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Chapter NumberXIX
Chapter TitleSeth Rosedale's Arrest
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Full Date1898-02-23
Page Number27
Word Count1431
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Newspaper TitleThe North Queensland Register (Townsville, Qld. : 1892 - 1905)
Trove TitleThe Mystery of Sea-Towers
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iSetih Rosedale's Arrest

It 4nust Jlot -be thought that during all this time -Detective Bruce M over looked iSeth Boeedalte's tpossible con coction with the mystery.

'Fennrvilte <C6fctage hadi been -carefully watched Jby two local constiaMes in pliaixii tdottiies; but imtil th« striaiige storj^jaf 'Mrs 'Dalberit's slngniair appear

anee In the haunted chamber toad reached the ears of the detectives, there had1 been no positive grounds for malking amy special .move in that quarter. A portioai of Mr Bruee's tousi nesa in. Melbourne -.toad1 been t*> find

how tar Jhe was -authorised <to go in re gaxti, £e$h Itosedaie, and now in the unexplained absence of Seymour he beat-his steps towards Femville.

The ihouse lax. which Beth; Kosedale bad taken, up Ms abodesija^<MissBal lan±yniehad. inherited Sea-»C9jiffi Tow ers, was; situated mear the cemetery, and overiooked bofch ifche Towers and -the JPacifijc. .It stood completely iso iated^and had originally been built for a»umii^i5esid<enjee.i)ya city tcades tnon. Mr Bwice iound Ctosedale quiei ly at wk in his garden, and om be ing asked into the house he went to the ipoiiwt at twice.

'I am Detective Bruce, of Melbourne,'

Mr Rosedale 'bowed, as though die Information gave him (unexpected plea


. 'You know Mrs Dalbert, of Carlton,

I 'brieve-a cousin <of the late Kay momd Ballautyne, of Sea-OIiCf Tow ers ¥ ? ? ? ?? ? , .. " ? -

'Yes,' said Mr Roeedale.

'She is proved ito be connected .with the jnyeten^s dfe%ipeiaTiaii!c^ at the Towers,' said Braces firing a shot eight lata t he enemy's camp, as he thought.

Tou surprise me,' said^ Kosedale, showing great interest in%ie debec

ttve's wbremufioo;

'Doyou know anytMngof her recent movemeafe 2' asked ®ruce.

'She called 'fiw half an boor the day before yesfcerdiay,' replied -Rosediale; *but I 'have not seen her sinice.'

?May II ask*, the nature of her fonsi-' ness with you T eaifl - the detective.

.*CerstaSn3y, she called to tell one ab out what ss'he had read of thfe <iisap

peaiaiiice of Br Strong, <ahd! to talk' oyer the affair., r am of course deep lyinterestea in the matter, having been so long (res ident at /the Towers

during thel&edameof thetate owner.1

'Ane ydu aware that there fe a, sdb terranean vault or chaaifl>erbelo>w) the tiofthefnfportionof.ta^ mahsi«n^ amfl that a remarkalMesprinig-iift -works from thefirepfe'ce,' asked Ikuce,

INo, certainly not,' said; Bosedale. There as, however/ answered the de tective, 'and Mrs Dalbert knows of it,! aod' the' ^enerai opinion is that you know about it too. You are any prison er Mar Rosedale.!:

Tbedetective bad covered himwith a reviver.

fYoucan q>ut up the shooting axon,' said the man quietly. I shlall mot at tempt to evad/e you or escape. I don?i think, however, it 'wall Just, now be worth your while to arrest me.'

'Why not T asked Bruce.

- ^Because I am In a {position! to bar gain with you for the life of your fel lorw officer. If yon arrest one Seymoui will "be dead 'before you <3ao «end« him any assistance. If you will take me to tJhe Towers, andprtxmise me omehour's immunity from earnest ot pursuit, I will show yoq the whole thing, and enaMe you 4o save "Sey mour's life.'

The detective 'looked at <his prisoner as he anxiously iturned the .yhole mat 4er over in his mind.

'Where fs Mrs Dalbert T he asked, 1b HeUxmroe, I beJIeTe/

*Y<m had better come with 'me op to the Towers.'

'Aire you going to act upon any eug gestion T asked Rosedale, aaixioiasly,

"I am not,' said tlie detective decided


The two men looked at each other for a anteute, and then. Bruce stepped close alp to Rosedale, -with a ipalr of handcuffs ibetiween Ms fingers, one liand still heading the revolver. Be fore the mass knew what was trans piring Brace had handcuffed -him.

