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Chapter NumberVIII
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Full Date1913-07-29
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Newspaper TitleThe Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Trove TitleMoney Or Wife ?
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Kon^or'Qfffe? *?*'- '?-'?; * **»V.*J'i--i- ? 'T''*11?'' '' T* ™J' * ??111J1 'l- , ?? ? b_ '';; CHAPTER^ VRl,—(Continueel.)

'?;jft3rfufcl! bo fipiik^tho tinith. ' 'f dnji't ^'^u-Uel'Rritfft^hauCPs-Jn'tinieiiihlriwdlHie ^fifturK'1' JKon iv.^y^he4jtti^trang--, 'Vmptjf laugli. ? ? ?? j )on\t 'bPijsuiaiirtsM one' ''^y''lf f;V^ '';nh(l ;moV^ck|ln«t:herffu ttcr ? ^a^alni'' ;''''h '' !-i' ';'?'?' ????-;??.?,? jJ^'i'lS' l&lj y^iV ' What;*'* ? Mid '(Captain ^jD'errj^ian; ' '' jM makbr iJ ni'iwiup * mind to come across 'to ireKVndfeforVa ?week Mf»'*Q. wltb me.,,, My k-pe.oplG)RwHii-.b.e*d6. t- Jii? Jsee.-yfui.- Ica.^i pRocniseyou ^^m&.«oqa,Jls.iUjW,,if th&AbtrdstarG. jiot (-^t]^,.|inp«.t,f/iiaHt1v.'.1-.^: s-, ? . ,;, ? *-.;. 'Uthlnk l .Av.ui oome/.v-imlcrfiBpyain ,,,-(Hjddc»i!y; ^ .'bu^t ; i have . ^a certain ??- fl.W.ounu fvC/ouslnoss.' .which iiymisu at- « te'ad. to-bofyre ; I can leave t b,wn,' ?? A;v; AT-tHis. oa.M\ . juultten inu)U,Wo= 'when -?.,-)i,o. ]p/,t JSpiPisy-inan, he-walkcdV to the/ ^Awrtoiny nf -MHsle.v Ho ~thoiu?ht it v.l-pQl)abl(s.:thH.t- Knld' livlffht have Wurned; .^/ .Ihcrof or'-. tha t, tho.. a u thor i ties in^somV way know something of her r.favo inents. ; ? ^''' ' Ru^'tho pdrrtor on!y shook' hia»l-taili '^iWcmeiiiberprillciifd porfGoti,v;wel*as ^?«f Stu'tfent. biit he cleolnfVd 'thttt liPilVid ^ riot scci'nT'cV for more than aypar.iaudl ? was eViivliipod' sho lni'rf ndrbecn. ' ' ; 'She proniiscd to write,' Bryant- su id ?''Wiiimsol'f/, us ;ft(V will ked away, ' f'\)'\\/: 'dofs'n't s hi' lot nip know \vli6re she Is? ^Wbarjs hii'i)pciilns to her? Oh! 'thl.\ ' terflbio'vsil'r-noo!'' '' ',' -? ,?? ? : ?^ It' was somcthiiur niorn than her sll ' frico which pressed ' upon him. It was 'IW' 'senS'o. '()?[. K\s|:'ons}billty.'' ? ^ M'ho'n hi- rrai-hed his hioine^ he nr ^fed^ the; timrln^ --iir to be preparod, and intimaU'd to' his t'^iui'ffeur ihtu ho ^jibwouid drive.' himself.' ; ' ' ? .?^ To-, Stephens,, the. iinpertiirbablpVanl -ihe dlsfroetyshxi said as he got- Into'tiie - CH'i:— (?.;?.;-???,':?.-? - '?: . . --.T:v, ?- ..'-:? ??''? [ -.J% ani.ioSn'fr; ^tt lonff;,spln In : the ',^Mntr.y.,.,,I.(Jy;i't (|ii!t« know when 1 ,;.rha,l| gt;t buck. Perhaps I shan't re -

