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Chapter NumberVI
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleAn Astounding Marriage
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BY A. CORALIE STANTON, , ! Author of 'A Jealous Woman's Plot,' ' 'The Other Woman,' 'His Enemy's ? - Hand.'

CHAPTER YI.— (Continued.)

No good spirit warned her that this - was the man she should shun as she . would the plague ; and, unknown to' her. brother, his rich voice lingered in her^ ears,his little bits of quaint wisdom in her .: :jnemory, and, most dangerous'bf all, she indulged in a little day-dream every now and then, in which he played no second ary part.

' VV hat do you t Hint , ol Mr, jvienzies r the asked Irma once, as the girls sat in the little cosy, sitting-room, within ear shot of the clattering cups in the tea rooms beyond. She listened eagerly for Irma's answer. She was almost frighten ed at the intensity of her wish that Irma ,— clever, far-sighted Irma — should think well of him. 'I think he is better than he is .paint ed,' the girl answered. 'I don't like the. character commonly ascribed to him at all. I hate a cynic — a man who pulls ? down all your most cherished beliefs, and gives you nothing in return but an epigram. But I liked his conversation when I met him the other night at your ball. I liked his views, and. I like lots of things that John has told me about him.' , 'What things?' asked Mary, 'with faintly-flushed cheeks. , ? - , . 'Many little kind actions,' Irma an swered, with a quaint smile. -fAnd many very kind and very big actions— all done in the dark, without reclame. John knows a widow who has six boys., She is very poor, and three of the boys are brilliantly clever. The woman has no ; especial interest to Philip Menzies, ex cq't that he once saved her life ; but he has given all the clever boys magnificent educations, and started those -who- are not clever in a more suitable way on their life's journey. That is only one case. John says he has heard of dozens.' ; 'How splendid !' breathed Mary,1.' her eyes glowing. 'Does he not deserve to 1 be rich?' ? *'

? 'Ah, my Mary, that's'the kind of thing you love to hear about,' Irma said fond ly. 'I wonder how much of that wealth of yours has found its way into needy pockets!' ;|. Mary; ended the conversation abruptly. That evening Philip dined en famille at Berkeley-square, and he would gladly have burned his eyes out. rather than meet the look of enthusiastic and tender admiration that flashed unconsciously from Mary's dark eyes to his. 'Oh, to be worthy to touch her Hand ! ' was the bitter cry of his heart. ? For he knew the truth now. He lov - ed her. A few meetings, a handclasp, a mad beating of his heart at the sight of her, had taught him that. He who had sacrificed a woman's high pride .to ac quire security from such weakness would have gladly given ten years of his life '.to undo that action, to be free in honor 1 to win that very woman's heart.