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Chapter NumberXVII
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Full Date1898-01-19
Page Number28
Word Count628
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Newspaper TitleThe North Queensland Register (Townsville, Qld. : 1892 - 1905)
Trove TitleThe Mystery of Sea-Towers
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Iiiv>tlie aneantime things were going" , l>adiy with Graee Strong aaid Beatrice Ba^aiat^ifi at 8%iAni^e:- Cot&age,;'

It wf^l'be remembered -that we are

, fiqwireferfing?to <the secoaaJ imoman^

following the disappearance of Dr. T Sfrc®g. ' : .'. .

jSlCtouiafed -by the ptromise of reward held out by Grace, a thorough system atic search was Jbelpjg ana4eof the wliole iboarhood iby police <*m «fcat>les ai%L detectives, i fThe froublc was ttoat tdrey ; 'had »o «iqe .to start them upon tlhe fight tracik.

. ; Witih splendid loyalty to iber brotft ">.er, wfoo had gaven iBD®Jicit outers that

aotMng was to be told Miss BtaMan tyne wi ieli .was likely to dfisfcress 'her mind, the brave girl had carried her trouble with a. composed;.exterior, and kept _ Beatrice In ignorance of the cause <of "her broiler's coaiitinued1 ab sence. But it was evident this moru ; ang .tlfiat -matters could, -not eontinwe so

any longer. The lines of care were Hemigfihening upon her sister's face, and tio what she would she coaiM not je «nove a"jl ^jracs of overnight weeping.

"Mis®. (Strongs I am sure that there as something the matter, your ibrother 5s ill, or «omet3ring (has happened to Mm.? iGitace!" tslie saM, dropping all formality as she saw the shadow of St great feiair pass over the giro's face.

'Grace !te!l me what lias hlappened to .


There were .tears <in Grace's eyes; . Suit s'lie still oonsfcrolied herself. *I

promised "him .to tell you of nothing wMch might distress you.'

Then lie has l>een nip at the Tow ers and i^s disappeared?' said Beat rice with forced caimsniess'.

'Grace,' she continued, bursting in ito tears, *it As my -fooMsh silence that

!h&s killed Mm'

'Whatever can. you mean?' exclaim e'd^Gi'a.ce in astonishment.

But the only answer iBeaitrice gave was a passionate flood of tears, and it wa<s not until some time afterward .that she *odd Grace of 'her strange ex jperience on taiendght of lisr first sleep ~~ aiiig at -the Towers. The face of Grace

Strang wore a very serious aspect as (Beatetioe told her "the Whole of her


'IdMnSc <that you liave done wrong -Beatrice,' she said simply, 'in with fcoMing sraeb imjporfciimt iraformatioin, ibufc at may relieve you to know that any (brother had some sort of warning ithaifc foeneaiflh the Towers there was an


. She -then hurriedly itoUd BeaitaSce of ifche etory afoorat the gold m'iae, wihieli (had ibeen told ioher 'brother. After a tong and anxious coosufeuiaon they then decided to at once inform the de fectives wlho were then engaged upon jthe-case, and who for convenience, and to axMissiire' !the servambs, Were stopping at tiie To were. It would not fce necessary, said Grace, to tell them ciore tha» wtiat had "bcien told the doc tor, except that #hey should urge them ^to investigate the bedroom from wihich «the lawyer and doctor 'had -ljofch disap ^earted. .. . . . .

'I must go witih you' safid Beatrics, 1 feel quite strong.'

. Grace did lier best to dAssuajde her, tout witasoist success. It seemed as if ^a-a«aad ,was lifted' off tiie anindof Bea itricev Ahat sfoeihad at la^tshaxetL ii«r dreadful secret with a friend, hadiu {fused new vigour aaifco jher wiiole ^naane. .'j v.

Oraice's whtde anxiety, 5iowever, wa s mow ifor lier Ijrottier. "However did I <overfook what fte "had ®aid^ albout ttie excavations; let us n?t lose'a minute. 'Are you 'sune Siart yon cain walk ftoo


-vAaid so they linrried off tfcogether to ward whene taie great ibelt of <fir trees

UritK tfi© white v£ i%te Tow

?rs stood against 13ae eastern lior dzon, and tosyooid' wliicli tihere ^treicli .. ed i»iily H»-«eeatt.: ;

(To fce continued.)