u;ni, t'-Hlsh£. l will telfctfione uirous'h.' , '-'-?», sir. T. wndoi'fiitand^shu'^on't ,y«»i« take M;n:ton with y.ou;*strmie\1 bf handy If ' a:ri,vthltiiB:*wa3- «to go wwnjj, you »kiio\v,'' ^.'l.-.Hnow ??all«W(p.l?, to-kn**v™i)--ul a, c-lK'' . kh Id « -nilliii?. -vvit h a^cauejouis ?M^'..' .'h ^rt;t*wflnttanyb(jiis'«' with jiic.'; .. ? , . .; ; :..:'' ' ...,It was ahnostvUkcflriftiiiR^back to the yia. . havd.^KklnR dayj^to '„ Hnd JUinsvlf »U-erlnsr*hiH M¥«y ?out't of .tiiei ?oro wOcil stre^s*-t««vardi? *ttns*oountry.. The.favt oC.ciqinj5».«QnKStMng...of hav-' Ing to occupy ;;hl«#mindNandt-hi»«^a,n-l* was . very 'heipM. Tho ' mm ... of liberty, too, .wa^.afpreeab !-?,?*-«? thoorh In ??ono sense hls.i .naiture roai'Mhded^to .tt-e luxury wliich swrround^iliim, W folt. Hamnpred and1* ireJ-tated ..; by, the i presence of t» nmns^ipeople^watchlng:.1 and waiting ?upon .hiltti. . . . .. MrrTt-Miderten- caMeaHatevthattufter-1 n*J5n. and frownodisltghtlyV'w.hen he, heurd+that Mr, Brjiunt iwas^not I Ukcly tc.'!boiiioine; ? ' ? He had be(°n-a.v.good'defll upsetiby 'Julkn'»r'riwni»r''tlieinlfrh:t-« before, -^nd I ? certainly was notVlilsi* intention- to lot the young1 nian^tre^t him in. bo camli(?i' a, fashion;: fteith^rdldi-iMi*. 'Cendentcn intend to^^t.JuHan.. Bryant be ? too Indepenttent: -Jiowcver,' In Ihe preeentrlnstahccfthcrfitwa* notWnsMo lie dono but'to|le;ive'hlsfcard;and ' to ffo ar\va'y.

He made pla t«g, .horivever.'.aa' ho went. Ills, bill of eosts*s-h«ri{H'be - heavy; the uhukial lriU-rost.J(.'ho*liiad-fexpend«Kl' on Julian Br^nt-ijeeHetdffull.»i-aymGnt. ' 'After all/vlK-«take8*lt' very coolly,' JDdga.r'TendortonftHald*to himself ; 'and i\* it hadn't bc«n- for ? me I. wonder wVheri^ -ho wou id* lwve tbeen ? Ploydell w.oiuid'knevt'r : hsuvo^ IetA.him slide into therm.onpy sp.eaffllfj;. If lie thinks that Jit .cu.n*.shako.ijtiic(# off Wn , this, sort 'of way, ,.he-hua - ma d« tu * gr.^ t m \s take.!'. Julians .Bryant., .was .a.bsent _ . for t\veft:ty-fljur iho.ursSttbut when 'he came back he felti.and-h¥ikedu another wan, His ?.house-ke«perjf had expressed some doubts, as. to#hisf»capaclty of- driving his own car;* but* Stephens had dls ntlsstkltlthls withfa wave of his 'hand. He»wa.*lnot.go'ins to give ?hls.maBter' away, .but he 'knew just -su/Hele»t!y cnoughtabout JulJan.!» former .status to be. awarclthat whatever else Mr, Bry ant mlghtj-fall; In, at- least in driving r\ car he {was. certainly ^ the right man In thcirltJht. place. ? There*v»tiEe ; various letters ,a\valtlng, Hmon'gf #f-m-bne in a very^bold hand writing,, blearing a corohet and .carry ing a delifcate and scent. It was from tUdy Ellen Crooper, asking Mr. BryarttlioMline with her quite un ceremonlotslyjthat night.

'I do .hope you are not engaged,' sin- wrote. '-I shall be so disappoint od If you^cah't come. I rang up on^he ulep'honeathls? morning; but they 'told i lie that f you were away motoring. \pat*a .sensible, .thing' to do! London i.« too* dreary for words Just now,' Juliun.serit round a note, by hand to Lady Kilen!s -. house saying that he would »bi'(k Ugh ted to dine. He hoard Nf Mr.. Tendei'tcn's,. visit with a con traction of his -brows. ,H« was not qulto so denw as Edgar Tenderten IniasrliU'cl, for he had protty shrewdly taken thp* of the other man, ;\i;d 'ne wds quite convinced that TcIk ilorifjV Intended to get a good deal out of hini, :.','? .', '. /' . . . ; ?? ? ''? One of Mils letters gave Julian no pleasure. ...w-hjitpver. It . was from his mother, mysteriously full of the ex tmordlnary .change In. his 'dMun ? ? ? '.-',.??' . .? . . . I- ?? ' »?,??