'Now,' said the detective 'sit doiwti for a moment, while I talk to you. First of all this is the warrant author ising me to arrest youat this he showed -him the document upon which 'he had so suddenly acted.

'I must now warn* you,' he cotntinu ed, that anything you may say can he used against you at your trial.. At the same time, if you give me <any in foinmaiti<Hft which will save f urther sac riiftce of life, as in the case of Detec tive Seymour, which you have referr ed to, it <will he tJo your advantage.'

'I know nothing whatever aibowt it,*

aj^Lid Rosediale, suddenly changing his I


'Oome now, don't make a fool of

j yourself, sir, siaid the detective. 'Yon I have just given yourself tawiay



completely by offering to show me the nietiEad of working "the lift at the Tow ems, aaid! *by proffering to save the «Me of Detective Seymour if in danger. You Imow all about tiMs matter and will pndbably have to stand your trial for murder, so you need not mow eomt any of that tomfoolery.'

iSeth Rosedale -was atjout to reply, a scowl d«; his face, wheal there came a peremptory rap upon iiie -?ter door, which was at once opened by the seryamfc

; 'Mr <R»sedaie in T

; *Yes, sir, will ywu please wait a mo. jnnent,' sa5d: the woman ,in an agi tated tone of voice.

«EDas ihe any one with him V asked the voice, as its owner pushed his, .way 5nto5)the house.

Seth iBosedale looked at Detective Bruce, and; the police officer looked back at 1iim.

' Tool see I was onily just an. time,* he said, 'that's Seymour.'

furse (him,' said -RosedaSe.

A. moment afterward Seymour stood wMh them in the room.

'I see that I am too late to make the annest,' tie said' smQliifig at bis tfeQJow ofl&eer, "but I have the evidienee.'

^Whafc, is it T asked Bruce. 'Murder,' replied Seymour.

TOadf we not better go on to the Tow esrs,' said ®ruce, who althaagh greatly pleased? at the turn in events, and also at the safety of his colleague, felt that he was noit exactly taking first ©lace in tfie effflir. , .

'No, r 4Mnkr we ?had abetter get our -prisoner to a.saEe place first, audi se cure 'Mrs Daibert; besides it will be better to give Dr iStrosngand Mas Bal "another^ day of quiet befiore, we hiave amy further investigations at

the Towers.'

As 4>hey were completing their ar rangetnerits to convey Rosedale "to the ciity, Seymour wrote a note to Miss Grace Strong telling flier that the prin cipals in the Towers Mystery had teen arrested, and that they need be nmdet no alarm duriutg the detectives' ab sence; that they might rest assured there would be no further annoyance to them on account of the Towers mys tery.

He showed itlus letter to Bnioe be fore sending at, >but the laMer demur


'How do you kanosw T he asked,' ittiere may be other accorftplices ?'

"If there are, said Seymour, 'tfoey can not get a'-ecess to the caves, for I have barred and tbolted the only enhance oufcidie the house.'

"Clie <saves !' exclaimed Bruce.

'Yes, I nearly lost imy life dowr* there? and bad as queer an adventure, as even a, detective seldom meete with said Seymour.

'But bow did you get down there.

and hoiw return ?* asked Bruce some what excitedly.

'It's a fairly long &tcry,' said 'Sey mour, 'and there are one or two things I should1 like to -have further explain ed by Rosed ale, so I think the best .plan will *be to leave fit uzitil we are started <t.o drive into MeltKwrne/

1Ali Tight V said Bruce, -but he felt sore that his fellow detective should have «o far got~the ^better of him. /I cait also tell you a few things which I have discovered about Sirs 'Dalbert.

(To be ^Continued*)

Once a Year-"The Edgerton children have a good time Christmas." "In what way ?" "Well, their father is a doctor, and ifeheir mother lets them eat" everything they want."

Edith-"Do you think it is wrong to say dam T " Berfcha-"Perhaps snot -, but when one is vexed, instead of say ing 'darn,' r think it is more ladylike

?bo fcttit one's brow."

<BDe-"I notice that the scientists have «otme hope of being aMeto coon mirnfeate with the moo<n. "<She-''Good gracious me ! I hope the. .maoa in the moon is no tattle-tafle."

Really Impossible.-.To'mmy-"Paw, ?what is an extraordinary session of the legislature ?" tMr Figg-"One in which no fool 'bills were passed would

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