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Chapter NumberV.
Chapter TitleThe Dorset Family.
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Full Date1897-10-27
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Newspaper TitleThe North Queensland Register (Townsville, Qld. : 1892 - 1905)
Trove TitleThe Mystery of Sea-Towers
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' The Dorset Family.

- It was an axiom of the Dorsetfam liiy that every member of it was clev ,?r.; but that aBeventh child born 'nto

it must be& genius. Probably this accounter for the fact that there had al viys been a, seventh child in every known branch vof the Dorset £amilv,, and on more than one occasion the for tunate seventhhadproved to be twins. The climax of the family for tunes was reached when the grandpar ents of Miss Baliantyne's solicitors be came the progenitors of a fourteenth chiid, :a son, who proved as might have :fcee» exj>ecfc6d, a star of thfc first mag nitude..He became an eminent law ;y4»,£ and achieved distinction. for a.

in the capaeityof Prime Victoria; accumulated <a Ttaxte, and a knighthobd, 1 to history, as Sir Qorge iriset. His death toofe place soon

seventh child,

fond mother

hadbeen to follow n of the' lair.

;fen?ed, lie was^&t the iirne of our'

twenty-sev^n years of age. it * ^iioiUd. ^ si^tQi ^aiat the bjisiuesV of l

BlackU^iii aiiil iiotsei, ^vWsu^f


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*nanin "M^bou^e.-H afavored son, Molizisjv by hSg mtfcfchej*, flattered and fc^eiaStiy :^&ed up to byhis brother^-fifefe latter want «£ -*!»» P* go*nt®politlcs^fuid Income Solicitor-General;for?a, genius, was? nncos^^pl^^r^lg^:^ and had a soul about politics, thedir ection ofhis borizon being a Toorak mansion, and a mamage witha weal thy and attractive girL -v >;- ?; " - /' ,...

When it first became known In the Dorset family that the heiress of Ray mond BaHantyne, of SeaCUff Towers; was a handsome English girlof a sin

gularly independent turn of mind, and" that she was coming-out fromEngland herself, with three servants, to person ally take over her inheritance, qtaite a warm Interest wis felt in her by them: A letter, from her solicitor awaiting her at Albany, the firstport of call, contained one * enclosed from liadj Dorset, of Dorset - Park, Hawthorne, cordially inviting Beatrice to become their guest for a few days on her ar rival. Beatrice had atfirst been mueh inclined to accept this invitation, but * she was of a cautious-ralmost suspici ous-temperament in her dealing with strangers, so after turning the' matter over In her mind she politely declined the invitation by wire, jand asked Mr. Dorset to engage rooms for her at the

Grand Hotel. ..

Septimus had met his new client on arrival .onboardthe steamer, and ids

respectful attentions appearedto have , made a good impression, for Beatrice ] had been quite cordial in her thanks and seemingly had given the firm her

full confidence.

At Dorset Park, as might be «xoect

ed, they talked of Beatrice BallaSyne

as freely as though they had known , her for half a life time ; the glrls were l dying to meet her. Septimus's stately 1 mother (the good lady oe ver-forgor J tluit she wns ft widow of cl on& tiniG Victorian Premier) evidenced a mother

ly interest in her, and much anxiety *]: for her welfare ;while DonaldDorset

the only ©ther unmarried sonvi suddenly displayed unusuaj care In his toilet, _ and threw ouii dark hints of the possibility, of his superseding his brother in Mi« I Ballautyne's affections. But the fam ily generally regarded a marriage be

tween Septimus and Beatrice as a deaf!: certainty, (that " was the way Betty Hie fast young lady of the family, put S ®*ey had not yet seen her * for their unusually quiet, reserved, an*1 uncommunicative brother had COT'i. "s home from his first interview with Beatrice in a state of mental intoxica tion which disclosed at onee the fact that the heiress had made a deep im pression upon his not over-sensitive

Srt £U Sct that vefy niorning on Which Beatrice started away from the Tow^s to consult with him, her name

the chief topic at JheDoniet Park breakfast table. .

" *r"Di<L r",mdersta»d you to say that Miss Ballantyne was to take possess

ion_of .the Towers yesterday?" said . -Ifady Dorset to Septimus) as he took im^seat at the family breakfast table, v likely, Mater," saidSeptlmus.

~4w>ve out about mid-d^ay; J

had intended to ha vegone ybnt. wiihi her to see that everything wasin good ! order, and the place nicely ready, hot; unfortunately Lord Brackenburg came in, to «ee me with " Sir Joshua,

?about that Cariton land, and there.-i was nothing for it but t© send ond Thompson. "JBe reported oh.; his re-' turn that everytbingwks found in per feet ordeayand that MissBftllantyne J expressed herself as 3i|uite charmed

/.%ith i^;p|K».*^;vHv; . .

"You Jiave been out "there several' ..tlmes,^ $uppose,since old Baijantyhe^

said Donaid, pass!ng up;.

:fils jeup for some more coffeeV ^ ArnH j

thpre some queer yarns told aboilt the place belnghannted?"