f.'anct'H. nnd win-j naturally wrote to toneratulate him and remind .him that U-.eru were many, many things that he wuld do for her, ' H-he wnnouncwl that .she was re turning lo England In about a i--o»uh or six week?' tim^, and *he.wroto a fo-.r rather lrarah sentences about En'd, who?* absence during his ? Illness hud b«.en ropprted to her. . ' '1 always knew,' my darling, that your marriage was. a 'great, great mis take. Of course, ?! did not want tp.lm prtBs this upon, you too much;' but your wife should have been a differ* tint kind -:,f woman: and then you mar. rkd «, hurriedly, l^ook-how she drag ged^you down, and1 all thai you went through, po-?r dear,' Julian tore hie another's letter Irto a' h\mdre-r pieces; although lie 1JI9. likfid doing' so, he ciuestloncd. Stephens, ? .,, ''Wji,«n I was 111/1 he asked abruptly, 'Can .ydu tell i«e Tf anyone communi vated wiih my mother?' Stephens hesitated a moment, and thfin said— ' ; 'T^, ? «li. 'There wa* a Itn^e when ;:ou were .*o 'bad.-flrtr, that it wiw thought' necessary- to* let Mrs, Hftni bury^ know. It was Mr. Ten-df-kMi who wrote, «lr; he got her' address' i'rem some letters which had b^cn rtc-nt on from your former rooms,' 'So my letters *wero opened?' lie? ant. said ihardly. 'That seems a very curlQUa thing.'1 '...., : ' 'Well, air,,' said Stephens, In Ms tiopreoatina1 ma;nner. 'TJiePe warn'1; no one to act. for you except your law

ytrs, and^afj If aald just now, sir, you iv'os in a veiV^bad way, sir, and—--1' 'And, tho»-s'-*le tiers . that came, wfiy were. -they not given to me w-hMi I was well enou#h^ to read them?' ' 'I. 'am '»Uive I don't know, sir.. 1 expect Mr. Tend ent en could tell you ' ? Julian -felt his .heart beat ?. almost imlrifuilsv He tli«ml«BedA Stephens and 'went;to dress, i feeiingtfhat it would give him the 'greatest^ satisfaction In the world 'to put his thands round PJdgar Tenderten's throatt and* shake him ttku a rat! ' - \ ''She must have written, . and he Stopped her letter.' . And vi then -ther^ came one; of '.those phases. 'of his hu mlliatlpn. 'After aU, I may rc.#ard*-hlm «s a skunk; but what does rhe« think of me?' ' /''].':? ''? . : . ?'?':? ' ' Lrfidy Ellen was alone f\n.- her llttl* drawing-room wfoon Mr.lBryant w;.» announced, 'I am so glad to see .you,' she said. She looked more -boy l«hjthan» ever, for she had a trick of wearing 'her wavy hair on on^ side, and her/gowns were always very simple andf'very young looking. Julian1 knew of course that i»he must be somewhere a^out twenty-wix or twenty-se^*en; but she seemed^mu'ch younger, 'My cousin Is conning: she did; not leave toWn, after all. She. had to^take her younge&t boy to an oculist. You met her the other night, you-'tknW; and then I have aKk&d two-menvwf om I think yau Will like; and thftas in a girl coming ,who2slngs awfully ?well. I want you to be happy, Mr. Brjpot, be cause then you ? will oome-baekfam! see me many times.' 'I should like to come whenever jmu Hsk --nw, Lady Bllen,' Bryan t»answered. .She smiled at him. 'You weren't out in South Afrtca«at»the time of the war, .were you./Mr.iBn'ant?'^]^ que ried a moment; later. Julian sl-ook*hlH head. '?No|: !? hud only just'- joined, wors* luck!,. I should have ]ov-?d to have

