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Chapter NumberXV
Chapter TitleWhat the Newspapers Said.
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Full Date1898-01-12
Page Number27
Word Count233
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Newspaper TitleThe North Queensland Register (Townsville, Qld. : 1892 - 1905)
Trove TitleThe Mystery of Sea-Towers
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Wiiat ttie Newspapers Said.

' . ' ' t

- There was a great commotio 11 when it was discovered on the following morning "tliat Dr (Strong was missing. At first it amounted almost to a panic, and i'lie wlioJe of the servants were on the point of leaving.

They had (been awakened , early in the morning by i?ie Marking of the mastiff; but beyond sniffing around the room, and especially, around the fireplace, -tlie movements of the dog gave no clue whatever to what 9iad happened during - the night.

As soon as "the news go4 out about Sea-Claff, the whole neighborhood "was throvm into a state of unparalleled ex citement ; the question of these disap- = pearaaces, and especially that of Dr. Strong, was discussed hy meii who had not spoken to each other for years , previously. Grace was well i>i.i'n ftan

tic as to what had happened to 'her brother, and coqimeaieed a .systematic scar-c'ii fcr some trace of his vrhere

.afeouts, and yet managed to keep the terrible tiulngs a Everett from Beat


There was a great stir in the city OIL the matter totting made public in the following morning's papers, for bofh Septimus Dorser and Dr. Strong were fairly :well-kncwn men,' and as the le^ailt of "-the newspaper ' para graphs, xrowds .flocked out during the

wetk to see «tlie Towers :