnt ttunk of a g'eantio cucalyptufl, 1<54 tell asleep. Jiw night was quiet and peaceful. Tho .woni ificd her bright beams over the nur waaduig country, and lit up tho little hill on \w J w i 6lBtion n o"3o was built. The itse of the creek was clearly marked by tho :'t sd , 0 "' o£ trees that crept along its <2 T tv." lho mou ?'tti? cast a deep shadow <to the surrounding country. !i w k moon ha<l fnvellcd lialf Jior night's fj ? <iuiot was over all. A l*m that feat a shadow trailing behind wna *f y but ra I' ill| .v threading his way eul ? i m T' aina tOWM^3 the creek. After tfTF iL ob3Crvi "B tho Ground around he '£ S 7l M " S8 " 10 creek nnd lftl^e, ' on Z?£ P ' ?, b?nk - A ?o?h?r pnnso and look 'X d f cehni: satisfied that all was safe I U Pu-? R lftr o? trco ncnr tho hoii?O ? 0 lt? ? Vl ' hm , itB Bhadjw - I'rcsently tho Jind I'm J, " B /ox ,iontc<! B cnll r ?" lil ? ?< ?lvi,K^ ger os P eet nnt look the visitor ffi' 'V? hol,se - A second cry had hardly to die aw?y |,?f oro tt lora(vle (iguro iSi t l,own ' kM P' n X 'n tho Hhftdow of tho I tW? i" Thn vii,itor '" the shadow of tnl 6 ", 00 , 00 )ett his Portion, and eagerly lutiho thl ' "PProaohing figure. It was uhUo n ? aC ? ?l il for him to leap 01 11 ? ?""? foncoand da!i P thG f fa"lJCuie ? : iClf,r 1 , hM , (ll y niet botoro a report like f?st Otho death-liko Btillneesof the I iuddr e nT arking ? f (IOSH aml t,lO I,oisc ,j{ men 12 nt , '""neaiatfly followed ; lho I tS aye riU!)w ?ed with a Bharp, clear, I eh , , ut, a - ni[ Rent Uw echo rolling round P'XS'm" 13 aUd ? Ver Vftlloys lmknown heettitionwere out and crowding i-Vro?',.? i "I ? who Wlls kneeliug over the I of a man. I uglit of the moon bad become brighter.

The ftjuat figure of a man was Been strug- Rliiig-<Vvtir-thi> cockatoo -fanca—lle appronshod tho uroup, gun in hand. -;."Stand, Trigsjs, or you'ro a dead man.' , ?':'.''*.'l'H Btnnd if you wish it, boan; but I've dona tho right thing this time, an you'll soon SCO." "It will be the first timo then." : " Como here. Is your gun unloaded ? " " It id, boHB." "Now don't you move." Annio Scnnlan came trembling down the garden. A glan?o showed her tho situation, and with loving and sympathetic tenderness sho wound her firm round Amoretta's waist. Those who had known him recognised in the. prostrate body the renowned and once dreaded King Bon.diaw. "Good ho.ivens ! who has done this" Trigg?, you yillian 1" cried Mr. Scanlan. „ No answer was mado; but all oyes wnra turned on tho scoundrel, who trorabled not for tho deod ho had dono, but for its conso quencoa.'