HUiip. ,. 'Do yon know why I askediyoii this? It Ip bpcaitse you*,hav-» ju.«t' the «tinu' «ort of look In your .face- that Ailvlan Ihawne.y has*. You don't know how ) oha n,t?t'd .ho is. Of course,. he wa.s fear | fully knocked 1 about, poor '?follow! H-» .lj-Kt Ws':left--arm. Butvl don't biollcve !l was that chfingerl him so much.' 'War Is n terrible experience, I.aily Mllon; and from what 1 know of what Oilmio! I-a\vtK'.V'd.|d, iu» must havojyone LiiriMigh Hump uwfully ? hurd tlnK-'fl' 'It Mil r.ounds i-ob!ff and »n woiuifr fir,' 1/idy Ullen .sighed, and lanphnd id. thr- .sunie- time. 'You know I am nlwuys having hard limes; but' 'my wor ries ure so little, Vi very lltt'.e !n {'-m- lu what other peop'.o have U ^HUfffT. Ah! 'hore, -l.'i Popple.' That fivrnSng Juilan 'Bryant wa.i nl ninsl iiajr»P.v. 11 was eertnln',v a vc?y delightful experience for him, Lady JKHon hnrj an lndeflnab- I'hru'm, and the ? duchwsB ?' war. hd kind, suah h womanly woman, Shfi seemod to tnha a sreat .tm-ri-»t .in him. ' Aft^r tllnnfcr ;thp..s!r! nbon«, : whom Lady Rile'i hart ,*poken ?ang to them* very sweetly, an J jihiiiH'.i wh l(11fI H/Hend with his eyes i/ai.wri hi? 'face »*et. l.udy I'llien whimpered ones to her ']f-j too ' rtdli'Ulouu, lt?n't It? foi1. of coursw. h« is yminffer, but I can almost .!w»)JI-»\-(» Ht tirnei? tha! Adrian 1/ h«rc-! IV-n'l y/ni Ilk*- him, Popple?' 'Wry rnurii,' hh Id the riiic'.'A*. '1 ffifl .sory for him,' »he add^d Jnv.Muii tyrily, nnd,L«dy J-M'.en ripdtl«d hf-r I.ithcI. wYw.. I Icnow what you moan. 1 havo tilt aauift i'.';t-v!iji^ Diyseli'. Mr, T«»nd6rt«»n said the other night thnt Mr. Bryant i« lon-Hy, thai he uumc unex

pectedly Into all his money, and he has' no friends, Shall we foe kind to. him, Popiile?' The duchess looked at her young cousin with a little quizzical expres sion In her eyes. ? . 'So; itlmes there is clanger in klnd neps,' she1 .said; and Lady Ellen colored ?slightly, but laughed and shrugged her shoulders. 'Oh, I don't' m«an to be dflngerous; but I do like him: really and truly I ?like him.' #' ?When- she ros« to go the duchess turned to Julian, 'If you have nothinf 'better to do, Mr, Bryant,'^ line' said, 'I shall be very glad If you. will come down and stay the week-end -with us, We are In Kent just now. 1 have persuaded Lady Ei« ?len to come. I think she needs a little change of air.' 'Tou are very kind,' Julian Bryant said. 'Thank you very nweh. I shall be dejlsfhtod to come, Lady Kilen illttBd irpt'.1) them. ? '?Making, plans?1' ».hf! ' waM. , , - 'I have persuarierl Mr. Bryant to uome to us for a few' ?' -Hyf' the Huchcss said; then she .added, 'atid you can motor down quite eafrliy.' Bryant looKed at Lady Bllon. , 'Would you care to have mv car?' he asked her; and »he answered, 'Jo*, If. you- will drive mo down yourwlf; but ' 1. must warn you that I sh,i!l take air sorts of packages with me. I am a terrible -pev£fm when I travel, sven't I, Popple?' .!--'...':. ?':' 'Send your nisild o-n with your lug1 gage, and just motor down quietly with Mr. Bryant,' ? ? 'It vsoimds ? dtilightfuj,' aaid La-|y Ellen; and she- almost clapped her hari-ds. ?'?''??'?'??? ?;'? After all her guests had gone she 'sat down and wrote a letter to Colonel Da'whey.: ''?' '; : ? (? ;' ? :?':-?{

'I've ' got a new: friend,'1 she wroie, 'a; man! : 'No, I anv not.go'lnf? to- flirt with him ?becaust! -he la so nice! And do you know why he Is so nice? Be -ause 'ho Is awdlully ljkp you: he rq. mlnd« jne of you 'in the most extra ordinary way, both in look and In fche tone of vpjee and especially in his man ner. His name is' Bryant; and he haa Inherited a fortune from tire queer o.ld .Mi*s.- Marnock, who dioa recently; evidently she must have been -vaiTlfond of him, because she has left hhn all sorts of treasures .besides money. I tlvink you would, like Mr. Bryant. We arego'lng 'to etay wjth Popple this week-end., I wish you would cumo j over whilst I am there,-.' Good-night, you nk», dear, cross Adrian. 1 . ? ',???' Ever, yours.